15 Best Animal Themed Tarot Decks For Magical Readings (2023)

As much as I love tarot, I possibly love animals even more.

I have two lovely cats, and even though at times (okay let’s be real.. 24/7) it seems I have to play the role of their personal butler in my own house, I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Lucky for me I found out it is actually possible to combine the best of both worlds; tarot and animals!

There are lots of beautiful animal themed tarot decks out there which I would love to share with you through this article (Short warning though: I might have gone a little bit too far regarding the recommended cat themed decks, for which you’ll have to excuse me, but they are so cute I just couldn’t resist!).

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15 Best Animal Themed Tarot Decks

1. The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck and Guidebook

The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck is possibly one of the most beautiful animal themed tarot decks I have come across.

This deck is truly a work of art as it is hand drawn and sketches a raw and in-depth picture of the animal kingdom and all of its magical secrets and qualities.

It’s a tarot deck that can be used to offer insight into love and relationships, but also serves as a great tool to dive into specific personality traits and behaviours.

This deck comes with a very useful illustrated guidebook that offers easy to understand meanings and interpretations of the cards and gives examples of possible spreads to use with the Animal Spirit Deck.

Animals can offer us great wisdom and insight into our inner world and help us get closer to our true nature.

This deck helps you reveal your deepest instincts and move out of your comfort zone and into your true life’s purpose.

You can’t really go wrong with this deck, it is absolutely beautiful and perfect for every spiritual animal lover out there.

2. Spiritsong Tarot

The Spiritsong Tarot is a deck based upon Shamanic and Native American symbolism.

All animals pictured on the tarot cards match a specific classic tarot card.

The Spiritsong Tarot is based on the traditional Rider-Waite tarot deck and consists out of a total of 78 cards of which the four traditionally represented suits have been replaced by a theme suitable for this deck (Wands is Acorns, Swords is Feathers, Cups is Shells and Pentacles is Crystals).

It also comes with a helpful guidebook to gain further insight with regards to the explanations of the cards.

With the animals bringing you divine guidance, this deck is able to be used as a tool to connect with your higher self and possibly open portals you haven’t yet reached before.

If you are looking for an animal themed deck that can help you reach your highest spiritual potential, look no further, this is it.

3. Animal Totem Tarot

The Animal Totem Tarot is a stunning deck.

The images on the tarot cards are absolutely mind-blowing and really radiate a great sense of positive and powerful energy.

Animal Totems are perfect for helping you find true connection with your higher self and all the cards have their individual strengths to guide you along your spiritual journey.

Animals all have their individual beauty and wisdom which will be processed on to you through the tarot cards.

The Animal Totem Tarot comes with a guidebook as well, so you will be able to find out all the meanings and possible interpretations of the cards.

The author has made sure to really give you true insight into the card’s meanings and speaks from the animal’s perspective straightly towards you, which gives a truly unique vibe to this deck.

You will feel an instant powerful connection using this tarot deck.

4. Cat Tarot

If you own a cat and love tarot, you really can’t get away with not owning this deck.

I get happy just looking at these cards as they are so colourful and humorous!

The Cat Tarot Deck has got to be the most adorable animal deck I have come across and gives off a cute and modern vibe.

The artist of this huggable deck really made sure to showcase typical cat behaviours into this tarot deck and has smartly incorporated it with spot on matching interpretations of the cards.

You will surely recognize some behaviours of your own furry cat friend within this deck, which I’m sure will amuse you as much as it has amused me!

The Cat Tarot gives you true insight into the world of a cat’s natural intelligence and can be used for all types of readings.

It also comes with a guidebook to help you get the most out of the card’s wisdom.

5. Crow Tarot

The Crow Tarot is all about intuition.

This beautiful animal is known for its mystical energy which surely comes through in this deck.

The deck consists out of 78 cards and is based on the traditional Rider-Waite Tarot.

So whether you are just starting out with tarot or already performing readings on a regular basis, this deck will suit you well either way.

The Crow Tarot comes with a handy guidebook consisting of 88 pages and gives insightful information on all the meanings and possible interpretations of the cards.

The guidebook also comes with a custom spread especially made for this deck, which is a nice extra.

6. The Animal Wisdom Tarot

The Animal Wisdom Tarot is a beautiful uplifting tarot deck with truly amazing artwork.

The colours of this deck are so energizing and rich, it is hard to not get in an uplifting mood when working with these cards.

This deck shows the raw and true nature of the animal kingdom, but also gives off a mystical spiritual vibe which will surely help you reach your highest potential within your readings.

The Animal Wisdom Tarot comes with a guidebook which gives an interpretation of each tarot card in the deck.

It also comes with inspiring messages and guidance to further discover the possible meanings of the cards into your personal situations.

7. Tarot Familiars

The Tarot Familiars is a tarot deck that is focused on the magical and mysterious side of animals.

The artwork illustrated on this cards is beautiful and truly enhances your ability to listen to your intuition.

This deck is suitable for multiple types of readings but is mostly great for connecting to your higher self.

It is a rather easy to interpret tarot deck which makes it great for a beginner.

8. The Wildwood Tarot

The Wildwood Tarot is another true gem within the animal themed tarot decks.

This deck gives a great look inside the heart of ancient magical forests with its wide range of wild creatures as inhabitants.

