Best New Tarot Decks of 2020 You’ll Definitely Want To Try!

With tarot only becoming more and more popular these days, a lot of amazingly talented artists keep on blessing us with mesmerizing new tarot decks

This year has got a lot more great new tarot decks in store for us and I just can’t wait to share my favourite ones with you! 

When you’re planning on choosing a new tarot deck, remember to keep in mind that the most important thing to look out for is to truly feel and notice which deck resonates with you the most. You will know this is happening when you feel what’s best described as a magical energetic pull towards a certain deck.  

Now let’s quickly dive in to find out what are the best (upcoming) new tarot decks out there at the moment (in monthly chronological order)! I am so excited! 

Best New Tarot Decks 2020

Spirit Animal Tarot – Release Februari 2020

The Spirit Animal Tarot is an extremely inspirational deck that will help you see patterns of your past and show you your potential for the future. 

Every card in the Spirit Animal Deck corresponds to a specific animal which each their own unique meaning and interpretations. 

Along with this tarot deck you will receive a handy guidebook which explains the meaning of each card thoroughly and will give eye-opening insights and advice on issues you might have been dealing with lately. You will feel inspired with the messages and guidance this deck provides and will gain extensive insight in what is your primary Spirit Animal and its unique characteristics. This tarot deck has the potential to help you reach your goals with confidence and perseverance. 

The illustrations of this deck are absolutely breathtaking and perfect for any animal loving tarot reader out there!

The Golden Girls Tarot Cards – Release March 2020

If you’re in to the Golden Girls, then this is a deck you just can’t ignore. The successful sitcom ‘The Golden Girls’ now has its own tarot deck and will leave you smiling throughout your entire reading!

The Golden Girls Tarot Deck its structure is based on the original Rider-Waite Tarot Deck, which makes it a great accessible deck as the Rider-Waite tarot deck is known to be perfect for beginners. The quality of the cards is outstanding and they come in a sturdy box. 

Each of the four main characters of the show have their own suit in the deck and the artwork of the deck is truly fun and colorful. 

Along with this deck you’ll also receive instructions and tips on how to become a tarot reader yourself, in case you might fancy such a turn!

Star Spinner Tarot – Release March 2020

The Star Spinner Tarot Deck can best be described as a modern, inclusive, diverse deck with some absolutely stunning artwork. 

It’s a great deck which honours the classic tarot, but gives it its own unique twist. The 81 full color-cards all illustrate different stories, myths and fairytales. There are multiple representations of the ‘Lovers Card’ in this deck in order to reflect an extensive range of types of romances. 

Along with this deck comes a 160-page guidebook which explains the meaning and possible interpretations of each card in further details. 

This deck is great for anyone looking for a deck that will provide suitable readings for everyone involved. 

Edmund Dulac Tarot Deck – Release March 2020

The Edmund Dulac Tarot Deck is a truly enchanting deck that will never fail to mesmerize you any time you decide to use it for a reading. 

Each card tells a unique fairytale-like story and captivates you from the moment you lay eyes on it. The mysterious illustrations might seem a bit dark but leave great room for inspirational insights and will speak to your Higher Self without hesitation. 

The Muse Tarot – Release April 2020

The Muse Tarot Deck is an awesome deck with great positive energy surrounding it. The illustrations of the cards can best be described as modern and colorful and will leave you feeling inspired and motivated to reach your highest potential. 

The different suits in this deck have been adjusted to Emotions (Cups), Voices (Swords), Materials (Pentacles) and Inspiration (Wands). 

Along with this deck you will receive a detailed guidebook which provides useful information on the meaning and interpretation of each card, as well as some lovely poetry and word prompts to offer deeper insights and inspiration. The Muse Tarot Deck will without a doubt be able to help shine a light on your true life’s purpose and unique creative talents. 

Gilded Tarot Royale Deck – Release April 2020

The Gilded Tarot Royale Deck is an updated version of the already extremely popular first edition. The deck now comes with borderless cards, updated illustrations and more vivid colors which makes them more pleasant to read for a broader audience.

The deck is based on the universally known ‘Rider-Waite Tarot Deck’ which also makes it a truly accessible deck for beginners just starting out on their tarot journey. 

