11 Best Tarot Decks For Love And Relationship Readings

Whenever I’m doing a tarot reading on myself, I must confess that most of the time these readings revolve largely around questions regarding my relationships and love life in general.

Of course there is more to life than love and romance but sometimes you just need some reassurance (or plain ignorance in my case, but I’ll spare you the details..).

Fortunately, I am not alone in this, as it is widely known that love and relationship readings are amongst the highest requested types of tarot readings.

I’ve found throughout my readings that there are certain tarot decks I just seem to resonate the most with when it comes to love and relationship readings specifically.

So it only makes sense you would want to make sure to use a deck most suitable for these types of readings.

Although the decks I will mention in this article will mostly be more specifically focused on the love and relationship theme, please keep in mind that it is always best to pick a tarot deck you feel naturally drawn to.

The most important thing when it comes to tarot is to let your intuition guide the way.

As long as you feel a connection towards your deck, you will eventually find the answers and insights you are looking for, whether it is a specifically themed (love) deck or not.

Now let’s dive further into the 11 breathtaking tarot decks that will make your heart beat faster!

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11 Best Tarot Decks For Love & Relationship Readings

1. Rider-Waite Tarot Deck

The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck is probably the most commonly known tarot deck.

At first glance you might not find this deck giving off any particularly romantic vibes, but don’t let first impressions fool you!

The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck is perfect for love and relationship readings as it is a very diverse deck.

It is a deck that is suitable for almost all possible subjects, but will fit each separate subject quite well.

For love and relationship readings specifically, it is best advised to use the Major Arcana cards of this deck.

The Rider-Waite tarot deck is perfect for beginners looking for a great starters deck to dive further into love and relationship readings.

2. Crystal Visions Tarot

Out of all the decks mentioned here, the Crystal Visions Tarot deck has got to be the most romantically themed deck.

Just looking at the stunning illustrations will make you feel like falling in love all over again.

This deck is excellent for readings on already existing relationships, but is also very well suitable for readings on new love entering your life.

3. Dreams of Gaia Tarot

The Dreams of Gaia Tarot is so special when it comes to the vibes and energy it gives off, that you really cannot ignore this one deck when it comes to your love and relationships readings.

It really focusses on your personal development and will shine a light on ways to let love truly into your heart.

This deck will give you the power and insights to gain more oneness within your relationship and get closer to the people you love and care about.

It gets rid of any walls you might have put up when it comes to accepting love eager to come into your life.

4. The Lover’s Path Tarot

The Lover’s Path Tarot is a deck that is best suited for readings on your already existing relationships.

It gives you great insights when it comes to the strengths and possible weaknesses of the relationship and will give you valuable suggestions for improving issues or problems that might be occurring down the road.

The Lover’s Path tarot is a very honest deck, which might sometimes be a bit too real for some as it won’t sugarcoat anything.

But let’s be real here, when it comes to love, honesty is required in order for your love to reach its highest level.

The Lover’s Path Tarot is an absolutely stunning deck that shouldn’t be missing in your tarot deck collection.

5. True Love Tarot

The True Love Tarot is another gem within the love and relationship themed decks.

This deck is perfect when you find yourself in a love situation that requires answers on finding out whether you have found your true life partner.

The deck exists out of 78 cards all equally beautifully and uniquely designed.

This is a deck that can absolutely serve you really well when you’re planning on doing a love reading.

6. Shadowscapes Tarot Deck

The Shadowscapes Tarot Deck is created by Stephanie Pui Mun-Law and has a beautiful and unique romantic design perfect for your love readings.

This is a deck for the true deep thinkers and hopeless romantics.

To some people the messages of the cards will seem quite vague, but to the right type of audience this deck speaks straight to the heart.

A perfect deck when you’re a highly sensitive person like myself.

7. Romantic Tarot

The Romantic Tarot deck feels like it has been created by Cupid himself.

This Victorian styled deck gives of lovely vibes and is perfect for questions concerning current relationships or crushes on which you might be finding yourself wondering whether they feel the same way about you.

The Romantic Tarot breathes the word ‘love’ and will absolutely be able to get you closer to those answers and insights you have been desperately searching for.

8. The Muse Tarot

The Muse Tarot is, as the name already suggests, your ultimate muse when it comes to love and relationship readings.

