27 Best Crystals To Store With Your Tarot Cards

Let’s be real, you never really need an excuse to buy more crystals (or maybe that’s just me). Anyway, crystals are awesome. Not only do they function as my favourite pieces of home decoration, but as it turns out they can also be of great benefit when it comes to storing crystals with your tarot cards.

There are many types of crystals and all of them have their own unique abilities to improve the energy of the space and people surrounding them. When it comes to storing your tarot cards, there are some specific crystals that can be of exceptional value regarding clearing the energies of your tarot decks and ultimately improving the outcome of your readings.

Let’s dive a little but further into the fascinating world of crystals and find out what stones can bring you some great advantage when it comes to storing them with your beloved tarot cards.


The amethyst is one of my absolute personal favourite crystals, I just get mesmerized by solely looking at its pretty purple sparkling features. The amethyst is a stone that has the ability to cleanse energy fields and negative surroundings, so they are absolutely perfect to store with your tarot decks after a reading. The amethyst will also make sure to give you spiritual protection and can help to shake feelings of stress.


Aquamarine is a stone that will strengthen your intuition. It will help you get in more contact with your higher self and therefore has the ability to heighten your spiritual awareness. Furthermore this stone has calming abilities which will help starting of a new tarot reading with a clear mind. Aquamarine is perfect for people who are highly sensitive and/or clairvoyant.


Angelite is a great stone to store with your tarot decks as they are known for their abilities to improve spiritual awareness within you. It can help remove emotional blockages which will allow you to communicate your thoughts and feelings clearly when performing a tarot reading. With the help of this stone you will let go of any self-doubts you might have and feel confident in expressing yourself.

Rose Quartz

I wouldn’t be surprised if Rose Quartz and tarot cards secretly turned out to be soulmates. As Rose Quartz is known for its grounding abilities when it comes to psychic work, it is almost as if the two of them were made for each other. Rose Quartz is a stone that embodies unconditional love and will make you open your heart and eyes to the beauty and love that is surrounding you. It will enhance you to feel more self-love and truly appreciate your inner circle. Furthermore this beautiful crystal will give you a sense of true peace.


Tarot is a way to manifest the things that are important to you. Citrine is a stone known to help you realize exactly that, manifestation. Citrine will help you follow your true life path and tackle your goals without fears. On top of that it will help you get rid of anxiety and negativity and will clear your mind of any negative thoughts.


Selenite is a rather popular stone that is widely known for the positive effects it can bring to any meditation session. This is also a stone that you will find in a lot of yoga studio’s, and for a good reason. Selenite is a stone that is known to bring out a sense of quiet and peace, which also makes it perfect for spiritual practices such as tarot reading. Keeping a Selenite stone with your tarot deck will help to clear any feelings of confusion or worries and help start of your readings on a clean slate.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is a stone that is known for its emotional healing qualities. It will help transform negative vibes and emotions into positive ones. Also, this stone lives up to its name by increasing your ability to see things more clearly, as it will literally help you open your eyes to details you might have otherwise easily missed.

Smoky Quartz

Just like a smoke curtain disappearing, the Smoky Quartz will help remove negative and harmful vibes. The stone is known for its ability to help deal with stressful situations and feelings of anxiety and will help you feel more courageous. Keeping a Smoky Quartz around your tarot deck will enhance feelings of confidence and make you feel positive and grounded throughout your readings.


Putting a Celestite with your tarot deck is an excellent choice. This pretty blue crystal will raise your vibrations instantly and will give a true sense of calmth to the space surrounding it. Celestite can also help you improve your psychic abilities and therefore can be quite useful when it comes to tarot readings, as you will become more aware of the possible ways to interpret the cards.

Green Aventurine

The Green Aventurine stone will help raise your creativity levels within your readings. It will give you the energy you need to really soak up all the information and knowledge your tarot reading is providing you with. This stone is awesome for further developing any clairvoyant abilities you might have and will raise intelligence levels.

Black Tourmaline

The Black Tourmaline is a crystal you have possibly already heard of as it is a very popular stone when it comes to spiritual practices. The Black Tourmaline is famous  for its grounding abilities and will make sure you are protected throughout your spiritual practices. By storing this stone with your tarot deck, you won’t have to be afraid of negative energies joining in on your reading, as this stone will prevent any possible danger.

Orange Calcite

When having done a heavily emotional reading, you will probably want to cleanse your tarot cards in order to let go of any built up energies. The Orange Calcite is perfect for this as it has cleansing abilities when it comes to highly emotional vibrations. It will make sure your tarot deck is all powered up with positive energy to take on your next session without any distractions from previous readings.


The Moonstone is perfect for keeping with your tarot decks as the stone itself symbolises a new start. You want every tarot reading to start off without any unwanted surrounding energies and the Moonstone will provide exactly that. On top of that it also will provide a sense of calmth and help regain a feeling of stability. Also, the Moonstone is known for its ability to heighten your sense of intuition and will help to guide you to success in all areas of your life.