It’s a great deck for anyone looking for a magical deck that has already proven its success in the past and is now available in an even better upgraded version!

The Magical Nordic Tarot – Release September 2020

I am absolutely in LOVE with this Magical Nordic Tarot Deck. Even though I haven’t been able to physically observe these cards yet, the look of them just makes me want to build a time machine and fast-forward towards its release date in September as this deck is absolutely alluring. 

I have always been attracted towards anything that has to do with Nordic nature, symbols and myths, and this deck is able to provide that exact vibe. The cards are stunning and filled with symbolic illustrations which truly give the cards an extra dimension. 

From the Northern lights to the beautiful local animals like wolves and bears, this deck is full of powerful symbols to inspire you on your spiritual path. 

On top of that, this deck provides a detailed guidebook explaining the meaning and interpretations of each card, along with an inspirational message and some interesting Nordic myths. 

Tarot Of The Divine – Release September 2020

The Tarot Of The Divine is a gorgeous deck that illustrated fairy tales from all over the world. 

This is a perfect deck for travel addicts and anyone looking for a vibrant and inspiring tarot deck that has the ability to grow with you on your spiritual journey. The deck offers a worldwide insight on different types of myths and cultures across the globe. 

Along with this deck you will receive a 44-page guidebook that offers an in-depth explanation on the meanings and interpretations of the cards and a deeper understanding on how the fables and myths of this deck connect with the traditional tarot. 

Friends Tarot Cards – Release September 2020

This is a deck I personally really look forward to. Call it pathetic or genius, but I’ve watched Friends so many times that I could just turn my TV on mute and still know what they are saying word for word

I am absolutely thrilled to try this new fun Friends Tarot Deck which I’m sure will crack me up just as much as the original show. I mean, could there BE anything better than this?

The structure of this deck is based on the original Rider-Waite tarot deck. The cards are of high quality material and packaged in an unbendable box which will make sure you get to enjoy your deck for a very long time! 

How you doin’?!

Our Tarot – Release September 2020

Our Tarot is a deck that connects 78 important powerful women that helped shaped history with traditional tarot.

It’s a true feminist and diverse tarot deck that is unique in its kind and where each of the individual cards is truly a piece of art on its own. 

The deck is packaged in a luxurious keepsake box with magnetic closure. On top of that there is a helpful full-color guidebook included that offers insights on the historical meaning of each of the cards and in which way they can be interpreted within your current situation. 

Some of the women represented in this deck are Florence Nightingale, Frida Kahlo, Cleopatra, Anne Frank and Eleanor Roosevelt. 

The Witches’ Wisdom Tarot – Release October 2020

The Witches’ Wisdom Tarot is a deck that radiates mystical energy and explains the meaning of the true ‘witchy’ lifestyle. 

It’s a great deck for anyone interested in the connection between our spirit and nature and the powerful wisdom of Mother Earth. It’s a truly beautiful deck with interesting illustrations that have the ability to broaden your dimension and open yourself to new unknown worlds.

The Witches’ Wisdom Tarot Deck comes in a luxurious large box and the cards are wrapped in an eco-friendly hessian bag. Also, the deck provides a helpful guidebook to help you understand each of the cards in the best possible manner. 

A great deck for helping you find your true life’s purpose and establishing a higher sense of contact with nature.

True Heart Intuitive Tarot – Release October 2020

True Heart Intuitive Tarot is a deck with a modern and minimalist vibe to it. The aim of this deck is not to offer a clear literal definition of the cards, but truly encourages you to follow your intuition when it comes to interpreting the meaning of each card. 

As each person is different, there is not one set meaning for everyone when it comes to pulling a specific card. This deck helps you focus more on your own feelings and intuition, instead of just assuming the fixed meaning of a card is also what applies to you and your spiritual journey.

The guidebook that comes along with this deck will help you listen to your intuition as some helpful personal experiences and examples are provided by the creator of this deck, which in turn can assist you in finding your own personal truth through this deck. 

Intuitive Wisdom Color Your Deck – Release October 2020

The Intuitive Wisdom Color Your Deck is a great tarot deck for anyone looking to customize their own deck!