The deck has a lovely artwork and overall energy to help you get in touch with your higher self much quicker and find the answers you’ve been looking for when it comes to your love life.

9. The Enchanted Love Tarot

The Enchanted Love Tarot deck is another deck that is most suited for love and relationship readings.

This deck will make sure to show you the possibilities of your wildest dreams which you never imagined could become reality.

The Enchanted Love Deck will warm your heart and open it for true love to attract and eventually be let in.

This deck will help you get rid of any ego issues and truly listen to your inner voice that already knows what is best for you.

10. Mystic Mondays Tarot

The Mystic Mondays Tarot deck is all about self-love.

Of course, love and relationships are great and all but as long as you lack self love, loving someone else is setting yourself up for disaster. Love yourself first!

The Mystic Monday Tarot deck is a very modern styled tarot deck and breaks the old patterns of needing a relationship to feel whole.

You are enough. And this deck will show you exactly that.

The cards will give you great insights on all your awesome personality traits and make you fall in love with yourself all over again.

You will find that true love is already inside of you, you just didn’t realize it yet!

11. The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck

The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck is one of the most popular tarot decks out there at the moment.

The illustrations of this deck are out of this world and on top of that, the deck comes with a very handy guidebook that will help you out with getting to know all of the possible meanings and interpretations of the cards.

This deck is not supposed to be all ‘lovey dovey’ and can be brutally honest when it comes to questions about your love life.

It is certainly not a deck for the faint of heart.

But if you don’t mind some tough love and are not scared to possibly get confronted with your deepest vulnerabilities when it comes to your love life, this is the deck for you.

If you’re brave enough to get through a reading with this deck, it will definitely reward you with some awesome insights you would have never even thought of yourself before.

Bonus: Oracle Decks

Oracle Decks are not the same as Tarot Decks, but they can however serve you in a similar type of way when it comes to self-improvement and self-care.

It’s not that one of them is better, they each have their own unique styles and way of guiding you towards your ultimate life goals.

Where tarot decks always consist out of the standard 78 cards, oracle decks don’t rely on certain standards or rules.

The artist who creates the oracle decks is free to choose in which way he or she likes to design the cards and what names or words they would like put on the cards.

Because the meanings of oracle cards are very different per deck, the decks will always come with an explanation of how to interpret the specific deck.

There are oracle decks in all sorts of themes, so of course there is also love and romance themed decks.

There are many options out there when it comes to Oracle Decks, probably even more than love themed tarot decks.

Let me advice you on some of my favourite Oracle Decks below.

Whispers of Love Oracle Deck

The Whispers of Love Oracle Deck is a great deck when it comes to love and relationship readings.

It is beautifully designed deck with a truly magical high energy feel to it. The art of the deck is stunning and will mesmerize you completely.

The Whispers of Love Oracle Deck will help you get in touch with your higher self and build stronger relationships with your loved ones.

This deck will also help you see that beauty and love is all around you.

You will find yourself very pleased when choosing for these oracle cards, as they will truly be able to help you find the answers and solutions you are looking for.

The Romance Angels Oracle Cards

The Romance Angels Oracle Cards are specially designed to find love, improve existing relationships and receive divine messages of hope.

This 44-card deck is accompanied by a guidebook in which the meanings of all the cards are explained in detail.

The cards have beautiful images with inspirational positive messages that help guide you to finding a fulfilling and loving relationship.

Each card in the deck contains an uplifting message of love and hope for a romantic relationship.

If you’re looking for a way to explore your romantic life, this is the perfect oracle deck for you!

By now I hope you feel inspired knowing which deck could be suitable for your love and relationship readings.

Remember to choose a deck based on your intuition and let your heart guide you to your perfect match.

There is no right or wrong as long as you choose what feels right for you.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to love readings, I’ve found that the best decks are those that specialize in this type of tarot reading.

Love themed tarot decks strongly focus on initiating questions and answers pertinent to love matters.

Choosing the right deck is key to providing the most accurate love readings.

With the right deck, I’ve personally been able to gain greater insight into my relationships and the situations I find myself in.

I hope that this article has been useful in helping you choose the best tarot deck for love and relationship readings.

If you’ve found your deck and are looking for some great questions to ask, I strongly encourage you to check out my other blog post that covers 61 powerful love & relationship questions you can ask your cards!

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