This deck is suitable for both beginners as advanced tarot readers as it truly speaks to you on a soul level, so anyone who connects with the cards will ultimately understand them.

The illustrations on the cards have an enchanting effect which will automatically give you a sense of understanding when reading the cards.

The Wildwood Tarot has a natural way of helping you guide your way through life using your intuition and offers a true sense of clarity on various issues you might have been struggling with.

The deck comes with a guidebook which will help you clear up any uncertainties you might have while reading and interpreting the cards.

9. Ark Animal Tarot & Oracle Deck

The Ark Animal Tarot & Oracle Deck is a combination of the traditional Rider-Waite tarot deck as well as the more modern style oracle decks, which makes it a quite unique deck.

It consists out of a 100 cards in total which makes them perfect for a very wide type of readings.

This beautiful deck comes with a 300+ page guidebook and comes in a keepsake box with magnetic closure.

It is the ultimate deck to connect with your animal spirit guides!

When you choose this deck, as a bonus you will receive an URL inside the book with which you will be able to follow 6 free intuitive tarot & psychic development classes.

That’s what I call value for money!

10. Magical Dogs Tarot

As lovely as the cat themed tarot decks are, luckily for all the dog lovers out there this deck will fit your needs perfectly as well!

The Magical Dogs Tarot is an amazing deck that’s extremely beautifully illustrated. It is a great deck for both beginners as advanced readers.

This Rider-Waite based tarot deck really brings out the personality traits of dogs which will in turn help you navigate throughout your own spiritual journey and life quest.

The deck comes with a guidebook that will help you discover all the meanings and interpretations of the cards so you will be able to use this deck to its full potential.

11. White Sage Tarot

The White Sage Tarot is a deck which characterizes itself by the minimalist art style of the cards.

With beautiful pastel colours, this deck gives off a calming vibe and will get your energy levels flowing in no time.

This deck of cards is perfect for aligning with your higher self and reaching a fulfilling level of self-actualization.

It will help you see your life more clearly and give you helpful insights and directions to move forward.

It can be used as a general reading type of deck, but is also perfect when it comes to specific readings such as love readings.

This pretty alluring deck is created by artist Theresa Hutch and comes in a tin with a 64 page guidebook and on top of that also a chakra-chart.

12. The Bohemian Animal Tarot

The Bohemian Animal Tarot is a very cute deck that features animals on every card. The animals are illustrated as partly human partly animal, which gives a double symbolized meaning to the cards.

The exact meanings and interpretations of the cards are explained within the guidebook that comes along with this deck.

The colours of the deck can be described as bright and cheerful, so they will be able to literally lift your spirits without a doubt.

The Bohemian Animal Tarot comes in a box with a magnetized flap along the side, which makes it perfect to keep neatly stored with great protection.

Because the deck comes with a fully written explanation of each card, it is perfectly suitable for both beginners as advanced tarot readers.

13. Forest Of Enchantment Tarot

The Forest Of Enchantment Tarot is truly one of a kind.

This deck will actually make you feel like you’ve fallen into some kind of fairytale.

The cards are designed with gorgeous art work that is truly enchanting to the person who lays their eyes on them.

Through this deck you will be able to meet with wise ancient trees, crystal caves and magical fairies.

On top of the outstanding artwork, also the guidebook that comes along with this deck is executed with perfection.

It really goes into the depths of all possible interpretations of the cards, which will in turn give you great insights into any questions you might be having.

While this deck has some great conceptual similarities to the traditional Rider-Waite deck, it actually really provides a deeper layer of knowledge which will surprise you in a positive manner.

The more you work with this deck, you will find yourself connecting even more to the cards and finding out different ways in which the cards can be of great help for you and your spiritual journey.

14. Mystical Cats Tarot

Mystical Cats Tarot is another deck that will pleasantly surprise all cat loving tarot readers out there.

Cats are truly amazing creatures that can’t be fooled and have a really strong own will which makes them perfect for being the subject of a powerful tarot deck.

While there are many cat tarot decks out there, a lot of them have some kind of ‘cartoon style’ feel to it.

This deck is very different as it displays the cat in a natural manner that will speak with a great sense of recognition to every can owner, which makes it an even more fun to use deck.

The cards are designed in such a way that it seems like the cat is speaking directly to you, while giving off its inner wisdom, energy and helpful advice.

It is a generally positive deck that will leave you feeling inspired to take on any issues you might be facing at that moment.

15. Black Cats Tarot

Last but certainly not least we have the Black Cats Tarot Deck.

This traditional Rider-Waite based tarot deck truly shows appreciation towards all magical black cats out there.

This deck will make sure to get you out of your comfort zone and jumping into new exciting adventures awaiting for you.

The cards come with very deep and wise messages which will help you reach your ultimate spiritual height.

The deck is quite easy to understand, so it would be a perfect deck for any beginners looking to start out on their tarot journey.

Final Thoughts

Animal tarot decks can be a great way to connect with the natural world and dive deeper into the core of our inner wisdom. 

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced tarot reader, the 15 amazing animal-themed decks I shared with you in this blog post will without a doubt add an extra layer of insight and magic to your readings. 

I know I’ve personally found that whenever I open up my animal-themed tarot deck, it feels like a deep connection to something ancient and mysterious that can help me gain better clarity. 

I encourage you to explore the different decks available and find the one that resonates with you most, you’ll be surprised at the difference it can make to your readings!

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