What Crystals Are White? A compact overview and their properties!

Besides coming in all kind of different shapes in sizes, crystals also come in a wide range of colors.

I am absolutely in love with all types of crystals out there and while looking at my collection of stones I figured it might be nice to provide you with an overview of crystals that are white colored.

The most well known white crystal stones are the moonstone, selenite, clear calcite and clear quartz. Each of these stones have similar unique properties with regards to radiating a sense of calming energy.

While the crystals mentioned above might be the most commonly known white crystal stones, there are of course a lot of other beauties out there worth mentioning as well!

Below you will find an overview of white crystals and I’ll also dive a bit deeper in to the meaning of each crystal.

Which Crystals Are White? And What Are Their Properties?


The moonstone is known for its ability to enlarge your intuition and practice patience. It is a great stone to help strengthen your emotional stability and provide overall calmness.

On top of that the moonstone is an outstanding stone for reaching success within your business life and coming up with inspiration.

Clear Calcite

Clear Calcite helps to calm down the mind and stimulate your ability to gather knowledge much more quickly. Furthermore this stone is also good for gaining a sense of inner peace and will cleanse any negative energy it comes across.


Selenite is a truly pure stone with clearing energies as its number one most important property. With this stone around you can be sure your aura is protected from any negative vibes. It’s a great stone to keep near during for example a tarot reading.

White Opal

The White Opal is another truly breathtaking crystal that is all about energizing and providing positive energy throughout.

Clear Quartz

The Clear Quartz is a true powerhouse when it comes to crystals. It can be seen as the kameleon of crystals, as it it has a great ability to adjust itself to any protective needs you might have at a specific moment. Whether you’d like to protect yourself from negative vibes or you’d like to maintain a clear mind to see the possibilities available around you, the Clear Quartz is the stone for you!


The Scolecite crystal is known for its exceptional communication enhancing abilities. This stone will make you get in true contact with your Higher Self and help you express your most inner feelings and emotions. This in turn will eventually lead to helping you become the absolute best and happiest version of yourself.

White Spirit Quartz

The White Spirit Quartz is an absolutely stunning crystal that is often also referred to as ‘Fairy Spirit Quartz’. It’s such a magical looking stone, you can’t help but feel inspired when looking at it. It’s a great stone for maintaining your energy or help you uplift it when needed.


Magnesite is an essential stone for your self-care routine. It promotes self-love and will help you feel more independent. It is also a great stone for relaxation and meditation as it has the ability to truly calm down the mind and body.


Howlite is a crystal that will facilitate you to live your ultimate best and true life. It helps let go of insecurities and fear of judgement. As this stone will help you calm your mind, it is a great stone to keep in the bedroom as well, as it will surely help you have a good night’s rest.

White Aragonite

The White Aragonite crystal is all about love, peace and forgiveness. It helps you let go of any negative feelings that are lingering in the back of your mind and help you accept any situations that might have bothered you in the past. This stone will truly help you feel more carefree and will help you spread the love all around.

White Agate

White agate is known for its amazing healing properties when it comes to relieving feelings of pressure and stress. This stone truly radiates a sense of balance which in turn will lead you to the road you were meant to ultimately travel.

What Is A White Crystal Good For?

As mentioned above, each individual type of white crystals have a lot of unique abilities that you can benefit from.

When looking at all white crystals in general, their most outstanding shared abilities focus on providing a great sense of calm, peace and serenity. White crystals therefore are specifically great to use during meditations, yoga practices or tarot readings.

Are White Crystal Rocks Rare?

Although some white crystals are mesmerizing to look at, in general, white crystals are not particularly more rare than any other type of colored crystals.

Of course, each specific crystal has its own unique properties such as for example their size and composition, which might result in one stone being a bit more rare than the other.

In general however, crystals are not considered rare.

What Does It Mean To Dream Of A White Crystal?

When you dream of a white crystal, this can be takes as a sign that you’re on the road of manifesting your greatest dreams and desires.

When you dream of a white crystal, it is very likely you have been putting in great effort to work on yourself and your dreams are letting you know it will definitively show off in the near future. Keep on doing what you’re doing and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You are on to great things!

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