What Crystals Are Black? (Plus Their Unique Properties)

I was going through my crystal collection last weekend and noticed the amount of black crystals I have could really use some upgrading. This in turn made me wonder what specific crystals are black and what each of their unique properties are so I will be able to choose the type of black crystal that will suit me perfectly! I’d love to share my findings with you as well. This is what I’ve found.

The most common known crystals that are black are Black Obsidian, Apache Tear, Black Tourmaline and Black Onyx. Black crystals can generally be used for increasing your grounding abilities and are great for providing a sense of confidence.

Black crystals are good for providing a wide spectrum of qualities. Although the stones all tend to look a like a bit (which I will get in to later on in this article as well), they do each have their own unique characteristics. Below I have created a list of all black crystals including their specific properties.

What Crystals Are Black?

Black Onyx

The Black Onyx is a very powerful and grounding stone that will keep you with both feet on the ground during tough times. Black Onyx has the ability to take away any negative energies surrounding you and replacing them with positive vibes. With this stone close to you, you can be sure you are protected and able to take on any challenges you might have to face in the future.

This stone is great for developing a higher sense of confidence and will give you the power to make people notice and admire your strength and perseverance.

Black Obsidian

The Black Obsidian is a great stone to deal with any negative self-talk you might catch yourself being guilty of at times. The Black Obsidian stone promotes self-love and will help you see all the beautiful parts and qualities you truly possess. This stone will guide you towards your greatest life purpose and help you choose and live a life you love and are proud of.

Black Hematite

The Black Hematite stone is great for staying grounded as well. This stone radiates positive energy and will provide you with nice calm and relaxing thoughts and feelings. It will help you see the world through more rose colored glasses which in turn will also have its positive effect on the people around you. With the Black Hematite on your side (or in your pocket), you will feel protected at all times and flow through your day with great ease.

Apache Tear

The Apache Tear stones are very spiritual types of stones that can provide relief in times of worry and overwhelm. When you’re feeling rushed or stressed, the Apache Tear will make sure to transfer these energies and emotions in to more positive and relaxing ones. It’s a very powerful stone to say the least.

Black Tourmaline

The Black Tourmaline is all for helping you remove unnecessary emotional weight from your shoulders. It’s a stone that has the ability to cleanse and filter its environment of negative energy and leave behind a sense of happiness and freedom instead.


The Jet stone is a great stone when you tend to have the habit of sinking in to fearful or negative based thoughts quickly. This stone will help you look at things from another perspective which will leave you feeling lighter and safe. It helps you stay away from situations or people not beneficial to you and guide you to stay on your right path.

Rainbow Obsidian

The Rainbow Obsidian might not be an entirely black colored stone, however in my opinion it is too pretty to keep from this list. It’s a mesmerizing black stone with rainbow colored stripes magically covering its surface.

Just like the Black Obsidian, the Rainbow Obsidian also has the amazing quality of being able to help you replace negative thoughts and emotions with more positive ones. On top of that the Rainbow Obsidian will help you feel less fearful and protect highly sensitive persons from overwhelming sensations. Keep the Black Obsidian close to you when you’d like to be surrounded with love and light everywhere you go.

Black Jade

The Black Jade has the ability to connect the spiritual world with everyday life on earth. It’s a stone that will protect you on your way and provide you with a sense of strength and power to achieve any goal and dream you set your mind to. Black Jade will give you a strong sense of self-confidence which is a highly required quality for success.

What Do Black Crystals Represent?

Black crystals primarily represent ‘grounding’. Black crystals will help you keep both of your feet on the ground while you’re discovering yourself on your spiritual journey.

The color black is often associated with strength, mystery, power and fear. Black crystals all possess the property to protect you and eliminate fears.

Black crystals can help you feel more powerful and build a bridge between the spiritual and the physical world. They represent the possibility to show your talents and have the confidence to be fearlessly yourself in the physical world.

How Can You Tell The Difference Between Black Crystal Stones?

When you lay your black crystals and stones in a row, at first glance it may seem like you’re being asked to play a mind-bending version of the game ‘spot the 10 differences’.

Although the differences between black crystal stones are quite subtle, there are some practical ways to tell them apart. Keep an eye out on the following details:

  • Weight: Obsidian and Jet are lightweight stones, if you would hold one of these stones in your hand and compare it to an Onyx crystal, you will easily be able to tell the difference as Onyx consists of a different heavier material  
  • Structure: Where the Obsidian stones can be recognized by their smooth and glossy looks, the Apache Tear appears to more roughly structured.
  • Transparency: Obsidian differentiates from other black crystal stones as it has a subtle transparant glow you’ll be able to notice when placing the stone in direct sunlight.

How To Tell If Your Black Crystals Are Real

Another hurdle to cross when it comes to black crystals, it the ability to be able to tell whether your black crystals are actually real.

There are a few important elements to take notice of when your checking whether your black crystal is real or fake:

  • Air-Bubbles: A tell tale sign of fake crystals is spotting air-bubbles inside of them. Seeing air-bubbles in your crystal is often a sign that it’s made from glass or plastic.
  • Perfection: Even though crystals are extremely beautiful, they don’t look perfect. When a crystal looks too good to be true, there might be a plausible chance the crystal isn’t real. As crystals are products of nature, they all come in their own unique shape and size.
  • Paint Traces: This one is a dead give-away. When you pick up the crystal and notice clear traces of paint anywhere on the crystal, your precious stone might still be real but the color is definitely not.
  • The Scratch test: when you scratch your crystal, the surface you’re scratching might get damaged (so choose your surface wisely..), but your crystal should remain unharmed. When you scratch your crystal and you notice damages on the crystal, it is probably plastic.

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