101 Best Questions To Ask Your Tarot Cards (The Ultimate List)

If you are someone who’s just a little bit like me, you probably already have issues coming up with more than one question to ask during a job interview, let alone finding good questions for something as significantly important as your tarot readings.

When it comes to reading tarot cards, in order to get constructive answers it is important to ask the right type of questions that will actually help you move forward in life instead of slow you down.

I personally found it hard to come up with good questions right on the spot during a tarot card reading, which would often result in an (unnecessary) loss of valuable energy.

That’s why I decided to sit down and really take the time to compile an extensive list of questions to help as a source of inspiration for great questions to ask the tarot cards.

I hope my list will make your readings flow a little bit more freely as well!

Further on in this article I will also go more in-depth on some useful techniques I use to come up with good tarot questions and what type of questions I would recommend you to avoid.

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101 Best Questions To Ask Your Tarot Cards

  1. What temptations would I be better off removing from my life?
  2. If I woke up tomorrow without any fears, what should I do first?
  3. What thing should I do as often as possible in order to feel more alive?
  4. What are some steps I can take in order to stimulate my spiritual growth?
  5. What is the one mistake I should never make again?
  6. What is something positive to remember when negativity surrounds me?
  7. What opportunity lies in front of me that I have not yet taken?
  8. What is my most valuable quality?
  9. Where is the best place for me to go in order to find peace?
  10. If I could spend one whole year doing anything I’ve wanted, what should I do?
  11. What is standing between me and my biggest goal?
  12. Where will I be this time next year?
  13. What is something I can do today, that would contribute to solving a part of the world’s problems?
  14. What is a thing I should work on to become better at?
  15. What can I do to find calm when my mind feels chaotic?
  16. What is something I should stop avoiding?
  17. What should I be most grateful for in my life?
  18. What is something I should do that scares me?
  19. How can I contribute to my relationship in a positive way?
  20. What would be the next best step to take in my career?
  21. In what way am I above average?
  22. What’s a bad habit I would be better off without?
  23. What should I take as a warning sign that I am in bad company?
  24. What character traits should I look for in a potential partner?
  25. What convinced believe I have is holding me back in my life?
  26. What place should I visit more often?
  27. What should be my number one priority at the moment?
  28. What regret do I need to let go of?
  29. What dream should I follow that I have not yet taken action on?
  30. Which person in my life should I never let go of?
  31. Who from my past should I contact again?
  32. What could I use more of?
  33. What is the best way I can take care of my body and soul right now?
  34. What kind of living environment would suit me best?
  35. What is one thing I should stop procrastinating?
  36. Which place in the world should I plan on visiting this year?
  37. What do I need to stop letting others do to me?
  38. What is the best way for me to connect more with nature?
  39. What is something I should never forget?
  40. What is something I did that I should never do again?
  41. What is the biggest source of stress in my life right now?
  42. What is my best personality trait?
  43. What will be the biggest change in my life in the next year?
  44. What should I do to show someone I love him or her?
  45. What is the best thing that could possibly happen today?
  46. What is the best way to move on from a failed relationship?
  47. What specific qualities should I look for in a lover?
  48. What specific qualities should I look for in a best friend?
  49. What is the one thing I need in order to truly be happy?
  50. What does my inner child want or need right now?
  51. What is something I need to stop obsessing over?
  52. What’s the one thing possibly standing between me and success?
  53. What accomplishment should I be most proud of?
  54. What is one thing I can do today to make other people smile?
  55. What is the biggest goal I should aim to achieve this year?
  56. What would be the best way for me to make more money this year?
  57. What situation in my life has made me grow the most?
  58. What is my greatest passion in life?
  59. What can put me in the best possible mood?
  60. What’s something I should stopping putting up with anymore?
  61. What something I could do to make my life easier starting today?
  62. In what way have I changed the most in the past 5 years?
  63. What will I accomplish one month from today?
  64. What’s one resolution I should make this year?
  65. What should I be most grateful for?
  66. What can give me the most peace of mind?
  67. What could I have done better this year?
  68. What makes me irreplaceable?
  69. What is one rule I should try and live by in the upcoming year?
  70. What is something I should say out loud?
  71. What dream should I definitely fulfil?
  72. What is my mission here on earth?
  73. What do I emotionally need to distance myself from?
  74. For what thing should I ask others for help more often?
  75. What health habit should I start doing from today on?
  76. What is something I should do before it is too late?
  77. How can I be a more confident person?
  78. What is something that deserves less of my attention?
  79. What are the best words of wisdom to live by?
  80. What is something I can only give to myself?
  81. What can I do today to become a person others would love to be around?
  82. What is missing from my life?
  83. If I could learn anything, what should I learn?
  84. What is something in my life that I should always protect?
  85. What is a choice I need to make that my future self will thank me for?
  86. What is something I need to let go of in order to move forward?
  87. What is something I am too self-conscious about?
  88. How can I live more freely?
  89. What thing should I try my best to change about society?
  90. What is something I should never stop believing in?
  91. What is the biggest problem in my life right now that I should try to solve?
  92. What’s a belief I have that holds me back?
  93. What good news will I receive in the near future?
  94. What is something I fail to notice but is right in front of me?
  95. What skills should I develop in order to reach my highest potential?
  96. What is good place for me to find meaningful friendships?
  97. What can I do to feel more energized?
  98. How can I become a better partner?
  99. What is something most people appreciate about me?
  100. What kind of activities will give me the most energy?
  101. What’s something I must give up in order to be successful?

