What Is The Best Zodiac Sign?

Astrology is something that has fascinated me ever since I can remember. Whenever I come across a horoscope, I just can’t resist the urge to lay my eyes on them (oh, and if I happen to not like the prediction that day, I’ll just skip it and read the next one..)

As I am a Virgo myself (who is notoriously known for their insane perfectionism and overthinking skills) I started to wonder what zodiac sign is the best zodiac sign among them all! I did some research and this is what I discovered.

When it comes to zodiac signs, the best zodiac sign does not exist. As each zodiac sign has their own set of unique qualities and characteristics, the best zodiac sign will be perceived differently per individual person as the level of compatibility depends on a specific zodiac combination.

However, even though there is no such thing as ‘the best zodiac sign’, we can of course break down this general question and look at more specific qualities to see what zodiac sign generally tends to come out on top!

Now let’s take a look at what zodiac signs are famous for being the nicest, smartest, most beautiful and strongest of them all.

After analyzing these questions we’ll get closer to what zodiac sign generally comes closest to having the honour of being called ‘best zodiac sign’

What Zodiac Sign Is The Nicest?

When comparing all zodiac signs with regards to being known as the nicest of them all, Libra definitely fits the description perfectly. With a Libra on your side, you will surely feel loved and supported at all times. Libra will never intentionally hurt someone.

Libra is a very sensitive sign and has the ability to notice when someone is struggling, even when it might not be that clear to see at the surface for others.

The Libra will show interest and concern as their peaceful nature wants to help others feel happy and succeed. 

Having a Libra on your side as your friend or maybe even your partner is a blessing you should truly cherish as this person surely has your back at all times.

When you’re having a bad day or really need some helpful advice on a specific matter, Libra will definitely come to your rescue at all times.

As a friend or partner of a Libra, please try to keep an eye out on them as they have the tendency to put other people’s feelings before their own which can become exhausting for them. 

What Zodiac Sign Is The Smartest?

When it comes to the smartest zodiac sign amongst them all, Scorpio definitely takes the stage. Scorpio’s are known to be deeply intelligent and can soak up information like a sponge, especially when it’s a subject that truly sparks their interest. They are also known to be great problem solvers.

Scorpios have an intense yearning for knowledge and need to be challenged intellectually.

They like to have deep conversations about complex matters and have the ability to gain an in-depth understanding of a subject from different point of views.

Whenever they find themselves come across a subject they are interested in, Scorpios will immerge themselves and won’t stop until they’re satisfied with the acquired level of knowledge. 

When it comes to the smartest zodiac sign, Aquarius is in very close proximity to Scorpio.

Aquarius is known to be a very wise zodiac sign and can easily hold a deep and philosophic conversation about the existence and wonders of the universe.

They can ask you questions you might never have thought of yourself and can truly help to make people understand difficult subjects.

With their empathic nature, they have the patience to transfer knowledge on to others which makes them great teachers and coaches.

However, Aquarius doesn’t like to be told when they’re wrong, and can be very stubborn to accept anything other than their own point of view. 

What Zodiac Sign Is The Most Beautiful?

If there ever was a beauty contest to be held for the most beautiful zodiac sign, Taurus will most probably walk away with the highest award. As Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus (planet of beauty and sensuality), this zodiac sign is known for their exceptional dazzling beauty.

Famous examples of Taurus celebrities are Channing Tatum, David Beckham, Megan Fox and The Rock .. I mean .. do I really need to explain myself further on this one?

Of course, the most beautiful zodiac sign is a very personal preference to each individual person, and you might find yourself thinking of Aquarius or a Leo to be the prettiest star sign, however generally speaking Taurus has the most advantageous position astrologically speaking when it comes to this subject.

What Zodiac Sign Is The Strongest?

When it comes to the strongest zodiac sign, both Taurus and Scorpio take the lead. Taurus and Scorpio are known to be very strong and powerful zodiac signs who both have high levels of determination and perseverance. Both body and soul tend to be strong with these signs.

Both Taurus and Scorpio are known for their ability to power through when times get tough. They can emotionally depend on themselves and have learned to speak up when face a situation they don’t like.

Also Scorpio’s are known to be quite stubborn and believe in their own point of views without getting distracted by the opinions of others. 

As both Taurus and Scorpio are known to be very strong and powerful zodiac signs, they both make for a high chance of coming closest to hypothetically being called the ‘best zodiac sign’. 

To Conclude

Now to conclude, when we take a look at the four classifications mentioned above, Scorpio seems to score the most points when it comes to all the different mentioned qualities.

Scorpio comes out as the smartest and strongest zodiac sign among them all, which in the case of this article would hypothetically speaking officially make Scorpio the best zodiac sign.

A Scorpio is generally known to be emotionally strong and often possesses a greater amount of bravery and charm than the all of the other zodiac signs.  

However, it’s good to keep in mind that each zodiac sign has its own unique useful qualities which can make them the best zodiac sign to a specific person, even though they ‘generally’ might not be qualified as ‘the best’ zodiac sign.

Therefore we can state that there really is no such things as a ‘perfect zodiac sign’. As each sign has both positive as negative characteristics, it all depends on how they are being perceived by another person that crosses their path.

Each zodiac match has its own level of compatibility, whether it’s based on a friendship or a romantic relationship. 

Zodiac signs cannot truly be compared to each other, it is our own perception that decides what makes a zodiac sign good or bad when it comes to a specific characteristic. 

When it comes to the question ‘what is the best zodiac sign’, it is advised to remember to appreciate each zodiac sign’s unique abilities and characteristics.

Think about what you’d like to achieve in life and look for a zodiac sign that is known to be talented in that specific field.

For some people this might be someone who can cooperate easily, for another person this might mean someone who has no problem sharing their emotions and being vulnerable. 

Some people might love Scorpios, while others might prefer Virgos or Cancer. Ultimately it is all up to you and your personal preference!

In the end, all zodiac signs are crucial in order to maintain perfect (emotional) balance within the world. One can’t exist without the other.

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