Can You Put Rose Quartz Under Your Pillow?

Who doesn’t love a good night’s sleep? I know I certainly do!

As I am obsessed with crystals and the unique benefits each of them brings, I wondered whether it would be a good idea to put my precious Rose Quartz crystal under my pillow while I’m asleep.

This is what I discovered. 

Putting Rose Quartz crystals under your pillow is a great way to be able to benefit from their unique properties. By keeping your Rose Quartz crystals close to you during your sleep, you can be sure to wake up feeling more protected, energized and inspired. 

can you put rose quartz under your pillow

Now that it’s clear Rose Quartz lends itself perfectly to put under your pillow, let’s take a closer look at what makes this stone so great to keep close while you’re dreaming. 

Sleeping With Rose Quartz Under Your Pillow 

Rose Quartz is known as the love stone, which makes it a perfect stone to keep close to you during sleeping for protection and peaceful energy.

It is the crystal to embody unconditional and true love which can help tremendously with developing a sense of self-love and acceptance.

Sleeping with a Rose Quartz crystal is also great for couples as it can help strengthen the relationship. 

When a Rose Quartz is chosen to keep close during the night, it’s important to make sure that all other crystals are out of the room.

In order for the Rose Quartz to be able to do its job, it’s absolutely necessary to remove other stones in order to prevent them from interfering with the energy of the Rose Quartz.

As Rose Quartz is a very sensitive stone, they easily take on surrounding energies which is exactly the opposite of the effect you’d want to achieve for a good night’s sleep. Before placing a Rose Quartz under your pillow, cleansing your crystal can be a great way to make sure it will give off its pure natural energy during the night.

When you decide to try out sleeping with a Rose Quartz crystal under your pillow, make sure to choose an appropriate size stone that won’t bother you during your sleep.

Needless to say for obvious reasons, it’s best to go for small (for example tumbled) rose quartz stones and not big chunky ones.

I personally use a flattened Rose Quartz piece that won’t interrupt me during my sleep

When you feel like the Rose Quartz stone is too forceful in energy when being placed under the pillow, you can choose to put it away a bit further on, for example, your bedside table or underneath your mattress or bed.

When you’re a highly sensitive person, the energy of a crystal can get a bit too much at times, but it’s up to you to personally find out and truly feel what energy feels right and beneficial to you.

Try to get in touch with your intuition to sense the right amount of energy you need.

Putting a Rose Quartz stone under your pillow (or close to you) while sleeping will help you wake up feeling more energized and loving in general.

You’ll very likely feel an increased sense of peacefulness and will be more aware of your environment in a positive manner. 

The Rose Quartz crystal doesn’t solely help attract love from people around you, but is also an exceptionally great stone for developing feelings of self confidence and self-worth.

This in turn will lay a great foundation for attracting love from others into your life.

Can Rose Quartz Help With Sleep? 

Rose Quartz can help you sleep better as it is a very soothing and relaxing crystal. By keeping a Rose Quartz close to your bed while sleeping, it can help improve your overall sleep quality as you’ll have a high probability of falling asleep faster and sleeping tighter. 

Rose Quartz is widely known for its ability to improve sleep and have soothing dreams.

When using a Rose Quartz crystal for better sleep and peaceful dreams, it is best advised to focus on what type of feelings you’d like the Rose Quartz to achieve before you actually go to sleep.

This will help your subconscious to vibrate this energy to cooperate with the Rose Quartz stone for achieving best effects. 

can rose quartz help with sleep?

The main properties of a Rose Quartz stone

Stimulates inner healing and self-love

Rose Quartz is known for its loving character and can help develop self-love and acceptance.

Dissolves negativity

Rose Quartz can help you focus more on the positives and think in a constructive manner. 

Calms the mind

Rose Quartz is great for calming down the mind and living more in the moment.

Encourages unconditional love 

A Rose Quartz can stimulate feelings of unconditional love. It helps remove judgement which will help you to feel more pure love towards others. 


Keeping a Rose Quartz stone close to you will give a feeling of comfort. It can provide a sense of support and strength. 

Helps keep the faith

As a Rose Quartz can help you focus on the positive side of things, it will increase your ability to keep the faith during challenging times.

Develops trust

Rose Quartz helps you have trust in yourself, the people around you and the Universe as a whole. As It can make you feel more connected to your intuition, you’ll be able to distinguish when to trust someone (or when it’s time to walk away).

All these individual characteristics and properties of Rose Quartz have the ability to promote calmness and help relax the mind, which inevitably will help improve sleep.

It’s a stone that certainly won’t hurt your sleeping experience due to its soft and soothing character, so it’s definitely a great stone to try out yourself. 

In Conclusion 

Rose Quartz is the perfect stone to keep under your pillow for a good night’s sleep.

Due to its unique properties and characteristics, sleeping with a Rose Quartz crystal can have a great effect with regards to feeling more rested, relaxed and inspired

When it comes to putting a Rose Quartz crystal under your pillow, it is best advised to use an appropriate sized stone like these heart shaped ones in order to prevent the stone from bothering you during your sleep.

A small (tumbled) Rose Quartz stone would be best in this case.

If you are a highly sensitive and/or empathic person, the energies of the Rose Quartz may get a bit too overwhelming.

If that’s the case for you, it may be best to start out by sleeping with a Rose Quartz crystal on your bedside table or under your mattress in order to properly dose the energy of the crystal. 

If you are interested in finding out what other (healing) crystals are great for keeping in the bedroom, you may want to check out this other article I wrote as well!

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