The Labradorite is not only known to be a stone that is of great benefit to keep with you as you go through significant life changes, it is also known for its intuition strengthening qualities. As intuition is a very, if not the most, important part of tarot, this stone is absolutely essential to keep close to your tarot decks.


Sodalite is also a stone that is great for spiritual practices. As it is often used during meditation because of its calming nature, it can help enhance self-acceptance and bring emotional peace. It can help you get out of any anxious state and replace negative feelings with courage and strength to take on any challenges heading your way.

Lapis Lazuli

The Lapis Lazuli stone will help get the most out of your tarot reading due to its ability to provide clarity within your readings. The Lapis Lazuli will make sure you are having a sense of honesty with yourself during your reading in order to get the most value out of it. As a consequence, this stone will help you feel more confident and ultimately assist you to live your true life purpose.


Amazonite is associated with bringing a sense of balance and the ability to deal with feelings stress. These crystals serve as a means of protection against any negative energies lingering around and are therefore perfect to store with any tarot deck.

Brown Tiger Eye

The Brown Tiger Eye is not only a popular crystal to be worn as a piece of jewellery, but can also be extremely useful when it comes to tarot reading. The Tiger Eye will help to clear your mind and get through a reading without any interfering unwanted emotions. It is great for dealing with any fears or anxiety issues.

Red Tiger Eye

Next to the Brown Tiger Eye, we have its colourful sibling; the Red Tiger Eye. Just as the colour red is a sign of confidence and strength, so is this pretty crystal. The Red Tiger Eye is known for helping developing self-esteem and gaining more overall confidence in all areas of your life. It tackles negative feelings immediately and brings you a sense of fresh energy to start of your new reading.

Blue Lace Agate

A Blue Lace Agate stone is known as the ‘communicator’ as it enhances your ability to speak more freely about your deepest emotions. This crystal will ensure you to not hide away when it comes to any emotions you might feel during a reading, but really dive into them and find out what they deeper meaning might be behind them. There’s really no need to be afraid with this stone around as the Blue Lace Agate will protect you throughout and will give you a sense of peace as you move along your reading.


The Onyx stone is a powerful stone in times of stress or insecurity. It will facilitate you to let go of any fears you might have and dive head first into your tarot reading. The Onyx has the ability to harmonize every negative thought and emotion that crosses its path and will prevent you from harm.

Apache Tear

The Apache Tear is another stone that is great for dealing with feelings of stress and anxiety. The stone serves as a natural protection and will give you an invisible harness of positivity and strength. This stone will help you keep both feet on the ground while simultaneously getting the best results out of your tarot reading.


The Larvikite is also known as the ‘Norwegian Moonstone’. This stone will help you get clarity on any emotions that might come up during your reading and assist you on working through them in a positive manner. As this crystal is also known for its amazing grounding abilities, it won’t let you wander of feeling overwhelmed but will enhance your self-confidence and push you to take on exiting new opportunities that could enrich your life greatly. The Larvikite has the ability to make you see yourself in a totally different light and inspire you to take the necessary steps needed to become the person you aim to be.

Red Jasper

The Red Jasper is known for its close connection to the earth and will therefore provide a sense of feeling grounded throughout your reading. It is a perfect stone to store with your tarot decks as its earthy vibes will make sure any spiritual awakenings will be brought right back down to earth where they can serve you best.

Yellow Jasper

The Yellow Jasper stone is your true buddy in times of stress and despair. As it is a very calming stone, it can bring you back to your senses in no time. After a heavy tarot reading, the Yellow Jasper is an excellent choice of stone to store with your tarot decks in order to re-energize the cards. Yellow Jasper eases any self-doubts and enhances feelings of strength and confidence.

Blue Quartz

The pretty Blue Quartz is perfect for when you’re aiming to heighten your creative abilities and getting rid of any insecurities or self-doubts. Also, this stone has the ability to further develop communication skills and provide a sense of clarity to get important messages across. This stone is an excellent match when it comes to tarot.

Spirit Quartz

Last but certainly not least, the Spirit Quartz. This stone stands for developing spiritual growth while providing you with the balance needed to reach your ultimate goals. It will help you develop any psychic abilities you might have and will force you to take a deeper look within in order to get more in touch with your higher self.

So there you have it, as you see there are many crystals that can be of great value when it comes to incorporating them within your tarot rituals. The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing crystals to store with your tarot decks is to truly listen to your intuition.

All of the crystals named above will absolutely offer some kind of positive influence on your readings, but it is ultimately up to you to choose which type of crystals resonate with you the most. Try to view choosing the right crystals for you as a good exercise to learn to trust your intuition and to let it guide you safely through all areas of your life.

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