King Of Swords As A Person: Upright & Reversed Explained

The King of Swords is a powerful tarot card that can be interpreted in many different ways.

When it comes to the King of Swords describing someone’s personality, there are some interesting insights to uncover.

As I love exploring the complex meanings of each card, in this article I will give you my personal take on the King of Swords as a person!

The King Of Swords As A Person

When it comes to the King of Swords as a person, this individual can best be described as someone who is hard-working, ambitious and highly intellectual. This person is not just a worker bee, they are someone who is in control of their own destiny and knows what they want out of life.

People who represent the King of Swords tarot card are generally not afraid to take risks, but will also think things through before making a decision.

They are not impulsive people but rather thoughtful and calculated in the way they approach problems, which makes them an excellent advisor or leader.

When someone who represents the King of Swords fulfils a leadership position in the workplace, he or she can appear quite firm and fair.

The King of Swords tarot card from the beautiful Light Seer’s Tarot Deck
The King of Swords tarot card from the beautiful Light Seer’s Tarot Deck

The main thing that they want to see from their employees is that they are putting in the work and doing what it takes to get ahead.

If you happen to be friends with someone who represents the King of Swords, you can expect them to be a loyal and supportive friend.

They’ll be there when you need them but they’re not the type of person to try and get you involved in any drama.

In terms of their relationships, the King of Swords is someone who can come across as quite distant at times.

They may have a tendency to put their work and career ahead of their love life, which can lead to some challenges within their relationship.

Improving communication between a person who represents the King of Swords and his or her partner can provide a deeper understanding and a more solid base of trust.

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The King of Swords represented by a male individual can be seen as someone who is in control of his emotions and doesn’t let anyone get the best of him.

He can come across as being a bit stubborn at times, but this is usually because he doesn’t want to let anyone see that he’s vulnerable.

When the King of Swords is represents by a female individual, this woman can be seen as someone who is strong, independent and not afraid to speak her mind.

A King of Swords woman knows what she wants in life and isn’t scared to go after in order to reach her highest potential.

All in all, the King of Swords represents someone who is intelligent and sharp-witted and will do what they can to make sure that their life is full of success and fulfilment.

The King Of Swords Reversed As A Person

The King of Swords in reversed position represents a person who is not as competent or in control as the upright King of Swords. This person can be seen as someone who has lazy tendencies, lacks a sense of ambition and often takes the easy way out of things.

As the reversed position of the King of Swords often indicates some sort of challenge or problem arising, a person who represents this tarot card will have to make some changes if they want their life to improve.

They are being encouraged to take charge of their life and start taking action if they want things to take a positive turn.

When it comes to relationships, and the King of Swords is reversed, it can indicate that there is a lack of trust or communication present in the relationship.

This person may also be distant and unapproachable, which makes it difficult to have a heart-to-heart and open conversation with them.

The King of Swords reversed as a person can also be described a someone who may have the tendency to be deceitful or manipulative at times.

They may not be upfront about their intentions and can come across as quite sneaky in their behaviour.

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In Conclusion

So to conclude, the King of Swords in upright position generally represents a person who is intelligent, ambitious and hard-working.

They are someone who doesn’t let anything stand in their way when it comes to getting ahead in life and reaching their highest potential.

If you have a King of Swords card appearing in your tarot reading in upright position, this is someone who has a lot of potential and can be a great addition to your social circle.

When his card appears reversed, it indicates that this person lacks a sense of focus and direction in their life.

The King of Swords in reverse can also represent someone who doesn’t feel in control of their situation and therefore can show manipulative behaviour from time to time.

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