Best Large Natural Amethyst Crystal Clusters And Geodes For Your Home

Beautiful large amethyst crystals lend themselves perfectly to give a home that serene natural vibe most of us are looking to create.

Personally I truly love using large amethyst crystals for home decoration as they can really add to the overall natural feel & vibe of the room. On top of that, amethysts also have the unique ability to clear and neutralize the energy in any room they’re being placed. This makes amethystst the perfect piece of decoration for anyone looking to make their home a calming haven.

In this article I will share with you some of my favourite large natural amethyst pieces which I’m sure will be able to provide you with some great inspiration for your own home as well!

Best Large Natural Amethyst Crystal Clusters And Geodes For Your Home

Amethyst Crystal Geode Stone, Brazil (19 x 9 x 7 inches)

This truly mesmerizing amethyst geode will leave a stunning impression on anyone who visits your home. Its nice vivid purple colors will surely enchant anyone that crosses its path and give your home those nice calming vibes you are looking for.

Geode Stone, Brazil (17,5 x 9,5 x 9,5 inches)

This geode stone is another beauty you will absolutely fall in love with. It is a nice outstanding piece with contrasting colors that will leave you amazed every time you look at it.

Amethyst Cathedral, Brazil (26.5 x 11.5 x 8 inches)

I just love amethyst cathedrals. This large precious piece is of high quality amethyst and will be a great centrepiece stone for your living room. Also the hallway can be a great place to keep this amethyst cathedral as it will welcome any guest with positive vibrations!

Amethyst Cathedral Geode, Brazil(13 x 9 x 6 inches)

This amethyst cathedral is a bit smaller than the ones I’ve previously recommended, but its size definitely doesn’t make this stone any less attractive! It comes from one of the top amethyst countries, Brazil, and you’ll can be sure to receive great value for money with this one.

Cosmic Pink Amethyst Cathedral, Brazil (7,5 x 8 x 3,8 inches)

This Cosmic Pink Amethyst Cathedral is one truly unique piece. Where amethysts are generally known for their solely purple color, this one has a more pinkish glow to it. Perfect stone for anyone looking for something one of a kind.

Amethyst Cathedral (15 x 7 x 9,5 inches)

This amethyst cathedral geode has the most beautiful dark colored purple features which will look great on a side table or shelve. It’s a truly high quality piece which you’ll love for years to come.

Amethyst Moon Cluster

This amethyst moon cluster is a lovely piece for anyone who loves both crystals and the power of the moon. It’s a stunning piece that will lend itself perfectly for some awesome bedroom decoration.

Large Brazilian Amethyst Crystal Quartz Cathedral (36 x 10 x 8 inches)

This large Brazilian amethyst crystal quartz cathedral certainly isn’t for everyone! This unbelievably large amethyst definitely has a mind-blowing price tag, but to be fair, this beauty of a stone is totally worth it. For anyone who hasn’t been lucky to have won the lottery lately, a little window-shopping won’t hurt anyone.. (and we always got to have something to wish for and work towards right?!)

Large Amethyst Crystal Egyptian Cut Rainbow Pillar (9,5 x 4,5 inches)

This large Egyptian cut amethyst rainbow pillar will just bring absolutely pure joy to your home. When placed in a nice sunny spot, you will be able to see colorful rainbow prisms throughout this beautiful piece.

Amethyst Geode Cave, Uruguay (7 x 5 inches)

This high quality amethyst geode cave from Uruguay (one of the best countries for providing high quality amethysts!), has a mysterious vibe to it and just radiates positive energy. The crystals are large and clear with a beautiful purple color.

Large Amethyst Cathedral Altar, Brazil (17 x 11,5 x 8,5 inches)

This large amethyst cathedral altar is another stunning piece from Brazil. It has absolute top quality features and radiates healing vibes.

Where Should An Amethyst Be Placed In The Home?

As amethysts are known for their ability to clear any space they are placed in of negative energy, this stone can be perfectly placed in any given part of your home. There are really no exceptions as to where you place an amethyst (although if you want to keep your amethyst on your good side, I would avoid placing them anywhere near your toilet..).

I personally love to have multiple amethysts in my home, as I know they can provide me with positive energy within any area of my life. Whether it’s my bedroom in order to have a good night’s sleep or my home office for helping me manifest my ultimate potential, amethysts really never fail to amaze me.

I also love to place amethysts in my hallway so it will be the first thing to notice when I, or one of my loved ones, enter my home. I believe placing an amethyst at the entry of your home is great for assuring positive vibes will be radiated throughout the home and give off that nice cozy vibe and feeling you’re aiming for.

A great type of amethyst I like to put in my living room is an amethyst cluster. As an amethyst cluster has many crystal points pointing at different parts of the room, its energy also will be multiplied optimally when placed in the centre of the room. A coffee table for example would be a great place to display an amethyst cluster.

What Does An Amethyst Protect You From?

An amethyst stone its greatest ability is to provide protection against negative energies and emotions. By being surrounded with the energy and mesmerizing looks of an amethyst, this crystal can help you clear the mind and provide some emotional relief.

It is a great stone for attracting positive energy in your life and help you gain motivation and drive for any task you might have lingering around.

I personally have found the calming nature of this stone can help stimulate creativity and provide me with a great sense of focus. Also it can help to heighten your spiritual senses and get you more in touch with your Higher Self. A truly perfect stone for anyone looking for more inner piece and balance within their lives!

As beautiful as the amethyst crystal is and the awesome benefits it can provide, there are a lot of other amazing crystals as well that each have their own unique abilities to provide and enrich your life.

If you are interested, in this other article I wrote, you can check out what are the best healing crystals for your bedroom and their specific benefits!

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