What Is The Meaning Of A Black Feather?

Lately I’ve been noticing some black feathers crossing my path during my daily walk.

As I’ve always been interested in what seem like hidden signs from the Universe, I found myself wondering what the meaning of these black feathers could be.

This is what I discovered. 

The meaning of a black feather is mainly a message of protection and safety. It’s a good omen. The healing process you’re currently going through will soon be completed and you’ll be able to let go of the things that don’t serve you anymore. 

meaning black feather

Now let’s take a closer look at the spiritual meaning of black feathers and find out what it means when you see a black feather in your dreams!

What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of A Black Feather?

The spiritual meaning of a black feather is that they’re a direct connection to the divine, feathers are a sign of encouragement from the spiritual world to remind you to keep on going, even when times get tough. As feathers come from birds, they are also associated with freedom. 

When you come across a black feather, you can be sure you are protected by the Universe and your Guardian Angel(s).

Even though you might be facing some challenging circumstances at the moment, a black feather is motivating you to have faith and trust that everything will eventually be resolved to your best interest. 

Some people get scared or worried when they come across a black feather, as they might commonly associate it with some sort of negative prediction.

This is not in any way the case!

A black feather is absolutely a great sign to receive as it literally allows you to take on a path of self-growth while comfortably knowing you are protected at all times.

A black feather can provide you with feelings of safety and freedom to achieve whatever goal you set your mind to.

meaning black feather

Black feathers cross your path to show you that you need to let go of some things that are draining your energy.

This can be a specific person, your job or maybe a certain lifestyle habit.

Ask yourself: “what do I need to let go of?” and clearly listen to your intuition guiding you towards the answer(s). 

You have been allowing things that don’t serve you anymore for too long, and it is finally time to let go.

Black feathers are a sign that anything that is draining your energy, whether it’s emotionally or physically, should be removed from your life.

You can take a black feather as a sign of encouragement from the divine to take the leap and face your fears

A black feather is truly a positive sign of which you should feel very thankful and blessed to have noticed on your path.

You will be entering an amazing healing process where you will be freed from negativity and fear.

You will start to live as your authentic self and eventually feel happier and care-free

When you see a black feather, think about your greater purpose in life and try to do anything within your abilities to achieve it, don’t let anyone hold you down or make you think otherwise.

Embrace change and do what you’ve always wanted to do.

Let go of your past so later on you will look back and see it was something that needed to happen in order for you to grow towards your fullest potential.

Black feathers are truly a blessing in disguise

What Does Dreaming About A Black Feather Mean?

When a black feather shows up in your dreams, generally it means you’re currently going through or will be facing a period of challenges. However, a black feather also means that you are protected and able to face these challenges to become even stronger afterwards. 

Seeing a black feather in your dreams is generally a sign of potential self-growth and power.

It’s a reminder to keep on pushing through, even though the going gets tough sometimes.

Better times are ahead! You are protected and guided on your path.

As feathers come from birds, if you can remember the type of bird the black feather you saw in your dream belongs to, you might be able to do even more research on what the possible deeper meaning of seeing a certain black feather could be.

Each different bird has another meaning when they appear in your dream, so this can be of very valuable information when you’d like to find out what is the exact meaning of your dream about a black feather.

It’s important to have some sort of context around seeing the black feather, in order to fully understand its deeper meaning. 

For example, if the black feather that showed up in your dream belonged to a crow, the black feather might have something to do with intelligence.

As crows symbolize intelligence, seeing their black feather in your dream might be a way of your subconscious telling you that you should believe in yourself and your knowledge as you have everything that it takes to be able to succeed.

Don’t fear or doubt, but truly believe in your abilities as you will always be able to find a way, no matter the challenges you might have to face.

When the black feather you saw in your dreams belongs to a black swan, then this can be a sign of a challenging change coming up with regards to your relationship.

However, the fact that you saw a separate black feather of the swan might positively suggest that whatever worries you might have to face, you will be strong enough to get through it.

Black feathers are always a sign of encouragement and protection.

meaning black feather dream

The fact that a black feather shows up in your dream can always generally be interpreted as a way of saying that you’re ready to face your fears and conquer them with great success.

If in your waking life you’re struggling with making a certain decision, know that a black feather can appear in your dream to send you a message of clarity.

Although you might not find the answer you need right away, you can feel comforted knowing that clarity will present itself to you soon.

Try to focus more on your intuition to truly feel what you need to do in order to achieve your ultimate goals.

You are the only person who knows what is best for you, all the knowledge is inside of you already.

You just have to learn to trust your feelings and experience freedom as you walk your path towards personal growth.

To Conclude

So, to conclude, black feathers have a very positive meaning.

They present themselves to you to remind you that you’re protected at all times and that all challenges you’re facing will be resolved soon.

A black feather is a great form of encouragement from the spiritual world to let you know you are on the right path.

Follow your intuition as it truly knows what is best for you. Black feathers will keep on showing up to cheer you on along the way. 

If you see a black feather in your dream, this generally means that you might be going through a period of challenges but are protected at all times.

If you can remember the context of your dream, you could dive a bit deeper to find out the exact meaning of your dream with regards to the black feather.

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