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What Are The Best Ways To Ask Questions In Tarot Readings?

I hope that my list of 101 tarot questions has provided you with some useful inspiration and input for your own readings.

In case you are looking to formulate some constructive questions by yourself as well, I will now dive in to the best methods and techniques to phrase effective questions for your tarot cards.

The number one thing you should remember when trying to come up with good tarot questions is to keep your questions open ended.

The best way to do this is to think of questions beginning with words like ‘what’, ‘where’, ‘how’ or ‘when’.

You’ll find that starting of with these specific words will almost always result in a type of question that has enough depth in order to provide you with an insightful answer.

The following infographic I’ve created will give some perfect examples of good and ‘bad’ type of tarot questions:

Especially for a beginner, it is pretty important to understand what type of questions are best to ask your tarot cards, in order to ensure to get a good first experience.

Asking the right questions from the start will form a big part of the foundation of your tarot reading future, so make sure you absolutely nail this.

Of course, practice makes perfect, so don’t be too hard on yourself when you’re struggling to get it right the first time!

Also, another important aspect to keep in mind when it comes to forming good tarot questions is that they need to have a pro-active approach.

Instead of taking on a ‘victimized’ approach when formulating questions, try to ask the question in such a way that you will be able to actually influence a specific situation by yourself and not feel dependent on the outcome of a question.

Taking a pro-active approach when it comes to forming tarot questions will provide you with way more positive energy and confidence than you’d probably expect.

Tarot can be a great motivator throughout many aspects of your life, as long as you use it the correct way.

What Kind Of Questions Should You Avoid Asking Your Tarot Cards?

Now that you know that the best type of questions to ask your tarot cards are open-ended questions, it is also crucial to know what type of questions you should be avoiding.

The most important thing to keep in mind when thinking of great questions to ask your tarot cards is to avoid negativity.

There is absolutely no extra value to asking questions that are negatively loaded and will most likely lead to a false outcome.

Tarot should be used as a positive tool for self-exploration and development, not as a means to put you down in any kind of way.

Also, as tempting as it may seem, asking simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ type of questions is something you should better try to avoid as much as possible when you’re doing a tarot reading.

By asking for a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer, the cards aren’t likely to provide you with a profound and in-depth answer as the room left for further interpretation of the card will most likely be too small.

The true purpose of tarot is to show you parts of yourself that have remained unnoticed up until this point, so getting a plain ‘yes’ or ‘no’ as an answer won’t always be the best way to help you further on your spiritual journey and can possibly confuse you even more as further details aren’t always provided to you.

Now, I totally understand that in real life, things don’t always go as perfectly as planned!

