How To Cleanse Your Quartz Crystals (Plus One Thing To Avoid)

As quartz crystals are widely known for their incredible ability to absorb the (both negative and positive) energies that cross their path, it is only logical that cleansing your quartz crystals on a regular basis is very important for maintaining their amazing properties which in turn will allow you to use and enjoy their unique qualities for a very long time. 

The best way to cleanse your quartz crystals (i.a. rose quartz, smoky quartz and clear quartz) is by using one of the following techniques:

  • soak your quartz crystals in water
  • bury your quartz crystals in mud
  • cleanse under the full moon
  • cleanse with sage or Palo Santo

Cleansing your quartz crystals before using them for any type of healing practise will set you up for a great and safe start of your healing session and bring only positive types of energies in to your home or space. 

Now let’s dive in to the different cleansing methods mentioned above and find out which technique would suit you and your quartz crystals best (and one technique you’d be better off avoiding at all times!).

How To Cleanse Your Quartz Crystals

Soak Your Quartz Crystals In Water

One of the best and and most common used ways to cleanse quartz crystals is by soaking them in water

As quartz crystals have the ability to help raise your spirits by taking in a great amount of negative energy you might have lingering around, it is important to have them cleansed often. By bathing them in water you will be sure to remove any trace of negative energy from the stones. 

There are different methods or ways to use water for cleansing. You could simply clean your quartz crystals by using water from the tap, but you can also choose to wash your crystals in a natural environment by rinsing them in the ocean or a river

When you decide to cleanse your quartz crystals with regular tap water, you can either choose to give them a quick rinse, or let them soak for a couple of days (depending on what you feel the stones need in order to be able to cleanse and recharge to its full energetic abilities). 

When you decide to cleanse your crystals with ocean water, it’s best to give your crystals a bath with the maximum duration of 12 hours so the salt won’t be able to alter the condition of the stone. 

If you don’t live nearby the ocean and you still want to give your crystals a similar type of treatment, you can leave your quartz crystals in salt water overnight. Just fill up a bowl with water and add a tablespoon of sea salt. Mix the water and salt with a soon and when the water is clear, you can add your quartz crystals. Remember to rinse them off with regular tap water the next morning to make sure all the salt has been removed from the crystals. 

Another thing you can do to cleanse your quartz crystals in water is by putting them in a bowl and let them sit outside on a rainy day. Rainwater is great for helping your quartz crystals release their stored negative energies. 

Bury Your Quartz Crystals In Mud

By burying your quartz crystals in mud or dirt, all the negative energies your stones may have soaked up will be released into the ground and replaced by pure energy from the earth. This type of cleansing technique is a very powerful cleansing tool for your quartz crystals. 

The hole you dig doesn’t have to be deep, as long as the crystals will be fully covered. Leave your crystals under the ground for approximately 24 hours before retrieving them. 

After having retrieved your crystals from the mud, you can easily rinse off any remaining soil or mud from the crystals with some water. 

Cleanse Under The Full Moon

Cleansing quartz crystals under the Full Moon has got to be my absolute favourite cleansing method. I personally think (and have experienced) that cleansing your crystals under the Full Moon is the most perfect moment in order to make sure you’re taking the best care of your quartz crystals and releasing them from all negative energies. 

Cleansing your quartz crystals during the Full Moon might not always be a possibility, as you sometimes might find yourself needing to cleanse your crystals straight away. However, if you do find yourself in the lucky position where the time is on your side, definitely don’t miss the opportunity to energetically cleanse your crystals during a Full Moon!

You can put your crystals in your garden or in your window sill during Full Moon at a spot where you know the stones will have the ability to soak up the full moonlight. It’s best advised to lay out your crystals in a natural spot where they will be able to connect with the earth as much as possible in order to achieve its full effects (so in soil for example or maybe a piece of wood you’ve got laying around). 

The next morning you can collect your quartz crystals and they will be cleansed and recharged. 

Cleanse With Sage Or Palo Santo

Another great technique to cleanse your quartz crystals is by using the smoke of sage or Palo Santo

Both Palo Santo and sage have extremely powerful benefits when it comes to their ability to cleanse any negative energies. Palo Santo is a tree that grows in South America and literally means ‘Holy Wood’. This piece of aromatic wood will most likely remind you of pine, lemon and minty type of scents. 

After lighting up your sage or Palo Santo, you can pick up the crystal you’d like to smudge and make sure to let your crystal move entirely through the stream of smoke of either the sage or Palo Santo a few times. 

When doing this, make sure you’ve set a clear intention in your mind as well that is directly aimed towards your crystals and all negative energies you want to free it from. This will surely help the cleansing process.

A Cleansing Technique You Should Avoid!

Now that you know what are the best techniques to cleanse your quartz crystals, there is one you method you should be very wary of!

The cleansing technique you would best try to avoid at all times is putting your stone in direct sunlight for a longer period of time. Crystals like Rose Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Amethyst, Citrine and Opal have the tendency to fade, dry out and even possibly change color after being exposed to the sun for too long.

So if you plan on enjoying the vibrant colors of your crystals for a much longer time, then you know now what NOT to do. 

If you do decide to cleanse your crystals in the sun, make sure you do it for a maximum of one hour (do yourself a favour and use a timer or set an alarm!). However I would avoid this technique in total and just choose one of the other methods discussed in this article. That way you will be sure to treat your quartz crystals with the respect they deserve and give them the best suitable cleansing routine available. 

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