Queen Of Cups As Feelings: Upright, Reversed And Combinations

The Queen of Cups is quite an intriguing tarot card.

This card represents a person who is very in touch with their emotions and has a very present nurturing and loving side.

When it comes to their feelings, there are several interesting ways in which this card can be interpreted.

In this article you’ll discover someone’s feelings when the Queen of Cups gets pulled in both the upright and reversed position.

On top of that, we will also take a look at what this card means with regards to feelings for an ex and discover an important card combination.

Let’s dive right in! 

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Queen Of Cups As Feelings

The Queen of Cups indicates loving feelings. This person is starting to like you on a romantic level and finds you really attractive. They feel like they want to be close to you at all times and will do anything to get your attention. This person feels very connected to you on a deeper level. 

The Queen of Cups in upright position represents feelings of intense and playful love.

They feel enchanted by your beauty and see the world through rose-tinted glasses at the moment. 

The person who represents your Queen of Cups feels like they’ve truly met their soulmate in you.

They enjoy the fact that you both have so many shared interests and they can’t get enough of talking to you and being in your presence. 

the Queen of Cups card from the most widely used Rider-Waite Tarot Deck

The Queen of Cups feels very much in tune with their intuition, which is now pointing them very clearly towards you.

They are aware of the effect you have on them, and even though the intensity scares them at times, they can’t help but look for you everywhere they go.

The person who embodies the Queen of Cups wants to take care of you and make you feel appreciated and wanted.

They feel like you deserve so much more, and they can’t wait to accompany you on your path. They feel very excited about the possible future you could have together.

They likely have clear vivid visions of what your future together would look like. 

Queen of Cups tarot card meaning being explained at 43:35, video by Moonlight Guidance

Queen Of Cups Reversed As Feelings

When pulled in reverse, the Queen of Cups represents interdependent feelings and a lack of personal care. This person has the tendency to lean on others for comfort and finds it difficult to find emotional support within themselves. They feel the need to receive confirmation from others. 

The Queen of Cups in reversed position indicates someone is feeling insecure which can lead to manipulative behaviour.

They feel afraid when it comes to the thought of you possibly leaving them, so they try to play with your head by acting hot and cold.

When this happens, it is best to handle the situation in a grown-up way and don’t feel tempted to react in a similar manner. 

The person who represents the Queen of Cups in reversed needs to focus on taking care of themselves first.

They should truly understand the importance of self-love before they are able to love and care for someone else. 

Queen Of Cups As Feelings For An Ex

With regards to feelings for an ex, the Queen of Cups card indicates he or she still has deep feelings for you. As the Queen of Cups is known as a very emotional and loving person, it is likely for them to hold on to the good memories you two have made together. 

The Queen of Cups is not someone to block her true feelings. What you see is what you get.

Even though a person who represents the Queen of Wands may have reacted quite emotionally and upset in the past, this doesn’t have to mean all chances are lost.

Once a person who embodies the Queen of Cups calms down, this may result in a possibility to reconnect once again. 

Queen Of Cups And Ace Of Cups As Feelings

When the Queen of Cups and Ace of Cups get pulled together, it indicates someone who is about to enter your life will feel very attracted to you. This person will feel an instant connection with you and will make their intentions towards you crystal clear. 

When it comes to a current relationship or someone who is already in your life, the Queen of Cups and Ace of Cups together signify some sort of emotional blockage.

Either you or your partner may not be equally invested in the relationship anymore.

This can easily be noticed by the (lacking) level of effort being made to make sure their partner is feeling appreciated and cared for. 

In Conclusion 

The Queen of Cups in upright position generally represents romantic and deep loving feelings.

A person who represents the Queen of Cups feels very much in love with you and visualizes your future together.

When pulled in reverse, the Queen of Cups indicates feeling dependent on other people.

This person has trouble loving themselves and therefore feels the need to lean on their partner or person of interest.

When it comes to an ex lover, the Queen of Cups represents feelings that are (likely) still present. 

The Queen of Cups and Ace of Cups combination represents someone new who will enter your life soon will be feeling very attracted towards you. 

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