This deck truly sparks your inner creative and allows to create your own unique tarot cards that resonate with you on a personal level. 

As coloring is known to soothe your soul and reach a meditative state, this deck is the ultimate combination that offers the best of both worlds. 

Let your mind run free and help yourself reach out to your Higher Self through your own creation. The deck includes 78 traditional animal inspired tarot cards to color, alongside with an informative guidebook to help you understand the meaning of each card. 

Angel Wisdom Tarot – Release October 2020

The Angel Wisdom Tarot is a magical deck that offers helpful insights straight from the divine. 

The creators of this deck ensured to keep away from any fear-based images and vague words that might be difficult to understand and interpret. Therefore, this deck is absolutely perfect for anyone just starting out with tarot and looking for a positive and easily understandable deck. 

The Angel Wisdom Tarot is filled with beautiful illustrations and symbolism and each card is connected with the energy of a specific archangel which gives this deck a truly unique and extra dimension. 

Visionary Path Tarot – Release November 2020

The Visionary Path Tarot is a mind-blowing deck with a high-vibrational energy to it. The deck features fascinating black-and-white illustrations that spark all of your senses and will inspire you to view certain life events from different perspectives. 

The deck follows the structure of the traditional tarot and includes a booklet with descriptions of the artist’s personal psychedelic journey and the possible ways to interpret each card. 

On top of that this deck includes a variety of card spreads to use for experiencing the best results with this specific deck. 

The Visionary Path Tarot is a magical deck and perfect for anyone interested in the healing properties of plants, along with out-of-this-world portals and experiences. 

Elemental Power Tarot – Release November 2020

Elemental Power Tarot is a beautiful deck that is based on the five elements; fire, water, earth, air and spirit. 

The deck comes in a sturdy keepsake box along with an extensive 64-page illustrated guidebook to offer you useful insights on the meanings and interpretations of each card. 

The elemental card interpretations will be able to guide you on your path of self-discovery and offer a practical approach to reaching your highest potential by heightening your sense of awareness of this life and its possibilities. 

The Tarot Of Light And Shadow – Release November 2020

Last but certainly not least, we have the Tarot Of Light And Shadow to look forward to! This deck is absolutely unique in its kind as it offers two tarot decks that are specifically designed to be used together. 

This mesmerizing deck allows you to explore both the shadow and light sides of this world, in order to be able to maintain a rounded approach and point of view to specific events and questions.

The shadow side of the deck offers insights on your inner world, thoughts and feelings. The lighter side of the deck reflects on the outside world and events happening around you. With these two sides combined, you’ll find unique answers to questions that will help you find the best possible way to move forward from a certain point in your life. 

What Do You Do When You Get A New Tarot Deck

Whenever you get a new tarot deck, there are a few things you need to ensure doing before giving the cards a first go.

Before you decide to open your new deck of cards, think of what way you will be storing them. As some cards tend to be more sensitive, it is best advised to keep them stored up inside a nice velvet tarot bag. That way, you will be sure your cards will stay in the best condition and will be providing you with meaningful insights for years to come. 

Besides making sure your cards are physically protected, it’s also important to make sure your new tarot deck has been cleansed of any negative energies before use. 

Cleansing your tarot deck can be done in a few different ways. You can either choose to cleanse your deck with some sage or Palo Santo (Holy Wood), or you can use healing crystals to do the job for you.

If you don’t own any crystals, sage or Palo Santo, meditating with your deck can also be very effective when your goal is to clear your deck of any negative energies surrounding it and making sure the energy is neutral. When meditating with your deck, focus on sending positive thoughts and affirmations towards the cards. 

When you’ve made sure your new tarot deck is both physically and spiritually protected, you can dive into your first reading. Before starting out on your reading, a good way to get more familiar with the deck is by reading the guidebook that often comes along with the deck.

Guidebooks offer a great amount of information with specific regards towards the deck of your choice. You’ll be able to find out the specific meaning and interpretations of each card, as well as some useful spreads which you are free to use.

If you’re only just starting out with tarot and would like some beginners tips on how to learn tarot in an effective yet quick manner, I’ve wrote this other article which you might enjoy as well. Happy reading!

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