The Magician Tarot Card Meaning: Upright, Reversed, Love, Career, Zodiac

Out of all the 78 tarot cards, The Magician is the card I can personally relate to the most. Every time I pull this card I get a wave of positive energy flowing through me as I know it is a sure fire sign telling me I am on the right path.

To me, this card truly represents the power of manifestation and has more than once been of great value for me regarding gaining some meaningful life changing insights.

What is the meaning of The Magician Tarot Card? The Magician in tarot stands for self-awareness, intelligence and taking action. The Magician has the ability to endlessly persevere until difficult challenges are conquered.

There are many ways in which The Magician card can come through in your readings, so in this article we’ll go more in-depth into the deeper meaning of this card and different meanings and interpretations depending on the type of theme or questions of your reading.

What does the Magician represent?

The Magician is the first tarot card of the Major Arcana. It is a true power card that mainly represents willpower, logic and intellect, creativity and concentration. With the Magician card on your side, rounding off lingering tasks will become a piece of cake. With it’s true perseverance it will make sure to get you to go straight towards your goals without any distractions.

The Magician gives access to great intuition and balance between mind and spirit. It is the image of manifestation.

The law of manifestation concentrates on the principle of that whatever you think, feel or talk about will eventually present itself in the here and now. You just have to truly believe your thoughts and feelings in order for them to be able to manifest within your life.

The infographic below displays the main keywords of the Magician card:

keywords magician tarot card meaning

When it comes to the Magician, it shows that really nothing you want to achieve is impossible. Any problem or wish that might cross it’s path will most likely be solved with great ease. The Magician wants to be remembered by standing out of the crowd. He truly owns his individuality and will inspire you to do the same. The Magician truly wants to leave its mark on the world in a positive way.


The Magician card displays the image of a man, the Magician, with his right hand up towards the sky and his left hand pointing down towards the earth (as above, so below). This position symbolizes the connection between the earth and the divine and all the magical elements in between. The upward arm stands for spiritual connection with the Higher Self, and the downward arm symbolizes the ability to manifest the divine connections towards the earth.

Below you’ll find a picture I took of the Magician card out of my Rider-Waite tarot deck. This tarot deck is one of my personal favourite decks to use for readings as it always provides me with great insights and is an easy to understand, great affordable deck I personally recommend to tarot beginners all the time!

the magician tarot card from the Rider-Waite tarot deck

The Magician wears a red and white robe where the red colour stands for energy and passion and the white stand for spirituality and peace. The infinity symbol above his head stands for infinite unlimited capacity for creation.

On the table in front of the magician, all the different suits (cup, wand, pentacle and sword) of tarot are laid out. This symbolizes the power of the magician to bring all elements (fire, water, air and earth) together as a whole. With the Magician card on your side, the power of manifestation will come through in different areas of your life.

When you take a close look you will also find the Magician card has a lot of flowers illustrated on them. The flowers represent abundance, happiness and success. The roses specifically stand for passion, romance and emotions.

On the top of the card you will see the number ‘1’. This number stands for new beginnings, action and ambition. Those who connect with number one have the power within them to reach their full potential as they have the ability to push through when the going gets tough. They have an unstoppable focus who are made for great success.

What Is The Meaning Of The Magician Tarot Card In Upright Position?

Pulling the Magician card in the upright positions during a tarot reading is a very positive sign. The Magician in the upright position radiates the message that you have everything that’s needed to reach your biggest wishes and goals already inside of you. The Magician card wants you to know that you need to have trust in yourself and truly believe you have the power within you to accomplish your wildest dreams and desires.

Search for the characteristics that best describe this card within yourself and apply it within in your own life. Soon you will find things starting to change for you in a positive way. With the Magician card you will be well on your way to success.

What Is The Meaning Of The Magician Tarot Card In Reversed or Upside Down Position?

When you pull the Magician card in reverse, it can best be taken as a warning sign for you to not let any self-doubts pull you down. As the Magician stands for self-confidence and possibilities, it wants you to know that you can do anything you set your mind to. Try to not get lost in negative self-talk or listening too much to the opinions of those around you, but really go within yourself and listen to your intuition. Your intuition will know what is best for you and guide you towards the right path.

The Magician in the upright position may also function as a warning sign to watch out for the people around you in your inner circle. Sometimes who you thought are your best friends actually turn out to be your worst enemies. Be careful of your energy and when something feels off with someone, hold back and observe the situation carefully from a distance. Then choose your next move wisely.

What Is The Love Meaning Of The Magician Card?

Pulling the Magician card during a love reading is a really good sign. Getting the Magician in the upright position during a love related question or reading can be taken as a sign to let you know that you are on the right path regarding your relationship or love interest.

