What Is The Meaning Of A White Dove?

I’ve always thought of white doves as magical creatures. Whenever I spot a white dove flying in front or over me, I start to wonder whether there is a deeper meaning behind seeing a white dove appearing. I did some research and this is what I’ve discovered!

White doves are a positive sign and generally represent peace, new beginnings and prosperity. White doves symbolize purity, holiness and innocence which is why they often play an important role in wedding ceremonies and other celebrations throughout many different cultures.  

meaning of a white dove

Now let’s dive a bit deeper into the spiritual meaning of a white dove and what it means when you encounter a white dove in your dreams.   

What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of A White Dove?

In a spiritual context, a white doves generally represents love, peace and harmony. A white dove has the ability to calm down the mind and portrays the role of a spiritual messenger between heaven and earth in order to help us reach our highest sense of purpose in life. 

A white dove often plays a part in life changing ceremonies such as weddings as they represent important elements of marriage such as love, faithfulness and honesty

In the graphic which I’ve created for you below, you can see an overview of the most important spiritual interpretations of white doves:

spiritual meaning of a white dove


White doves are a spiritual symbol of purity. When you see a white dove, it is a confirmation that your intentions are pure and you’re on the right track with regards to your ultimate life goals. 


A white dove is the main spirit animal for representing peace. A white dove is a symbol often used to symbolize deep peace and tranquillity. 


When it comes to harmony, white doves symbolize the spiritual representation of balance in your life. A white dove shows itself as a reminder to stay close to your true self and protect yourself from any negative influences. 


A white dove symbolizes the innocence in a person. Noticing a white dove is a confirmation that you have the right intentions and are encouraged to move forward on the path you’re currently heading while following your intuition.


Honesty and white doves go hand in hand. White doves are a representation of successful relationships where honesty is always one of the most important aspects. 


Hope is another spiritual meaning of a white dove as it is an important element of life. Where there is hope there is life. When you see a white dove fly over you, you can be sure that the Universe has your back and wants to encourage you to keep on going to reach your goals even though you might not see the finish line yet. You will reach your ultimate goals, desires and success.


The white dove has always been known as a spiritual holy sign. As white doves are known for their role as spiritual messenger, they have a direct connection between heaven and earth. Seeing a white dove is a sign that your spirit guides are with your and watch over you.


When you are working on a specific project or other personal goal, a white dove might occasionally present it self to you as a form of encouragement to remind you true dedication will eventually pay off. Keep on going!


A white dove can help you go through life with a great sense of calmth and focus. A white dove spiritually has the ability to motivate you to always work towards your highest purpose.

What Is The Meaning Of Seeing A White Dove In A Dream?

When a white dove appears in your dream, this can always be interpreted as a very positive sign. As white doves mainly symbolize peace and love, the Universe is sending you a message through your dreams that you will soon be experiencing great events and luck in your waking life. 

Of course, as with all dreams, the circumstances in which they take place play a huge role in the exact interpretation of a dream. That’s why I will now give a few different examples of possible white dove dreams, so you’ll be able to personally interpret the meaning of your own dream as well. 

meaning of a white dove in dreams

The Meaning Of Dreaming About A White Dove Flying In Front Of You

When you dream of a white dove flying in front of you, it mainly symbolizes pleasure and success

The white dove flying in front of you is a symbol for the fact that you’re on the right path and are being guided along the way. Know that as long as you’re following your intuition, you will find yourself surrounded by peace and harmony.

Blessings are on their way and will shortly surprise you with their visit. You will eventually fulfil your highest wishes and desires. Dreaming of a flying white dove symbolizes positive energy and prosperity along your journey. 

The Meaning Of Dreaming About A White Dove Sitting On Your Arm

When you dream about about a white dove that is sitting on your arm, this is a sign that someone wants to reconcile the relationship. You may have gotten in an argument with someone in the waking life, and this white dove sitting on your arm can be taken as a spiritual peace offer

When this specific person approaches you within the upcoming days or weeks, try to keep an open mind as this person is most probably truly regretful about what has happened between you and wants to make things right. 

The Meaning Of Dreaming About A White Dove Talking To You

When a talking white dove appears in your dreams, this is a spiritual sign that you should speak up about the things that matter to you. You are most probably a person that does not wear their heart on the sleeve, and you might sometimes feel your opinion isn’t important.

A talking white dove however comes to you as a sign to let you know this certainly isn’t the case. A talking white dove is quite rare and a really encouraging sign for you to take seriously. You know deep within that what you have to share with the world is definitely important and worthy, and you should seriously start spreading the word in your waking life. You might find yourself pleasantly surprised. 

The Meaning Of Dreaming About A White Dove Following You

When a white dove is following you in your dreams this means you are protected. The Universe is sending you a sign through your dream to let you know that you are guided along your journey and will be successful on your path.

Peace and fortune will follow you wherever you decide to go, as long as you listen to your intuition and have good intentions

The Meaning Of Dreaming About Many White Doves 

Seeing a white dove around you is a sign of good luck, prosperity and peace. Seeing many white doves flying around or nearby is a really great indication that these conditions will soon surround you in large amounts. 

If you have your own business, this might mean that your business will soon take off and grow exponentially, which you will financially benefit from.

With regards to love this means you will possibly meet the love of your life very soon, which will come with an intensity of feelings you have never known before.

The Meaning Of Dreaming About Releasing A White Dove

When you dream about releasing a white dove, this directly symbolizes a great sense of freedom. Whether it is with regards to your work, friendships or love relationship, you are currently feeling or will very soon feel happy and carefree. 

With regards to relationships, seeing a white dove being released in your dream might also very well be a premonition of marriage. 

The Meaning Of Dreaming About A White Dove Making A Nest

When you dream about a white dove making a nest this symbolizes feelings of home. This might mean you are currently very satisfied in your home situation, or it could mean you long to feel a sense of home.

When you a sign like this in your dream and you feel like you’re not where you’d want to be right now, you can be sure that you will very soon feel a sense of home filled with love and security

To Conclude

By now you know a white dove generally means peace, love and prosperity. White doves also symbolize purity, harmony and dedication which is why white doves are often being released during different kind of ceremonies around the world, with weddings being the most prominent, in order to attract positive blessings.  

Seeing a white dove in your dreams is a very optimistic sign and can be interpreted as a message from the Universe that good luck and fortunate happenings are waiting for you in your waking life. In order to find out the exact meaning of dreaming about a white dove, it is important to notice the circumstances of the dream and put these different meanings together in order to get a full understanding of the dream.

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