Best Tarot Decks With Meanings And Keywords On The Cards (2020)

When you are just starting out on your tarot journey, it can be quite a daunting task to learn and memorize the meanings and interpretations of each card.

You will probably find yourself keeping your tarot guidebook close to your heart as you go along your tarot reading, as you likely won’t be able to read the cards right on the spot without having to look up their meanings and interpretations each time. This is something that can actually become quite frustrating, especially as a beginner.

When I just started out with tarot myself, the difficulty of reading each card without a guidebook almost made me want to throw my deck in to the nearest fire place (this could be just me though, as I am notoriously known to have the attention span of a goldfish).

That was the case until I delightedly found out there are tarot decks available that have their meanings and keywords written directly on the cards, which makes your readings flow with that much more ease.

In this article I will recommend some of my most favorite tarot decks which have useful meanings and keywords written on them, so you as well can be sure to go through your upcoming readings with a strong sense of confidence and energy!

Best Tarot Decks With Keywords And Meanings On The Cards

Quick & Easy Tarot

Quick & Easy Tarot has got to be the best tarot deck out there for beginners who are looking for a deck with the meanings directly stated on the cards.

The deck is based on the best-selling universal Rider-Waite deck, which will set you up for success along your tarot journey right from the start.

Whereas most regular tarot decks come with a guidebook, this deck won’t interrupt your concentration as you won’t have to look up the meaning and interpretations of each card you pull during a reading.

It is a great way to get more in touch with the cards in a natural way, and will serve as a great foundation for when you want to use some more difficult decks in the future.

Starter Tarot Deck

The Starter Tarot Deck is another great deck for beginners. Both the upright and reversed meanings are directly printed on each card to make your readings flow with that much more ease.

The illustrations on the cards are colourful and simplistic yet positive. Great for beginners as the illustrations don’t tend to distract you from the meaning of the cards as much.

The cards are sturdy which gives them a great quality feel and make them easy to shuffle.

Spiritsong Tarot

The Spiritsong tarot is a beautifully illustrated deck that comes with helpful keywords on the cards as well.

The cards are illustrated and inspired by the animal kingdom and have a dreamy feel to them. The illustrations fit the meanings and interpretations of the cards perfectly, which makes it even easier to connect with them.

Besides the fact that there are keywords printed on each card, the Spiritsong tarot deck is also a great tool to connect with your Higher Self and help you further on your path of spiritual enlightenment.

If you feel the keywords are somehow not sufficient enough and you’d like some more guidance to understand the meaning of the cards better, you will be pleased to know this deck comes with a handy 108-page guidebook as well.

So it’s totally up to you whether you rely just on the keywords stated on the cards, or if you choose to dive in to the meaning of each card on a deeper level.

The Spiritsong Tarot is a high quality deck with cards that are sturdy yet easy to shuffle. A highly recommended beginners deck for anyone who appreciates practicality mixed with beautiful aesthetics.

Oceanic Tarot

One of my favorite decks in this list has got to be the Oceanic Tarot deck. I absolutely love the magical world of sea creatures and mermaids and this deck has been able to capture this vibe perfectly in to the cards.

The deck is absolutely beautifully illustrated with its vibrant happy colours. On each tarot card you will find the main keyword of the meaning of the card, which makes them easy to understand during your reading.

On top of that you will also receive a guidebook that will give a further explanation on the meanings and possible interpretations of the card.

The guidebook will also provide you with a clear instruction on how to lay out the cards in different types of spreads, so that you will gain insight on how to draw out meanings from the past and the possible future.

Sun and Moon Tarot in a Tin

The Sun and Moon Tarot is a beautiful unique deck inspired by both mythology and astrology and has keywords featured on the top of the Minor Arcana cards.

It is a multi-cultural tarot deck with different types of symbolisms which can also be found in Hinduism, yoga, Greek mythology and ancient Egypt.

Even though the majority of the cards have helpful keywords on them, an extensive guidebook is provided as well.

The guidebook also includes insightful information on the astrological associations and explanations of the Hebrew letters stated on the cards.

As the name of the deck already suggests, the Sun and Moon tarot deck comes in a sturdy tin which gives it that nice extra touch and will look beautiful wherever you decide to display it.

Osho Zen Tarot

The Osho Zen Tarot is a full-color deck that is relatively easy to interpret as it has keywords related to the meaning of each card printed on them.

The illustrations on the tarot cards are mind-blowing and evocative which will inevitably contribute to reaching amazing results with your readings.  

This deck is inspired by the wisdom of Zen, which focusses on efficiency, creativity and discovering your full potential.

The deck helps to turn our attention away from everyday events, and come in better contact with our Higher Self.

The Osho Zen Tarot deck can serve as a valuable self-care tool and will give clarity and useful insights to help you choose the right path.

Along with the deck you will receive a 192-page guidebook where you can turn to when you need a bit more in-depth information on a card.

Also, the deck comes in a sturdy box which will keep your cards in a great shape for you to enjoy for the long run.

Next World Tarot

The Next World Tarot deck is, as the new already suggests, a unique one in its kind. It is a truly gorgeous deck that focusses on inclusiveness with illustrations of all forms of genders, body types and races.

The artist was inspired by her surrounding friends and acquaintances when designing this deck, which resulted in displaying diversity to its fullest.

The deck has very detailed artwork and illustrations which envision a world where justice relies on respect and revolutionary love.

In my opinion, the keywords on these cards are not quite as clear as the other decks in this list, but it’s still a great deck to definitely think about adding to your collection.

Especially when you consider yourself to be a bit more experienced than the average tarot beginner, you will be just fine using this deck.

Along with the deck comes a guidebook that will help you gain more clarity and useful insights on the meanings and interpretations of the cards.

Angel Tarot Cards

The Angel Tarot Cards deck is a really accessible deck as extensive keywords and meanings are displayed directly on each card. This makes it an absolutely perfect tarot deck to use for beginners.

On top of that, the illustrations on the cards are stunning and radiate positive energy throughout. The images mostly display angels, unicorns, fairies and mermaids in a magical way.

It’s really impossible to get a bad reading when using this deck!

Even though the keywords on the cards are actually quite clear when it comes to being able to understand the meaning and interpretation of each card, the fact that the deck comes with a detailed guidebook as well makes it that much more interesting.

The deck has the ability to let you flow through each of your readings, even when you are just starting out using tarot cards as a beginner.

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