What Is The Best Time Of Day To Do A Tarot Reading?

When you’re just starting out practicing tarot, you’ll probably notice a lot of questions coming to mind. Besides learning and remembering all the meanings and interpretations of each card, you might find yourself wondering as well what is the best time of the day to do a tarot reading.

The best time of the day to do a tarot reading is whenever you feel a true sense of calm, your energy levels are high and you are well rested. Based on this knowledge, the morning seems to generally be the best time of day to perform a tarot reading.

By reading your tarot cards when you’ve just woken up, you’re most likely to feel awake, fully energized and still have a fresh and neutral outlook on life. Whereas when you decide to do your reading during the evening, you will most probably notice feeling more tired and your mind being more cluttered with lingering thoughts which have built up throughout the day.  

Of course, when your overall energy seems to be at its highest peak at a different time of the day, any other time of day will do just fine as well. It’s all about the moment when you feel like you’re most emotionally available and in close contact with your intuition. Being in this state of mind will automatically guide you to the specific moment in time perfectly right for you.  

Should You Wait Doing A Tarot Reading Until You Have A Specific Question?

A lot of people think it is necessary to have your list of questions ready when you’re planning on doing a tarot reading. I’m here to tell you that, while it is a great way to prepare for a reading, it’s certainly not mandatory for a good reading.

While a list of specific tarot questions can come in very handy during a reading, it is not an absolute requirement for a good and helpful reading. As tarot truly relies on your intuition and spiritual connection with the cards, as long as the energy is there, you will inevitably receive the insights that are meant for you.  

When you choose to do a tarot reading without having any specific questions in mind, it is best advised to truly observe the cards you are pulling and try to interpret them while applying them towards your current life situation.

Are There Any Benefits Doing Tarot Readings During Moon Phases?

Moon phases are known to their ability to influence your emotions, so it’s only logical to sometimes wonder whether there are any benefits to doing tarot readings during specific moon phases, as tarot is known to be such a spiritual practice.

As the human body consists of about 75 percent water, it is undeniable that the moon has direct influence on us. Just like the moon and sun play a significant role in creating the ocean’s tides, the same goes for its undeniable effect on humans.

The full moon phase for example, is known to enlarges people’s capacity to emphasize with one another, and feel a greater sense of inspiration and wisdom. Therefore, doing a tarot reading when it’s full moon can potentially have a significant positive influence on your reading.

During full moon you’ll probably feel a greater sense of intuitive abilities flowing through you, so this would be a great moment to ask specific questions concerning your personal development and your connection towards your Higher Self.

A new moon is known as a time of new beginnings, so this would be a great time to ask your tarot cards questions related to anything possibly entering your life in the near or far future. These might be questions about love, but can also be a question about your financial or professional situation.

Personally, I don’t wait for a specific moon phase to come around. Of course, it’s a nice side effect when the timing does seem to be right by chance, but if I would solely rely on moon phases, I’d probably be waiting till the end of eternity before I finally get to perform a reading (and by that time there most certainly won’t be enough moon energy in the entire universe for my load of questions that I’ve surely got bottled up by then..)

What Is The Best Day To Read Tarot Cards?

Besides knowing what is the best time to do a tarot reading, you might want to know as well what is the best day to practice tarot. This answer is actually quite similar; the best day to do a tarot reading is the day of the week where you feel like you are most relaxed and at peace.

For one person this might be during the weekends, but for somebody who has a job to do during the weekend and has a few days off during the week, maybe a Tuesday or Wednesday would suit them better. It’s all about your energies being in the right place.

Whether it is a Saturday or a Monday, as long as you feel calm, well rested and energized, any day of the week can potentially be the best day for you to do a tarot reading.

When Should You Avoid Doing A Tarot Reading?

Even though there are no specific strict ‘rules’ when it comes to which exact time or day you should read your tarot cards, there are a few important aspect to keep in mind in order to receive a helpful and safe reading.

As tarot is known to be a very powerful and influential tool for personal development, it is best to use it wisely. A very important element is to know when you should best try and avoid doing a tarot reading. Here’s my list of examples of when you would be better of to not perform a tarot reading:

  • Tired: whenever you feel tired you should try to avoid reading your tarot cards at all cost. In order to get the best results and insights out of your reading, it is very important that you’re able to connect with your higher self feeling energized and awake. When you feel like you can’t keep your eyes open, it’s probably better to allow yourself a good rest and give your tarot cards another try first thing in the morning.
  • Emotional: Another time when you should avoid doing a tarot reading is when you’re feeling (over)emotional. Tarot is all about helping you reach your highest potential. When you feel over-emotional, it is easy to block the messages of your cards or even worse; twist the outcome of your reading in a negative way.
  • Distractions: Whenever you decide to do a tarot reading, make sure you find yourself in a calm and quiet place. Don’t do a tarot reading whenever you are surrounded by a lot of people or noises coming from outside, as this will most probably largely effect the results of your reading in a non-helpful manner.
  • Feeling Sick: When you feel sick, your energy levels automatically won’t be at their highest as your body is (luckily!) primarily concentrating on healing your body. Therefore it is best advised to wait with doing a tarot reading until you’ve recovered enough to feel your energy levels have risen again to its original state. When your energy levels are high, you are most likely to receive the best type of readings.
  • Wishful Thinking: It might be quite tempting to do a tarot reading whenever you have an urgent question coming to mind about let’s say that one person you just can’t seem to get over. You’ll probably find yourself doing some sort of wishful thinking on a specific subject as you would like your reading to have a specific (positive) outcome. Unfortunately, this is not how tarot works. It is best to make sure you have a neutral mindset and are open to receiving any kind of answer the tarot cards might bring to you, whether it’s positive or negative. You must trust the fact that it is all for a greater good eventually, even though some messages might be a hard pill to swallow at times.
  • Feeling Dependent: Just like you can feel dependent on another person or something like certain food or cigarettes, you can as well start to feel dependent on your precious tarot cards. Let me be very clear; this is not a healthy thing to do! Whenever you notice yourself extremely craving a reading or else you’ll feel like you can’t be happy or calm, then step away from the cards for a while. Tarot should only be used as a positive tool for self-exploration and insights. It should’t play the role of your personal DIY therapist.  
  • You’ve Just Had One: even though tarot reading can be a lot of fun, it is important to keep a little bit of distance after you’ve done a reading. For the full effects of tarot to truly come to fruition, it is best advised to wait with doing a new reading until you truly feel like you have some new questions or are in a different state of mind than you were when you’ve last had your reading. Good things come to those who wait!

When you want to learn a bit more about tarot, I’ve written another article that might interest you as well, it’s about the 13 sure fire ways to learn the basics of tarot quickly. It will surely provide you with some helpful tips to take with you and guide you throughout your tarot journey! Happy reading!

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