Is Scorpio A Water Sign?

Often associated with being the smartest ánd strongest sign, Scorpio can be considered a very powerful zodiac sign.

Due to a Scorpios’ unique personality traits and characteristics, it can be quite confusing to understand what zodiac element group the Scorpio belongs to.

You might find yourself wondering whether Scorpio is a water sign. Well, let’s find out right away!

Scorpio is a water sign. Water signs are known for experiencing deep emotions and being in touch with their intuition. They have very powerful instincts, are extremely emphatic and will protect their loved ones at all costs. Just remember not to break a Scorpios’ trust, as you’ll surely regret it. 

is Scorpio a water sign?

Now that it’s clear Scorpio is definitely considered a water sign, let’s take a closer look at what it truly means to be a water sign as a Scorpio and what’s the actual reason this zodiac sign has been classified among this specific category of elements. 

Scorpio As A Water Sign

Water signs are known for being very emotional and emphatic personalities who are very much in touch with their intuition.

They will always choose with their heart instead of their head and have a very hard time hiding their true nature as they are so sincere. 

Scorpios can be recognized by their outgoing and determined character, but there is a whole other level to them hiding deep in the depths of their inner being. 

They are truly the most mysterious zodiac sign out there.

A Scorpio will notice everything that’s happening around them, especially when it comes to emotional matters.

They have a 6th sense for recognizing bad intentions and won’t tolerate injustice from anyone. 

It doesn’t matter if they’ve known you for 2 weeks or 10 years, if you treat them wrong, they will cut you out of their life without any hesitation.

When a Scorpio has your back, you can be sure you’ll be protected at all times.

However, if you’ve gotten yourself in a situation where you’ve gotten on their bad side, you might want to sleep with an eye open from now on.

If you mistreat a Scorpio, they will turn resentful on you and it definitely won’t be a pretty sight. 

Scorpios are really ambitious people. When a Scorpio has a specific goal in mind, they will become absolutely tenacious and won’t stop until they’ve reached their desired target.

Once they’ve got their eye on something (or someone), nothing standing in their way will be able to stop them. 

Is Scorpio A Water Sign?

A Scorpios’ instinct and intuition are developed like no other zodiac sign.

They can sense someone else’s intention before this person might even be aware of it themselves.

A Scorpio won’t directly confront you with their observations, but they will definitely make sure they won’t forget what they took note of. 

If a Scorpio starts to close themselves off to you, you can be sure they’ve noticed a change in you they didn’t like to say the least and are going straight into self-protective mode.

When this happens, it is best to openly communicate with them and ask what is wrong.

If it’s something you know you did wrong and should actually apologize for, it’s best to just swallow your pride and immediately do it.

If you decide not to; it will surely bite you in the back somewhere down the line.

Due to their emotional yet intelligent and ambitious nature, Scorpios make great entrepreneurs.

Scorpios have the ability to connect with people from all layers of society and can sense what makes someone ‘tick’.

They often are able to easily form close bonds with people and deeply connect with them. Scorpios are also frequently found in educational jobs. 

Due to their creative nature and rich imagination, Scorpios are widely known for being in professions like art, music and other careers that require inventiveness.

Scorpios love working with their hands as it makes them feel in touch with their true self and deepest life purpose

The only thing holding Scorpios back at times is their tendency to overthink absolutely everything.

Even though you might not expect it when seeing them at first glance; Scorpios are actually super sensitive, they notice every little detail which makes them reconsider every decision they’re about to make (or have made in the past).

Some would even state Scorpios are too (emotionally) intelligent for their own good. 

In order to stop this overthinking, they need to truly trust their intuition and have faith everything will turn out in their favour as long as they are being true to their feelings.

Action is the magical word for Scorpios and is something they need to remind themselves the importance of on a daily basis.

As soon as they are on the move and out of their heads, they will automatically feel better and not rethink every decision they’ve ever made. 

The most important aspect in life for a Scorpio are the connections they have with their loved ones.

Nothing makes a Scorpio feel more fulfilled than knowing they have people around them who truly understand and care for them.

It makes them feel strong and determined to follow their path while enjoying the company and support of those they love the most. 

As true water signs, although they are famous for being outgoing and fun people, they need their alone time as well.

In order to recharge and get back in touch with their true feelings, thoughts and emotions, Scorpios tend to withdraw at times.

Don’t worry though, they’ll be back in no time!

Why Is Scorpio Considered A Water Sign?

Scorpio is considered a water sign because they are very sensitive, emphatic beings who are extremely in touch with their intuition and creative abilities. Their feelings are their compass, which makes Scorpio unmistakable belong to the water element group. 

Even though a Scorpio often gets mistaken for being a fire sign, as they tend to be very passionate and intense, their true nature perfectly matches the character traits of the water element. 

Along with Cancer and Pisces, Scorpio is known for their mystic personality which allures people in without hesitation.

Scorpios are very magnetic individuals with well-developed emphatic skills which makes them great friends and potential partners. 

Is Scorpio A Water Sign?

As Scorpios are very creative people who have a truly unique way of thinking, there is really never a dull moment when hanging out with them.

Just when you think you’ve got them figured out, they surprise you by showing another hidden part of their personality of which you had no clue even existed. 

What makes Scorpios a true water sign is the emotional connection they have with the people they care about.

Once a Scorpio loves you, they will hold on to you and cherish you until the end of time (unless you break their trust, in which case it is best advised to run for the hills.. fast)

In Conclusion

Scorpios are water signs. Although they are easily mistaken for fire signs due their passionate nature, their predominantly emotional and emphatic qualities make them an unmistakable water sign. 

Scorpios are known to be very protective over their loved ones and can easily sense when something is wrong.

When you’re on a Scorpio’s good side, you can be sure you have a friend for life.

However, if you hurt a Scorpio, you can be sure revenge is on their way to you. They are definitely not to be messed with. 

As water signs are known for their creative abilities, Scorpios are often found in artistic professions like authors or painters, but are also largely represented as teachers due to their intelligent and emphatic nature.

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