Best Healing Crystals For Your Bedroom (And Their Unique Benefits!)

As the bedroom is known to be the most intimate space of your home, it only makes sense that this part of the house should always radiate peaceful, safe and calming energy.

A good night sleep forms the essential foundation for a balanced self-care routine.

Crystals are a great example of something that’s able to serve as a great tool to help you create peace of mind and wind down in your bedroom after a long intense day.

I personally absolutely adore crystals and I like to keep them at close reach within any area of my home.

I tend to have specific type of crystals for each room, as they all have their own unique properties and benefits.

In this article we’ll take a closer look at what specific crystals are best for keeping in your bedroom.

Also further down this post we will dive a bit deeper in to where to exactly place crystals within your bedroom for receiving the absolute best benefits from them, and we’ll take a look at whether it’s a good idea to put crystals straightly under your pillow.

Best Healing Crystals For Your Bedroom


If I had to make a choice, the Amethyst would definitely be my personal favourite crystal. Luckily for me it turns out they are specifically great to put in the bedroom as well.

An Amethyst crystal is perfect for releasing stress and returning to a balanced state. Also, this stone has the ability to get more in touch with your intuition and enhances your spiritual awareness.

It’s a truly calming crystal that will inspire and motivate you to live your true life’s purpose.

On top of that, the looks of the Amethyst are absolutely amazing. I just love the shimmering purple color of this stone as it makes for a perfect mood setting stone for your bedroom.

Rose Quartz

The Rose Quartz is known to be the stone of the heart.

This beautiful pink colored stone offers peace and healing and will help you work through any emotional issues you might encounter.

It helps deal with fears and worries and is very effective when it comes to attracting more love and friendship in to your life. It is a true connection stone and will help sooth your mood whenever needed.

Black Tourmaline

The Black Tourmaline stone is great to keep in the bedroom as it has the ability to block any negative energy lingering around.

It will help you to let go of all negative emotions and energies you encountered during the day and get you to come in to a more lighter state of being. It’s a purifying stone that can offer you a greater sense of self-confidence and protection.


The pretty white Selenite stone is absolutely perfect to put in your bedroom.

It is widely being used for meditation and yoga practices as its prime ability is to calm down the senses. It comes in many shapes and sizes.

I really love the selenite stone in the form of a lamp, as the light this lamp radiates gives the space around it that extra soothing touch and is a true attention grabber in the bedroom due to its dreamy magical looks.  


The Labradorite stone is known as the perfect stone for transformation and balance, two truly essential basics for a good night sleep.

The Labradorite protects your aura and will strengthen your intuition.

This stone will make sure to charge your internal battery at night and will make you wake up feeling energized and ready to take on a new day with great pleasure.


As its name suggests, the Moonstone is the ultimate calming stone to keep close to you during the night.

With its relaxing abilities it provides tranquility and can be used as a tool to spark your inspiration which in turn will enlarge your chances of attracting success, love and abundance within your life.

Where Should Crystals Be Placed In The Bedroom?

When it comes to keeping crystals in your bedroom, there are several places where your crystals can best be placed in order for you to take ultimate advantage of their benefits. When you feel like you could really use some extra energy and protection, the stones are best to be placed close to you.

A great way to keep your crystals close is by putting them under your mattress or pillow.

When you are a highly sensitive person like me though, you might want to consider putting the stones at a bit more distance as the energy might become too strong.

A good place would then be to place your stone(s) next to your bed (on a bedside table for example) or window.

Can You Put Crystals Under Your Pillow?

You can put crystals under your pillow. It is best advised to use small or medium sized tumbled crystals, as you don’t want your crystals to become the number one source of your sleepless nights due to some beautiful, but large, amethyst cluster stinging the back of your head.

As mentioned above, putting crystals under your pillow can be a very powerful way to help you relax and get a good night sleep, especially during hectic times when you feel like you could really use a bit of positive energy.

I personally like to put the following crystals under my pillow as I have experienced a true sense of calm and peaceful dreams when keeping them close to me:

Finding the right crystals for you is a really personal experience where the number one thing to remember is to choose each stone with your intuition.

When you concentrate and focus long enough, you will surely notice you feel a certain invisible ‘pull’ towards the stone(s) meant for you.

My Favorite Crystal Home Decoration For The Bedroom

Although healing crystals already look spectacular enough in their original form, there are some crystal home accessoires I personally love to decorate my bedroom with (or would love to add to my crystal collection someday in the (near) future).

Here is some inspiration for any of you who can appreciate some calming crystal home decoration as well!

Selenite Lamp

As mentioned earlier in this article, the Selenite Lamp is among some of my favorite crystal home decorations. With its pretty white glow it creates a dreamy ambiance which, in my opinion, is absolutely perfect for the bedroom.

Agate Bookends

When you love to calm your mind by reading a good book before going to sleep, what’s better than some pretty Agate Bookends to add an awesome personal touch to your book collection and your bedroom in general?

As the Agate is quite heavy, you can be sure your books will be guarded safely without a chance of a lingering book dropping on your head while you were just approaching your precious REM sleep..

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Although some might not consider this as a true crystal type of home decoration, I just cannot skip the Himalayan Salt Lamp.

I’ve owned one myself for quite a while now and honestly not a day goes by where I didn’t appreciate its charming looks.

Besides its aesthetic looks, it is said to, among other things, be able to enhance your mood. Who can say no to that? Well not me obviously!

Large Amethyst Geode

Who needs sweet dreams when you have a large amethyst geode hanging around?

These gifts of nature are so pretty that I’m actually not quite sure whether they will contribute to enhancing your sleep quality, their enchanting effect would just make me want to keep looking at them until sunrise (okay.. maybe that’s just me).

They come in many shapes and sizes, and I would absolutely love to own one of them some day.

Natural Agate Crystal Stone Clock

Imagine waking up, checking the time and then being mesmerized by this natural beauty!

Who needs a partner to wake up next to when you can look at this natural agate crystal stone clock?!

The only possible downside of this clock would be being late for work or school as you just lost track of time while observing this true beauty… Ah well, see it as a refreshing excuse instead of blaming the weather or traffic yet again!

Crystal Marble Art Painting

Marble art style paintings absolutely blew me away when I first laid eyes on them. How these artists are able to capture the beauty of crystals in a painting is truly a talent.

The paintings come in many shapes and sizes and are, in my opinion, a very nice decorative eye-catching piece of art for any crystal lover’s bedroom.

Agate Side Table

Last but certainly not least, this Agate side table is a true gem and would be great to put next to your bed, or anywhere in your bedroom for that matter.

You could decorate it with some nice crystals to really complete the total picture!

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