Are Aquarius Loyal?

Loyalty is often considered one of the most importants aspects in any type of relationship.

Whether it relates to a friendship or a romantic relationship, it’s a highly valued quality most people are looking for in another person.

When it comes to the zodiac signs, you may find yourself wondering whether Aquarius are generally known as loyal individuals.

Let’s find out right away!

Are Aquarius Loyal?

An Aquarius can generally be considered a loyal individual when they are in a serious relationship where there is a mutual amount of love and respect. However, when their sense of freedom and individuality is being challenged,  they tend to quickly withdraw and call it quits. 

Aquarius is often seen as the most free-spirited zodiac sign among them all. They follow their own path and usually have quite a unique way of living.

This outstanding way of living can present itself in many different areas.

Whether it is through the type of job their performing or their personal style, Aquarians can often be recognized by their outsider tendencies. 

Even though Aquarians are loyal in most cases, this zodiac sign is notoriously known for their flirty personality.

When they are not in a serious and committed relationship, they do tend to quickly get bored and hop on to the next new adventure (often in the form of another person).

They certainly don’t like to intentionally hurt other people, so they will most likely be very honest about their intentions

Aquarians are very social individuals which can get very challenging for their partners at times as Aquarians often have difficulties sensing boundaries (even though they often genuinly mean no harm by it).

Because of this fact, it’s important to have a clear mutual vision of what is acceptable within your relationship, in order to prevent any unnecessary misconceptions. 

Having an Aquarius in your life, whether as a partner or friend, will definitely bring you many fun and exciting times.

With an Aquarius on your good side, you can be sure they will do absolutely anything for you and will do everything to avoid hurting you.

They have very honest personalities and will definitely own up when they are aware of anything they might have handled the wrong way.

Aquarius feel very deeply and generally have a unique way of thinking and looking at things.

If you happen to connect with an Aquarius on a soul level, you can be sure of their loyalty to you.

They need things to stay exciting and when you as their significant other (or friend for that matter) has the ability to challenge their thoughts and beliefs, there’s a great chance they will not get bored or tired from you anytime soon. 

Another important aspect that keeps an Aquarius loyal is that they see that you are living your own life as well.

Whether it concerns a friendship or relationship, an Aquarius often focusses on hanging around with people who also have their own sense of individuality and a burning passion for something.

They are very attracted to people who give off an independent vibe which signals that this person doesn’t really need them but wants to be with them just because they truly like and value the Aquarius’ presence. 

Are Aquarius Men Loyal?

Aquarius men are loyal when they are in a committed and loving relationship where their longing for freedom and adventure is being respected by their partner. When they are single, they tend to have a lot of different platonic relationships as they can easily get bored. 

Aquarius men will generally stay faithful and loyal to their partner as long as they keep on being challenged and surprised in a good way.

They like to often shake things up a bit in order to keep things exciting

Aquarius men are not quickly jealous and want you to have fun and be sociable as well, in fact, they actually love this quality in their partner.

Of course, there are always boundaries and you should definitely talk about this as a couple in order to make sure not to hurt each other anywhere down the line. 

When you’re with an Aquarius man, you will probably agree with the fact that they are very charismatic and intelligent.

They love talking about interesting and deep topics, really nothing is too crazy for them.

They are adventurous people who love to travel and undertake new experiences in order to grow and love it when their partner has the same type of interests.

They love meeting people from different cultures and won’t shy away from being open-minded.

Are Aquarius Women Loyal?

Aquarius women are generally considered loyal individuals when they are in a relationship where their need for freedom and sharing their unique thoughts and ideas are being respected. As long as her partner doesn’t require her to change her lifestyle or standards, she is likely to stay faithful. 

When it comes to an Aquarius woman, she can mainly be described as intelligent and non-judgemental.

She likes to be treated with respect and makes sure to return the favor as well.

The Aquarius woman is all about living her life to her own standards and won’t back down for anything or anyone.

They might make unusual choices with great confidence where others would be fearful of negative opinions.

They love to differentiate themselves from the standard society has created and thrive on making unique yet very fulfilling life choices. 

An Aquarius woman generally treat others the same way as she likes to be treated and therefore is generally considered a loyal zodiac sign.

As long as her partner or the people she surrounds herself with are not trying to control or change her, she will very likely remain loyal to them. 

Even though the Aquarius woman can have very strong opinions on specific subjects and might not always agree with you, she does admire someone who stands their own ground and is a challenging conversation partner.

As long as she can see you are living your own life, she will remain respectfully loyal towards you and your own way of life. 

Just like the Aquarius man, Aquarius women are also extremely sociable and are very interested in others’ life stories.

She might not directly share her own story with you though. But, as soon as she feels comfortable with you and feels a true sense of trust, she will open up and allow herself to be vulnerable

Are Aquarius Loyal Lovers?

As lovers, Aquarius tends to be loyal to people they are truly interested in. When they get bored, they will most likely quickly move on to someone new. As Aquarius doesn’t like dishonesty, they will however generally own up to their feelings and break things off beforehand. 

Aquarius can experience some commitment issues, especially in the beginning of a relationship.

They can have quite a few struggles with trusting and opening up towards their partner which may cause some distance.

When this issue isn’t handled the right way and the Aquarius is being pushed to open up by their partner, it’s very likely they’ll completely shut down and head for the hills. 

are aquarius loyal lovers?

When you do allow some needed time to build a level of trust together, the Aquarius’ loyalty will most likely grow over time as well.

They will eventually show this by trying to involve you more into their world and share some of their wonderful unique perspectives of life with you. 

Are Aquarius Loyal Friends?

As long as there is a sense of mutual respect and honesty, Aquarius can be considered one of the most loyal types of friends. Aquarius are very social individuals who support their friends and will go the extra mile for anyone who has a special place in their hearts. 

If you ever feel like your Aquarius friend is backing off from you, you might want to try and talk to them to find out what’s wrong.

Aquarians are very emphatic beings and can sense easily when something is ‘off’. In case of a misunderstanding it may be very wise to initiate the conversation with them and find out what it is that’s been bothering them. 

Even though Aquarius can appear quite cold and standoffish at times, they are actually very loving individuals who truly care about their loved ones. 

They just have a hard time opening up when it comes to challenging or vulnerable topics, so you may want to help and support them a bit here and there.

are aquarius loyal friends?

In Conclusion

Aquarius are generally considered to be loyal individuals, especially when it comes to a strong and serious relationship.

As long as their own standards are being met as well, and there is a form of mutual respect and love, they will very likely remain loyal.

Single Aquarians might not always be very loyal to what could be considered a ‘fling’, however, it’s very likely for them to be upfront about their intentions.

If they just want to have a fun time they will often let it be known clearly so no misconceptions can arise.

When it comes to Aquarius men, they are typically loyal to their partner when they are in a relationship, as long as their need for freedom and adventure is being respected.

When it comes to Aquarius women, they will also stay loyal as long as their unique way of thinking and lifestyle is being respected by their lover.

An Aquarius is also very loyal towards their friends, as long as there is a sense of mutual respect towards each other.

They will do anything for their friends and will love and support them in times of need.

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