What Crystals Are Green? (Plus Their Unique Properties)

Green is one of the most popular colors amongst crystals. I was thinking about buying another green crystal to add to my crystal collection when I wondered what types of green crystals exist. This is what I’ve found!

The most common known green crystals are Jade, Aventurine, Green Calcite and Malachite. Green crystals are generally associated with nature, manifestation, wealth and growth. Green crystals are perfect for helping us connect with nature and our true life purpose. 

Besides the green crystals mentioned above, I’ve found a whole lot of other types of green crystals which we’ll dive in to straight away! We’ll take a closer look at their unique properties and characteristics and find out what green crystals represent. 

What Crystals Are Green?

Green Aventurine

The Green Aventurine is a beautiful healing stone that will help you release negative thoughts and feelings and replace it with more positive vibes. It has a calming potential that will help you see things as they are instead of worrying more than necessary. 

Green Aventurine will also increase your creative abilities by helping you see possibilities where you wouldn’t normally notice them. It’s a truly positive stone that can help you live life more intensely. 

Green Tourmaline

The Green Tourmaline has the ability to help you feel more connected to nature. It makes you notice and appreciate the beauty that is present all around you, which in turn will make you feel more like you’re living in the moment. It is a stone of joy and compassion that will definitely heighten your energy levels

With the Green Tourmaline on your side you will feel more optimistic and forgiving which are all great elements for a happier life filled with gratitude.


Jade is a stone that will protect you on your spiritual journey. It is the crystal of luck and will help you attract more abundance in to your life, both in the sense of love and finances. 

This stone will help you feel more trusting in the Universe and everything it has got in store for you. It balances your thoughts and makes you feel like all your life goals are within reach. Jade is a true manifestation stone, so it is great for keeping close during visualization practices.  

Green Calcite

The Green Calcite is one of my favourite green crystals. Green Calcite is a rough light green stone that is known for its ability to make you feel a true zest for life and a desire to reach your most ultimate goals. It gives you the courage and trust that you have everything it takes to make your dreams become reality. 

Green Calcite brings balance in to your life and makes you focus on the things truly important, while making you care less about things or people who don’t offer any value to your life. This stone will make you feel more self-secure to let go of parts of your life that no longer serve you without feeling guilty. 

Prasiolite (Green Amethyst)

Prasiolite is also known as Green Amethyst. This beautiful crystal is all about self love. It will help you feel more connected to the Universe and realize that everything is one. With the Prasiolite on your side, you will be able to reach higher spiritual levels and insights. 

The Prasiolite will give you crystal clear visions of what is truly happening around you, without getting distracted by all the things society has made us believe is ‘normal’. It will give you a deeper appreciation for life and the urge to kindly help people around you elevate to higher spiritual levels as well. 


Serpentine is the stone you want to keep close when you’re looking for personal spiritual growth and exploration. It is a crystal that is often used during meditation practices as it has the ability to stimulate the crown chakra which is known as the gateway to spiritual wisdom and a deeper connection with the Universe. 

Serpentine helps you attract more abundance in to your life and create feelings of peace, love and relaxation.


Prehnite is a true ‘heart’ stone. It is the stone of unconditional love and will help to live your life based on the wishes of your heart. With this stone lingering around, you can be sure to trust the feelings of your intuition as it enhances your sense of inner knowing and personal power

Prehnite is also a great stone for letting go of parts of your life not serving you anymore and helping you strive for the things that will bring you happiness and peace. 


Moldavite is a dark-green stone that is mainly known as the stone of transformation. It clears blockages and gives a crystal clear view of what your future has in store for you when you decide to follow your heart. It gives you the courage to follow your dreams while making you feel protected on your journey. 

Moldavite has the ability to help you release of negative events and offers a sense of self-healing. This stone will help you feel like you can start on clean slate without any obstacles from the past standing in your way. 


Malachite is a very powerful dark-green crystal that has the ability to clear your entire aura of negative energies trying to enter it. It increases your sense of intuition and creativity and helps you see things in a more positive light. The Malachite can help you feel more open and trusting towards love entering your life as you know everything and everyone you encounter is meant to cross your path for a reason. It is a truly empowering stone. 


Peridot is a pretty light-green colored crystal that represents freedom and independency. It will encourage you to take big steps towards your dream life as you possess all the needed qualities to make it! It is an inspirational stone that will help you truly believe everything you want is possible, as long as you set your mind to it and don’t let yourself get distracted. 

Peridot will help to release any feelings of guilt and bring overall balance to your soul. 


Amazonite is a mesmerizing turquoise-green colored crystal that will help you live a life of authenticity. Amazonite is connected to the heart chakra which will help you speak your mind and stay true to your personal goals and desires. 

It is a calming stone that will help you feel more connected to others and experience a higher level of self-confidence. With this stone on your side, you will feel a natural urge to speak your heart and mind which in turn will attract your true soul tribe

Moss Agate

The Moss Agate, as its name already kind of suggests, will help you feel closer connected to nature. It is the perfect stone for new beginnings as it helps release emotional baggage. It has the ability to attract new love, friendships and overall abundance in to your life which in turn will increase your self-esteem

Moss Agate is the perfect stone for anyone who wants to feel a closer spiritual connection to the earth and a true sense of belonging


Emerald is an absolutely attractive stone that enhances unity and friendship. It is the stone of hope and healing and commitment. Emerald is connected to the heart chakra and can help bring trust and balance in relationships.

Emerald is a rejuvenating stone that brings inspiration and creativity

What Do Green Crystals Represent?

Green crystals generally represent nature, manifestation, wealth and growth. Green crystals stand for the beauty of life and everything it has to offer. 

Green stones are the best stones for attracting abundance and wealth in to your life and are great for developing personal growth. By keeping green crystal stones close to you, it can help make better decisions concerning your finances and prevent you to act out of fear or greed. 

Green crystals represent the importance of having a positive mindset, as this is one of the most important qualities you need to possess in order to reach success and attract abundance into your life. 

Green colored stones are the ultimate type of stones that represent nature and a sense of higher connection to the Universe. They will help to have inner trust and optimism towards the future which in turn can develop a great sense of focus and perseverance

Green crystals are the best type of stones to keep close when you’re looking to live a life filled with abundance, wealth, success and everlasting growth. They will inspire you to never stop learning and provide a great sense of energy

To Conclude

By now you’ve learned there are a lot of different green crystal stones, each with their own unique abilities. The properties all green crystals have in common are the ability to attract abundance, wealth and growth and the power to manifest anything you set your mind to. 

In order to find the right green crystal for you, it is important to let your intuition guide the way and choose the green crystal that you feel most magnetically pulled towards. This will usually turn out to be the crystal most beneficial for you!

If after reading this article you’ve become enthusiastic to find out more about other specific colored crystals and their unique properties, I also wrote some other articles on all different types of white and black and red crystals which you might find interesting!

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