How To Cleanse Malachite: Everything You Need To Know!

The beautiful green Malachite crystal is mainly known for its ability to absorb negative energies and bring a sense of balance and clarity.  

When it comes to cleansing this mesmerizing stone, there are a few methods that are very effective to use. In this article we’ll take a deep dive into the best ways to cleanse Malachite, let you in on which cleansing techniques to avoid and inform you about the best ways to cleanse your Malachite jewelry as well! 

How To Cleanse Malachite 

As Malachite is a stone that is relatively sensitive, Malachite can best be cleansed by using a gentle cleansing tool such as sage or the energy of other crystals. In order to avoid the crystal from getting damaged, it is best advised to stay away from cleansing Malachite with liquids or salt. 

Malachite is a crystal that’s celebrated for its ability to absorb negative energies quickly. This unique talent however also asks for a proper cleansing method, as it can easily drain the energy of the stone. Especially when using the crystal as a form of (energetic) protection, cleansing it on a regular basis is absolutely necessary in order for the stone to be able to keep on radiating its unique properties

With that said, let’s now take a look at several different crystal cleansing methods and find out whether they’re suitable for cleansing Malachite as well. 

Can You Cleanse Malachite With Sage?

Using sage for cleansing your Malachite crystal is a powerful and effective method. Light the end of a sage bundle, blow out the flame and gently wave your Malachite stone through the smoke for a couple of times. For safety reasons, make sure to never let burning sage stay unattended.

Sage is a popular cleansing tool that is often used for a variety of spiritual purposes. It’s a great natural cleansing tool that is popular for cleansing rooms or other spaces, but is also very effective for crystals.

When it comes to your Malachite crystal, sage makes for a great and friendly match. When you decide to use sage as your method of choice (also known as smudging), always make sure to open a window before burning the sage and never leave your sage unattended once it’s lit up.

Using an Abalone Shell for your smudging ritual is recommended as it not only catches the falling ashes, this beautiful natural attribute also brings a strong sense of calm and balance.

Next to using sage (or palo santo or incense), crystals such as Selenite and Clear Quartz are also perfect to assist you with cleansing your Malachite crystal. 

How To Cleanse Malachite With Selenite?

In order to cleanse your Malachite crystal with Selenite you can lay the malachite on a large piece of selenite or surround the malachite with smaller selenite pieces and leave it for several hours or until you intuitively feel your Malachite crystal has been cleansed effectively.

When cleansing your Malachite with another crystal, it is important to make sure that both crystals come into direct contact with each other. Place your Malachite on top of either a piece of Selenite or Clear Quartz to start the cleansing process. After 12 hours, you can collect and use your Malachite as it will be properly cleansed by then. 

Can You Cleanse Malachite With Water?

As Malachite scores between 3.5 and 4.0 on the Mohs scale of hardness, cleansing it with water is not recommended. As it is quite a sensitive crystal that can easily be negatively effected when coming into contact with water, it is best advised to avoid liquids around Malachite. 

In order for a crystal to be able to withstand water, it needs to score at least a 6 on the Mohs scale of hardness. As Malachite doesn’t match this requirement, keeping this crystal safely away from water will be your best bet to prevent your crystal from getting damaged or (partly) dissolve. 

Can You Cleanse Malachite In The Sun?

Malachite generally doesn’t fade or lose color when exposed to sunlight. However, as it is always better to be safe than sorry, it is best advised to not expose your Malachite crystal to the sun for extended periods of time. Make sure to remove the crystal from direct sunlight after a few hours. 

When your Malachite already has some traces of damage, make sure to be careful when using sunlight as your cleansing method. In this case, your crystal would be better off choosing a more gentle cleansing method. Using moonlight would be a great alternative in this case.

In order to use the powers of the moon to cleanse your Malachite, place the crystal in your garden or on your balcony or windowsill during the night and collect the Malachite in the morning before sunrise.

How To Cleanse Malachite Jewelry 

Malachite jewelry such as bracelets, necklaces and rings can best be cleansed using sage, incense or crystals that have neutralizing and cleansing abilities. It is best advised to cleanse your Malachite jewelry on a regular basis as it is a type of crystal that can easily absorb energies. 

How Often Should You Cleanse Malachite?

How often you should cleanse your Malachite entirely depends on how often and intensely you use your crystal. On average, cleansing your Malachite once a month should do the job properly. However, if you intuitively feel your Malachite needs cleansing more than once a month, absolutely do so. 

The frequency at which you should cleanse your Malachite, or any other types of crystals for that matter, is a very personal consideration. For some people cleansing their Malachite only once or twice a year might be enough, whereas for others who encounter many different energies in a shorter amount of time, cleansing the crystal more often would be recommended and preferred. 

When it comes down to figuring out how often you should cleanse your Malachite, know that it is all a matter of experience. Try to fully connect with your crystal over time in order to understand its basic needs. Once you’ve established a more personal bond with your Malachite, intuitively feeling when it is time for a cleanse should become much more easy. 

In Conclusion

So, to sum up, Malachite can best be cleansed by either using sage, other crystals such as Clear Quartz and Selenite or using the natural powers of the sun and moon

When it comes to cleansing your Malachite using sunlight, it is recommended to make sure your Malachite doesn’t have any traces of damage yet and to not expose it to the sun for too long. In case of doubt, use the power of the moon to cleanse your Malachite as a natural and equivalent effective alternative. 

Remember to never cleanse your Malachite with water though. As Malachite scores a 3.5 – 4.0 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness, it doesn’t possess the proper characteristics to be able to withstand liquids. Cleansing Malachite with water should best be avoided at all times.  

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