What Crystals Are Red? (Plus Their Unique Properties)

I absolutely love the color red. It’s powerful, attractive and energizing which is exactly the type of qualities I’m looking for in a crystal stone. As there are so many different red crystals, I decided to write this article and make an extensive list of all red crystals and each of their unique properties.

The most common known red crystals are Red Jasper, Red Tigers Eye, Ruby and Red Calcite. Red crystals are generally associated with love, passion and vitality. They are the perfect healing crystals to help you live your life with great purpose. 

Besides the more common known red crystals, there are of course a lot of other beautiful red colored crystals which can be found on our amazing planet! Let’s find out what these crystals and their unique characteristics are right away!

What Crystals Are Red?

Red Jasper

Red Jasper is an amazing crystal stone that has the ability to help you release tensed feelings and raise your spirits and energy levels. Also, it is a great stone for relaxation and calming the mind

Red Jasper also can help you feel more courageous, balanced and increase your level of self-confidence immensely. A great stone to keep close to you throughout the day!

Red Hematite

The Red Hematite crystal is known for its protective ability. This crystal can help you feel more self-secure in situations you may find challenging. This stone can help you come up with new refreshing ideas and change your perspective in a more helpful way. It will help you look through the chaos of life and stand your ground in a balanced manner. 

Red Tigers Eye

The Red Tigers Eye crystal is a highly motivational stone. This crystal is great for helping you gain motivation and inspiration for any task you might have been postponing for a while. By carrying this crystal along with you, you’ll feel a high sense of energy and confidence surrounding you. 

Red Carnelian

The Red Carnelian crystal is known for its ability to help boost creativity. It’s a true success stone that will give you the self-confidence you need to believe in your ideas and follow your purpose without letting yourself get distracted by small minded people. This crystal will help you stand out of the crowd and can attribute to reaching your life’s ultimate purpose

Red Calcite

Red Calcite is a stone that will help you feel more at peace with yourself. It will give you the courage to trust yourself and stop the tendency of feeling too dependent of others. The Red Calcite is great for helping you communicate your personal boundaries without feeling guilty about it. You are the most important person in your life, and this stone will surely help you remember it!

Red Aventurine

The Red Aventurine is the crystal of manifestation. This stone can help you make your wildest dreams come true. It has the ability to energize and visualize your highest desires and turn them into reality. With this stone on your side, you’ll feel the power you need to get to work and believe that anything you want to reach in life can be achieved!


The pretty Ruby crystal is known as a powerful protective stone that can keep negative energies at a great distance. it’s a great stone for spiritual practices and will help you stand your ground in the working environment. This stone has the ability to give you strength in any situation and will give you the perseverance to bring your goals to a successful end. 


The Garnet crystal is a cleansing stone. It purifies any negative energies and vibes and replaces it with calmness and love. It is the perfect stone for a personal reset to let go of any boundaries you might feel and live life with your arms wide open. With the Garnet crystal on your side you will feel a great sense of confidence and balance wherever you will go. The Garnet will give you a different more positive point of view and can help you find inspiration in places you might have overlooked before. 


Muscovite is known as the stone of true love. This crystal will help you see that you don’t have to be perfect to accept yourself. You are enough just as you are! The Muscovite will also help you get out of a negative though circle and lets you see problems from other perspectives. You might find yourself fixing things you never thought you’d be able to fix before. With your heightened sense of confidence and strength, you’ll feel like you’re able to take on the entire world.


Sardonyx is a great stone for strengthening your relationships. Whether it is in love or friendship, this stone promotes communication and openness, which in turn will lead to more deepened and meaningful relationships with your loved ones. This stone can help you see other people’s opinions from their perspective which will help you understand them better and cause less arguments. Overall the Sardonyx will help you feel more happy and grateful for your life and the people surrounding you. 


The Cinnabar stone is another beautiful red crystal that is great for manifesting your ultimate dreams and desires. Cinnabar has the ability to help you attract financial stability and wealth by concentrating on your personal development. This stone will uncover the parts of yourself you need to work in order to achieve the life goals you have been dreaming of. 

Rose Quartz

Even though Rose Quartz is mostly known as the stone with the pretty pink color, it also comes in more red type of shades. The Red Rose Quartz is a great stone for promoting self love and love for the people around you in general. It has an immensely high healing potential and can soothe negative feelings. It is a great stone to use during meditation in order to fully benefit from its positive effects and influences. 

What Do Red Crystals Represent?

Red crystals generally represent love, passion and vitality. Red crystals are greatly beneficial for your love life, relationships and the art of manifestation. Use red crystals to help visualize your wildest dreams vividly and clearly. Red crystals will inspire you to follow your purpose.

The color red is a very strong and high energy color, and this is exactly what you can expect to get from red crystals. Red crystals can bring you the passion, motivation and courage to achieve any goal you’ve set your mind to. 

Red crystals will help you feel more self-confident to face situations that might normally scare you or make you feel uncomfortable. Red colored crystals can help you to let go of any unwanted opinions of others.

Red crystals will boost your overall feelings of happiness and inspiration and help you live a more fuller life filled with love and laughter. Red crystals are great for keeping close anywhere you decide to go!

To Conclude

So, now you know there are a lot of different red crystals out there with each their own unique properties. Every single type of red crystal will be able to give you a higher sense of energy and passion. In order to choose the perfect red crystal for you, decide which specific additional abilities you could use the most, and choose the stone that is known to be able to provide you with exactly that. 

Lastly, if you’ve become enthusiastic to find out more about other specific colored crystals and their unique properties, I also wrote two other articles on all different types of white and black crystals which you might find interesting!

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