17 Funny And Personalized Candle Gifts For Your Best Friends

Finding the perfect gift for your best friends isn’t always exactly the easiest thing to do. Since they are your best friend, it is understandable that you’re looking for something original this time (nope, sorry, that shower gift set you were aiming for once again just doesn’t cut it this time).

A nice candle however really never fails to make someone happy. I mean what is not to like? It gives warmth, a cozy feel and even a nice smelling home! Even more so, by finding someone a unique gift like a customized candle, your friend will surely be pleasantly surprised that you actually took the time to really think and find something special and personalized. You can be sure this gesture will leave them feeling truly appreciated and value your friendship to the max.

Below I have personally selected some of my favourite hilariously funny and personalized scented candles for your friend (or for yourself of course, I’d totally understand the insuppressible urge to throw some in your own basket!)

17 Funny And Personalized Candle Gifts For Your Best Friends

It’s Only Frickin’ Tuesday – Whiskey River Candle

This ‘It’s Only Frickin’ Tuesday‘ candle is the ultimate gift for that one friend or coworker who’s already complaining they’ve had a long week.. in the middle of monday..

This candle will surely put a smile on their face and with the lovely calming scents it gives off, it will be Friday before they’ll be able to blink their eyes! You really can’t go wrong with this one.

Weekend Forecast Candle – Low Standards and Poor Decisions

This ‘Weekend Forecast Candle‘ is the ideal funny gift for anyone who can appreciate a little bit of dark humour. When the end of the exhausting week is nearing, what’s better than the promise of low standards and poor decisions? The scent of this candle will definitely take your friend away to a place that won’t remind of any type of office environment in any single way, as it holds a scent of fresh lime and delicious tropical coconuts.

This 100% soy wax candle makes an amazing gift for your best friend, but will also be appreciated by your sister, brother, coworker, or maybe even yourself!

Girlfriends Are Just Therapists You Can Drink With

I can’t even count on my two hands the times I told my friend, that she could easily replace my therapist.

Let’s be real, who needs a therapist when you have a best friend to laugh and cry with and pull you through some of your most challenging life events? Anything in this life can be faced with a little help from our friends, as they know you inside out.

This funny ‘Girlfriends Are Just Therapists You Can Drink With‘ candle makes the perfect gift for any friend who helps you out when you’re in need. This important person in your life will certainly appreciate your thoughtfulness!

The candle is made with 100% soy wax and its great quality will make sure you and your friend will be enjoying this candle over a lot of good private therapy sessions (along with some strong mojito’s, of course).

Smell My Nuts Scented Candle

No other candle comes as suggestive as the ‘Smell My Nuts Candle’. This candle will truly makes you want to smell its nuts though as the scent of banana nut bread, toasted coconut and hazelnut will surely lure you in!

With its lovely smells, it will leave you tempted to run in to the kitchen and bake that cake you were craving for since last month (or just run towards the nearest supermarket if you’re a bit lazy like me!)

It’s a great quality 13 oz candle with an expected burning time of an impressive 100 hours.

Homesick – Hawaii Scented Candle

Homesick’ candles are the perfect gift for a friend or family member who moved out of town and can appreciate taking a physical piece of their beloved home town with them. Or maybe even for a friend who just can’t stop talking about that one holiday destination she can’t wait to return to again.

The brand ‘Homesick’ has a large range of different named candles to choose from, so chances are you will find something suitable here. Each candle has its own unique scent that will take your special someone back to the energy of the specific city or town.

Boss Lady Scented Candle

We all have that one ambitious friend who is truly kicking ass and who we want to ensure we are proud of them.

This ‘Boss Lady Scented Candle‘ will surely do the trick. Let your inspiring friend know they’re setting a great example by gifting them with this thoughtful candle. What makes this candle even more awesome is that it comes with a scent of creamy lattes.. I mean.. do you need any more convincing?

Custom Message Candle

When you really want to have something truly unique, then this is the perfect handmade candle you’re looking for. Each candle is easy to personalize to your own specific wishes and needs.

