Ace Of Cups As A Person: Upright And Reversed

The Ace of Cups is a tarot card that mainly indicates new beginnings and a general sense of joy. When you pull this card during your tarot reading, you may find yourself wondering how the Ace of Cups can best be described as a person

In this article we’ll take a closer look at how to recognize someone who embodies the Ace of Cups and we’ll also take a look at what type of person represents the Ace of Cups when the card is pulled in the reversed position.  

Ace Of Cups As A Person

As a person, the Ace of Cups represents someone who radiates feelings of inspiration and creativity. They have a lot of ideas of what they would like their future to look like and can’t wait to turn their plans into reality. This person is open to new experiences. 

The Ace of Cups in upright position is someone who has a very positive energy field around them and is often perceived as a very attractive person for others to want to be around. They possess the ability to make other people feel motivated to reach for their highest dreams and desires as well. The Ace of Cups can be recognized as a very inspiring individual. 

Ace of Cups as a person
the Ace of Cups card from the most widely used Rider-Waite Tarot Deck

The person who represents the Ace of Cups has a great sense of self-worth and confidence. This person knows who they are and what they want out of life. They feel extremely driven to work towards their greatest goals. 

This person believes that they are worthy of great blessings and abundance. They have a large sense of gratitude towards everything the Universe provides them with. They will not take anything for granted. 

Ace of Cups being explained at 47:00 – Video by Moonlight Guidance

Ace Of Cups As A Person Reversed

When the Ace of Cups is pulled in a reversed position, this card represents a person who has been putting too much weight on their own shoulders. This person is likely to feel over-emotional and is uncertain what would be the best way to move forward. This person needs to practice self-care. 

The Ace of Cups in reverse as a person can be recognized as someone who hasn’t been feeling themselves lately. They might overreact quickly and act tensed around others. They are true perfectionists who find it hard to allow themselves to take some time off now and then.

Ace of Cups as a person

The Ace of Cups in reversed position can also represent someone who is suppressing some of their deepest feelings. This person finds it difficult to talk about what is bothering them, even though it they know deep down it could be a great relief for them to be able to speak their minds to people they trust. 

In Conclusion

The Ace of Cups as a person represents someone who can mainly be described as a very inspiring and creative individual. They are very driven and ambitious and have a clear sense of how they would like to shape their future.

In reversed position, the Ace of Cups represents someone who is being too hard on themselves. It embodies someone who is an extreme perfectionist and who has trouble practicing some (often much needed) self-care

When you have someone in your life who represents the Ace of Cups, you can be sure this person is very goal-oriented and persistent. They won’t stop until they reach their desired destination. 

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