King Of Swords As Feelings: Upright, Reversed & Combinations

The King of Swords is a powerful tarot card. It generally indicates a sense of power and clarity. When it comes to the King of Swords as feelings, there is an interesting interpretation to this tarot card. 

In this article you’ll find out what this card means with regards to someone’s feelings towards you when being pulled in either the upright or reversed position. You’ll also gain some helpful insights on the meaning of a few powerful card combinations as to how someone might be feeling towards you. Without further ado, let’s get started!

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King Of Swords As Feelings

The King of Swords represents someone who has feelings for you but is trying their hardest not to show them. As the King of Swords sees themself as a tactical and structured person, they don’t like to be out of control. It may take a while before they finally give in and declare their love to you. 

The King of Swords often represents someone who has had some negative experiences when it comes to love in their past.

They may have been badly emotionally hurt by someone which has caused them to put up their guard and not let anyone close enough to be able to hurt them once again. 

The person who embodies the King of Swords in the upright position is doing their absolute best to hide their feelings, even for themselves.

They may convince themselves they don’t like you that way, and will deliberately ignore you to reduce the opportunity of you sensing their feelings in any possible way.

It is only when their person of interest has had enough of the hot and cold treatment and decides to walk away from them, that the King of Swords may consider to drop their guard and fight for you. 

King of Swords as feelings
the King of Swords card from the most widely used Rider-Waite Tarot Deck

They may finally come to the realization that not everything in life can be planned on a strategic level and they will need to put themselves in a vulnerable position from time to time in order to live a rich and fulfilling life. 

When the King of Swords finally warms up and drops their guard, you will see a very romantic individual who is very loyal and respectful towards their partner. This type of person will feel very protective over you. 

King of Swords tarot card meaning being explained at 29:35, video by Moonlight Guidance

King Of Swords Reversed As Feelings 

The King of Swords in reversed position indicates someone is feeling manipulative, ruthless and cynical. This person knows they have a certain effect on you and is likely taking advantage of their position. This person feels as if they are above you and likes to have a form of control. 

It is best advised to stay far away from someone who represents the King of Swords in reverse. They may give you the idea that they’re feeling deeply in love with you, however this is most likely only a cover up.

This person likes to keep you around for their own personal needs and won’t hesitate to drop you like a brick the second someone better comes along.

They love the admiration they receive from you, and they will do their best to make sure they give you just enough attention to keep you interested.

When you feel like you have been giving more than you’ve been receiving from this person time and time again; do yourself a favour and walk away without looking back. 

King of Swords & Strength As Feelings

The King of Swords and the Strength card pulled together indicates this person is feeling confident, passionate and strong. This person may very well be building up the strength to face their feelings for you and drop their mask they’ve been wearing for quite some time now. 

The Strength card shows their willingness and motivation to own up to their deepest emotions and not let themselves be held back by their need to keep in control all the time.

This person has come to the realization that vulnerability is actually a sign of great power and intellect. 

King of Swords & Strength tarot card combination explained, video by Kira Woods

King & Queen of Swords As Feelings

When the King of Swords and Queen of Words are pulled together, this indicates that both partners are in some sort of power struggle. Both individuals don’t feel content when it comes to the current dynamic of the relationship. However, neither are willing to step up and show their true feelings. 

You may experience some challenging times in your relationship at this moment which can lead to questioning whether you two are still a good match. 

This card combination shows up during your reading to make you realize and understand what is actually happening and gives you a chance to act on it.

Try to be the more sensible one in your relationship and be the first one to address the issues in a calm collected manner. Try to keep your ego out of the equation and listen to what your partner is feeling as well.

A great way to change the negative dynamics of this relationship is to try and focus on some fun and exciting activities you could do together.

What shared passions do you two have? This can definitely help to rekindle the flame. 

King Of Swords & Lovers As Feelings

The King of Swords and the Lovers card pulled together indicates this person feels very compatible with you. They feel as if you would make a great team together and you complement each other’s most important qualities. There are definitely strong feelings involved with this card combination. 

The King of Swords is generally known as a very smart and powerful person, and they feel the same way about you.

They daydream of making you their life partner and they feel as if they’ve never met anyone who has given them the type of feelings you were able to release in them. They soften up around you.

King Of Swords & Justice As Feelings

The King of Swords and the Justice card popping up together during a tarot reading indicates someone feels like they need to make things right. This person may have been giving you a lot of mixed signals lately and they are now realizing you deserve more than that. 

You may start seeing a change when it comes to the person your tarot reading is about. They may initiate contact more regularly and let their feelings shine through a bit more.

They will make sure you feel they have your best interest at heart. 

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In Conclusion

The King of Swords in the upright position represents feelings of guardedness and self-protection. This person is likely feeling attracted towards you, but is doing their best to hide their true feelings in order to avoid getting hurt.

When pulled in a reversed position, the King of Swords indicates someone feels manipulative and controlling. This person is playing a game when it comes to love; the feelings they try to display are very likely not sincere. 

When it comes to tarot card combinations, the King of Swords combined with the Strength card represents someone who feels like they should speak up to you about their true feelings. 

The King & Queen of Swords combined indicates you and your partner feel quite stubborn and unhappy with the relationship.

The King of Swords and the Lovers combined represents strong feelings of compatibility. Last but not least; the King of Swords and Justice represents someone who feels like you deserve some clarity from them.  

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