You will for sure know you’ll be gifting someone a truly outstanding candle. Besides having the freedom to choose your own message to put on the candle, you can also choose between a large assortiment of fragrances and even choose your own font style.

Malicious Women Zodiac Candle

We all have that friend who totally lives by their zodiac sign. As soon as they’ve read their weekly predictions you will probably be the first one to be brought up to date with what their next week is going to have in store for them.  

With this ‘Malicious Women Zodiac candle‘ you can send them some positive vibes combined with a nice scent of lavender and coconut water.

Personalized Candle – Light When Name Farts

This hilarious candle is perfect for subtly letting that one family member or friend know they don’t actually smell like roses all the time.

Whenever they let one rip, it can be seen as a great excuse to light this candle up. As there are a large range of different scents to choose from, you’ll be sure to never have to smell certain odours again, what a relief!

A small selection of their scented soy candles are for example: Toasted Pumpkin, Black Sea, Mahogany Teakwood and Amber Noir.   

Every candle is expected to burn 100 hours and is all natural and hand poured.

 Mc Dreamy Candle

If you suspect your friend to have a slight obsession with watching Grey’s Anatomy (and especially a certain doctor with a fine head of hair), she will surely appreciate this Mc Dreamy candle.

With a scent of salt and sea, this candle will take you away to a dreamy destination where handsome doctors will be there to save you, in the event something unexpected might happen. The perfect gift for any Grey’s lover!

A Group Of People Is Called A ‘No Thanks’ Candle

This ‘A Group Of People Is Called A No Thanks’ candle is perfect for that one friend who you know appreciates their one-on-one time. Help them out a bit by gifting them with this candle that portraits a subtle yet clear message to anyone who might suggest throwing a large party in their house.

With this candle you can be sure you will be that friend who do makes the cut when it comes to spending some cozy quality time together!  

This candle is 100% natural, vegan and eco-friendly.

Bob Marley Candle

This Bob Marley candle smells like jammin’, one love and everything’s gonna be alright. The perfect candle for anyone who can use some relaxed and calming vibes and a matching scent to go with it (maybe to block out a certain smell..)

The candle is 100% soy wax, handmade and comes in a lovely giftbox!

Mountain Dew Candle

Great candle for any mountain dew addict out there. Upcycled in a soda can, this candle makes for a great original gift. It even has the famous Mountain Dew scent!

Get Naked Candle – Kraft Label Scented Soy

This ‘Get Naked Candle’ is the perfect scent for anyone who loves smooth and warm fragrances combined with a little humor. This truly mesmerizing and seductive 100% soy wax candle features lovely notes of citrus, jasmine and lavender.  

This scent makes for a great candle to burn in the bedroom or bathroom!

Each 10 oz candle is expected to burn around 50-60 hours, so you’ll be able to enjoy this one for a long time.

Boarding Pass Soy Candle

The ‘Boarding Pass Soy Candle’ truly smells like a holiday. With cent notes of lemongrass, aromatic basil, cleansing sea salt and eucalyptus, it will surely take you away to destinations unknown.

This candle is eco-friendly and 100% soy wax with essential oils produced in France. It’s a very nice clean and minimalistic looking candle, great for living rooms or office spaces that will fill up the room with lovely smells all day.

Wassup Beach

This ‘Wassup Beach’ candle from ‘The Candle Daddy’ will get you both the laughs as the appreciative looks. The perfect candle for anyone who loves the scent of beach and ocean air.

This soy wax blend candle is great for stress relief and aromatherapy and will look perfect in any home or office environment. The 12 oz jar will burn up to a long 80 hours, so great value for money!

A Candle For Midlife Crisis – Smells Like A Motorcycle

Last but certainly not least, this ‘Candle For Midlife Crisis’ that hints towards the smells of motorcycles is a great funny gift for that one friend or family member that just can’t seem to get over the fact that the concept of time is something we’re all going to have to deal with, sooner or later.

This candle will surely be one of those once-in-a-lifetime things to cross of their bucket list for once and for all!

It’s a great quality candle with an expected burning time of 60 hours.

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