Are Tarot Cards Safe?

On my journey of spiritual self-development, tarot cards turned out to be a really exciting way for me to get closer to my higher self.

A question that did however came to mind was whether tarot cards are safe to use.

With many contradicting beliefs out there on this matter you might be asking yourself the same question as it can be hard to figure out whether you should go give your first tarot deck a try or just pull your good old regular playing cards out of the drawer.

Are tarot cards safe? The short answer is yes, tarot cards are perfectly safe if used correctly. The power of tarot isn’t in the cards, it’s in the person using and interpreting the cards. Therefore tarot cards are safe as long as the motives of the person reading the cards are in the receivers best interest.

Now that we can both breathe easily knowing tarot cards can be used in a safely manner, let me give you some helpful tips below on how you can get tarot to work for you safely and as a powerful way to eventually help you uncover your life’s truth.

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How To Use Tarot Cards Safely

Find a Deck of Cards You Feel Naturally Drawn To

With so many tarot decks to choose from nowadays it can be hard to know which one is right for you.

What I’ve found is that for me personally it doesn’t really matter what kind of deck I use, as long as I feel some sort of intuitive connection with the deck.

At first this may come a bit unnatural to some, but as you further develop your spiritual abilities you will find it easier coming to connection with your higher self.

When looking at tarot decks you’re interested in, try to get in touch with your inner self and choose the one you feel most naturally drawn to intuitively.

Usually you will soon find this particular deck will indeed turn out to be the right choice for you.

tarot cards laying on a table

Learn The Card Meanings

It is very important to know the meaning of the tarot cards in order to make sure you can use en interpret them in a safe matter.

There are a total of 78 cards in a tarot deck which can be split up into two so called ‘Arcanas’, the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. 

When you’re just starting out with tarot you might find it quite overwhelming to understand the card’s meanings.

A few ways to learn the meaning of the cards in a relatively quick manner is to memorize the cards by finding similarities in the card’s names and their illustrations, use a tarot journal or simply write them down until your brain finally decides to memorize them automatically.

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Start Reading For Yourself

When you’re starting out with reading tarot cards, you will probably be very inspired and feel the need to share you new found interest with the people close to you.

As counterintuitive as it may seem to your level of enthusiasm, it is recommended to first make sure you are able to read and understand the tarot cards for yourself.

In order to be able to give the people around you an awesome reading that will actually provide them with the boost of positivity and amount of insights you are aiming for, it is very important to first get to know all basic aspects of tarot yourself.

Make sure you can recognise all the tarot cards, their meanings and possible interpretations before you decide to spread your gift amongst others.

Start With an Easy Tarot Spread

There are many possible tarot spread layouts when it comes to reading tarot cards.

However as a beginner who wants to make sure the cards are used safely it is best advised to start out with a spread between one to three cards.

That way you will slowly build up the confidence to eventually work with more extensive spreads.

A good way to learn to understand the cards is to draw one tarot card a day to start out with, that way you will learn to connect with each card individually and ask a specific question to test the outcome without it becoming too overwhelming.

That way you will keep a form of control over your tarot reading as you get further into it.

Make Sure You’re in a Positive State of Mind

As for many aspects in life, it is important keep a positive state of mind.

The same goes for tarot.

To use the tarot cards in the safest way possible one of the most important things to remember throughout your reading is to keep a positive mindset.

As stated earlier in this article, the power of tarot isn’t specifically in the cards but in the person using and interpreting the cards, therefore a negative mindset can potentially be dangerous as this most likely will reflect in the outcome of the reading.

So instead of pushing yourself to do a tarot reading at any given moment because you feel like it, please check yourself first and decide whether your mindset is in the right place.

It’s better to wait a day or two than to potentially do more harm than good.


It can be quite exciting but also a little bit nerve-racking when you’re using tarot cards for the first time.

In order to stay calm and positive throughout your reading, I would like to advice you to keep track of your breathing.

As soon as you notice feeling a bit uneasy: pause your reading, focus on your breathing for a moment and take a long breath in, shortly hold your breath and then calmly breathe out slowly.

Repeat a few times and you will feel much calmer and ready to proceed with your reading in no time.

Clear Your Energy by Using Sage or Crystals

In order to feel safe and peaceful throughout your reading it might be helpful for you to clear your energy and that of the space around you with sage or crystals.

I personally love using crystals, even if I must admit I do use any possible excuse to fill up my house with even more of them as I am in love with the vibe and sense of calm they bring.

But hey let’s be real, a bit of eye-candy never hurt anyone!

My favourite crystal I keep close when reading tarot cards is the beautiful Amethyst.

This crystal will help you listen to your intuition and keep yourself open to important messages coming to you through your reading.

Another crystal I adore is the Rose Quartz.

The Rose Quartz will help you to stay compassionate and promotes self love and inner healing, who can so no to that huh?

I hope by now I have been able to help you find some relief in knowing tarot cards can be used safely.

Tarot is a beautiful gateway to opening your spiritual eye into parts of yourself that have always been there but of which you maybe weren’t quite aware of earlier.

It is a way to understand yourself better and to discover how you can live your best possible life.

I personally have found a new kind of strength and confidence within myself since I have discovered tarot and I wish the same for you!

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