And I’m well aware the same goes for coming up with tarot questions.

So, if you really can’t resist the urge to ask your tarot card a ‘yes or no’ type of question from time to time, I did write this other article that explains the best approach to formulate a ‘yes/no’ question that will help lead you to the most reliable outcome and insights.

Can You Ask Tarot Cards Questions About Someone Not Present?

When it comes to formulating tarot questions, it is always best recommended to solely focus on questions regarding your own life.

Of course, with some particular questions, other people will automatically come up in your reading as they will be very closely interwoven with certain situations.

When other people do come up during your reading, try to keep in mind to make sure to always keep a respective manner.

Don’t ask anything inappropriate and always have their best interest at heart.

You don’t want to invade someone else’s privacy by asking personal questions about their life without their permission.

On top of that, asking questions about someone else for your own personal purposes most likely won’t give you trustworthy results.

The tarot cards will provide you with answers to your questions based on the energy you are putting in, so you’ll most probably will only get back information based on your own thoughts and feelings.

So, to conclude, it is best advised to not ask questions about someone that isn’t present throughout your reading.

If you’d like some additional helpful inspiration for specific love or relationship type of questions, you can find another article I wrote here where I will provide you with 61 great love themed questions for your tarot readings!

Best Tarot Decks For Coming Up With Great Questions

If you’re just starting out with tarot, using a deck that’s both easy to use and understand is essential for a great (and fun!) learning experience. The Quick & Easy Tarot is the absolute best tarot deck for beginners as it has the meanings printed on each of the cards. Make sure to check it out right here!

In order to come up with helpful questions for my readings, I actually study my tarot decks before a reading for inspiration and connection.

The art and energy of some specific decks can really help me to ignite a spark to fuel to my creativity and innovativeness.

One of the decks I personally use that seem to most of the time provide me with questions almost automatically is my Wild Unknown Tarot Deck.

Each individual card is in my opinion an exceptional work of art and you can just feel the love and commitment that has been put in to them by the artist.

The illustrations of this lovely deck are mixed with black and white and colorful accents which gives them a nice contrast.

As soon as I sit down to use this deck, I will feel the world around me fade away and find myself coming in to something I can best describe as a spiritual bubble where all my deepest underlying questions rise to the surface.

I feel like I have a true personal connection to this deck, which is an extremely essential element in order for the cards to work for you in the most beneficial kind of way.

When deciding to choosing a new deck yourself, please make sure to keep in mind to really let your intuition guide the way for you.

The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck is a deck that works for me, but you should always remember to choose a deck you personally feel most connected and attracted to. Choosing a tarot deck is a very personal matter.

Another deck I absolutely love to use in order to come up with some great questions to ask the cards is The Crystal Visions Tarot.

It is a beautiful deck with detailed illustrations in vivid bright colors.

This deck truly has the ability to get my creative juices flowing by the vibe it gives off.

Also I love the fact that this deck matches perfectly with my (out of control) crystal collection.

Specific crystals such as Orange Calcite and Citrine are known for their ability to help letting creativity flow more easily, so this makes for the perfect opportunity (and excuse) to use them!

If you’d like some inspiration on the best type of crystals to store with your tarot decks, I’ve wrote this other article that might interest you as well.

10 Bonus Questions!

You’re still here! I admire people with persistence so let me thank you for your support by providing you with 10 helpful extra bonus questions. Happy reading!

  • What is something small I can do today that will make a big difference in my life?
  • What exactly will define true success for me?
  • How can I increase my ability to love the people around me?
  • What is the best way for me to build up my self-confidence?
  • What is the most important characteristic I should have in common with my significant other?
  • What can I do to improve my business?
  • What should I focus on when it comes to optimizing flow?
  • What can I do to earn extra money?
  • What steps can I take to find my perfect partner?
  • How do I find out which career is best for me?

If you liked this article and would like to browse some awesome tarot decks that have helpful keywords and meanings featured on them to make your tarot readings flow with much more ease, I’ve written this other article that may give you some inspiration! Happy reading!

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