When you’re in a relationship, the Magician stands for the ability to reach even closer and more meaningful connections and deepen your bond. When you aren’t in a relationship at the moment of pulling the card, the Magician can be interpreted as a sign that there’s already someone special in your life with good intentions or a sign that soon you’ll meet someone that will fit you perfectly as a whole. Just remember to stay true to yourself, so you will eventually undoubtedly manifest the person right for you.

When it comes to pulling the Magician in the reversed or upside down position during a love reading, it can possibly mean that your relationships asks for a deeper sense of connection. It’s time to take the lead and put things into practice. The card in reversed position asks you to take action and fight for your relationship, as it truly has the ability to serve you well. The card also stands for the importance for truth and honesty within your relationship, and asks you to not feel tempted to let out small or bigger details, as the truth will always find its way.

If you are single, the Magician in reversed can be taken as a sign to not feel any form of desperation as you are on the right path to meet the right person for you. It is asking you to trust the universe and stay positive in order to attract the love interest meant for you. Spread the love in all areas of your life and you will be rewarded. Don’t lose yourself in any negativity as it will bring you nowhere closer to your ultimate goals.

What Is The Meaning Of The Magician Card In Career?

Pulling the Magician card during a reading on your career or money, it is providing you with a sign of confidence to take the initiative. The card will show you your possibilities to influence certain situations which could be beneficial to you. This might manifest itself in to financial success or it can help you settle any difficult situations within your job.

As the Magician represents new possibilities, pulling this card is a sure fire sign that opportunities will arise and will help to bring you further on your career path.

Trust your intuition and don’t feel any self-doubt as you really have the power within you to overcome any challenges you might have when it comes to your career or your finances.

When you are thinking about starting your own business, pulling the Magician throughout your readings can also be taken as a sign to actually take the leap and trust your gut. Don’t doubt your plans, you are a creative soul who is smart enough to know how to take your ideas in to action successfully.

When you pull the Magician card in reversed or upside down, it might be taken as a sign that you do have what it takes, but are not using your full potential. It is trying to show you to don’t lose any one-time opportunities because of fears, and wants you to open your eyes to your full potential. Learn to truly love, trust and have confidence in yourself as this will ultimately be the only way to lead yourself to a life of wealth and success.

Is The Magician A Good Tarot Card?

In general, the Magician card is a good tarot card to pull during a reading. It is a sign that you truly have what it takes to live your wildest dreams, as long as you are willing to really put in the work. I myself always feel a sense of power and relief when I pull this card, as I take it as a true sign that I am on the right path.

It can be a quite confrontational card as well when presenting itself in the reversed or upside down position, as it shows you exactly where you are still lacking in order to be successful, however in my opinion this is really a blessing in disguise.

When you know what parts of yourself you have to work on in order to be successful in any area of your life, it hands you the power to either fail or succeed. The Magician tarot card can serve as a great motivator to take the wheel and don’t let go until you reach your ultimate destination. When you take charge and confidently choose to do everything in your power to reach your biggest goals and dreams, the Magician can give you the faith you need to push through, as you know it will work out perfectly for you in the end. You are meant to do great things!                                                         

What Zodiac Sign Represents the Magician Card?

When it comes to the Magician card and matching zodiac signs, the Magician is directly represented by the planet Mercury. Mercury is known to be the planet of zodiac signs Gemini and Virgo.

Both Gemini And Virgo share the ability to quickly learn new things and share their knowledge in an easily understandable way. As the Magician card is mainly known for it’s intelligent and manifestation qualities, it makes perfect sense that these zodiac signs represent them. When you pull the Magician card with Virgo or Gemini as your zodiac sign, you can be sure you have the power within you to take all your goals to great heights.

Example Interpretations Of The Magician Card

In order for you to interpret the Magician card with a bit more ease, I’ve prepared some example questions for you and the possible interpretation when it comes to pulling the Magician.

What natural talents should I practice in order to reach my highest potential?

As the Magician card speaks heavily for creativity, chances are you are someone with mainly creative talents. Pulling this card is a sign that shows you to not feel insecure but really believe in your creations. Of course there are many different ways to be creative, listen to your intuition and you will know what kind of creative purpose would fit you best.

What can I do to make my relationship even stronger?

The Magician card in a love reading or a love related question wants you to feel confident about yourself and your relationship. Feeling insecurities is human, but you really have to trust the fact that your relationship is already in the right place and you shouldn’t feel the need to worry. Confidence is a very attractive trait that will help both you and your relationship blossom more beautifully and stronger.

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