Can You Buy Your Own Tarot Cards?

When you’ve decided you want to go buy your first tarot deck, you might find yourself wondering whether it’s ‘allowed’ to buy your own tarot cards. I wondered this myself as well when I first started doing tarot, so I decided to help you out a bit by providing you with some useful information on this question.

It is perfectly fine to buy your own tarot cards. In fact, it is even recommended as it is very important to feel a personal connection to your tarot cards. When you buy your own tarot cards, you’ll be much more likely to resonate with your deck and improve the quality of your readings. 

Is It Bad To Buy Your Own Tarot Cards?

Buying your own tarot deck is not bad. There are some superstitious beliefs flowing around saying buying your own tarot cards is bad or even dangerous, however these stories have no solid foundation at all. It is a total myth!

Besides; if you’d have to wait until someone decided to magically gifted you with a tarot deck out of nowhere, you’d probably have to wait for a very long time! So take control of your own wishes and dreams and do what feels right for you.

Just like it’s not bad to buy your own tarot cards, you should know that if you’re thinking of gifting one of your friends a tarot deck you personally love; then this is totally fine as well. As long as your intentions are pure, gifting one of your friends an awesome tarot deck is one of the best and most thoughtful gifts I could imagine.

Now that you know buying your own tarot cards is not bad, in fact it is even recommended, let’s find out what is the best way to choose your first tarot deck!

How To Choose Your First Tarot Deck

Choosing your first tarot deck can feel very overwhelming at first. There are so many (beautiful) decks to choose from that knowing how to choose your first deck might feel a little difficult at times. 

Let me help you by providing you with some useful tips and guidelines to consider when choosing your first deck.

Use Your Intuition

The most important aspect to keep in mind when you’re planning on buying your first own tarot deck is to always use your intuition. Despite what a deck looks like, or how much it has been recommended to you by someone else, you should always listen to your own feelings first. Do you automatically feel some sort of energetic pull towards the deck? Then this can be a great sign this deck is right for you. 

A good way to do this is to compare two or more decks and really focus on your feelings towards them. Which deck seems to grab your attention every time? 

Choose A Traditional Structure

In tarot, there are often different structures used by the artists to create their decks. When you’re just starting out with tarot though, it is highly recommended to choose a deck that uses the traditional tarot structure, like the famous Rider-Waite Deck, as you’ll be able to learn the basics of tarot much quicker

When you’re a beginner to tarot, learning the basic meanings and interpretations of the cards is an absolute must before you decide to move on towards more ‘difficult’ or intuitive decks. It’s better to leave these decks alone until you’re more confident about your tarot reading skills. 

Attractive Theme

Even within the traditional tarot decks, there are different themes to be found. Choose a theme that resonates with you the most. You might like an animal themed deck, or you could be more attracted towards an ocean themed deck. There are so many options out there, it is almost impossible to not find a deck that suits you perfectly

Detailed Images

Alongside choosing a great theme that suits you, the images on the cards are another important aspect to consider when you’re choosing your first deck. 

When you look at the images of the cards, you should feel a certain connection to the images that make you want to know the meaning and possible interpretations of the cards. 

The images featured on the deck of your choice should almost be able to ‘speak’ to you on a soul level and intuitively tell you the meaning of each card without having to look up the explanation (although of course, as a beginner, you will definitely look up the meaning of the cards a lot). Your tarot deck’s imagery should have the potential to ultimately speak to you without you knowing the exact definition. 

Observe the pictures of the tarot cards and follow your heart and intuition. Most of the times there will be displayed a few pictures of some of the cards of a deck when you’re looking to buy your tarot deck online, or you could look up the deck your interested in on a search engine for a closer look. When I personally want to know whether a deck personally resonates with me, I like to look up reviews on Youtube to help me make my decision. 

Keywords On The Cards

What helped me tremendously when I just starting out reading tarot cards were tarot decks that have keywords on the cards. By having specific keywords or short meanings on the cards, this can improve your tarot knowledge in a really quick matter. 

It can be quite exhausting and disheartening when you have to look up the meaning of each card, every time you pull a card, especially as a beginner. By having the main keywords right on the card, you can use your intuition to further interpret the card and not get distracted having to look up its meaning in a guidebook.

Although guidebooks do come in quite handy a lot of times, as they provide more in-depth information, keywords featured on the cards are a really helpful additional tool to improve your tarot reading skills in no time and heighten your confidence


In my opinion, there is nothing more frustrating than working with a tarot deck that lacks in quality. The material used for the cards may be too thin, or the cards get damaged way too soon. It’s important to always look at customer reviews when buying a tarot deck for yourself, as this will be a great indicator of what to expect. 

Even though a deck might look incredibly beautiful, try to put of your rose-colored glasses for a moment and check the reviews to be sure your deck will be of great quality as well. 

My Favourite Tarot Decks For Beginners

When it comes to suitable decks for beginners, there are a few decks that speak to me the most. I will now share with you below my top 3 favourite tarot decks for beginners!

Easy Tarot

If your goal is to learn to read your tarot cards as fast and easy as possible, then Easy Tarot is definitely a deck you should consider.

As this Rider-Waite based deck has been created especially for beginners, you’ll be able to quickly learn all meanings and interpretations of the cards while being able to make helpful connection between them as well.

As there is a handy guidebook included with this deck, you’ll receive thorough in-depth information that you will benefit from throughout your entire tarot journey. 

On top of that this deck comes with sample readings, helpful tips on keeping a tarot journal and provides you with useful answer to common asked beginners questions so you can proceed your readings with great ease. Oh, and this deck doesn’t hurt on the eyes either.. it has beautiful gilded edges and the artwork features vivid colors that will speak to you on another level.

A truly terrific deck for beginners!

Rider-Waite Tarot Deck

The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck is the most common chosen deck for both beginners and experienced readers. It is the ultimate deck where the basic structure of tarot is used, which makes it outstandingly great for beginners, as you’ll be able to learn to correct meanings and interpretations of all cards right from the start. 

As the illustrations on the cards are really detailed, it will make it easier for you to interpret the cards based on the images so you won’t have to look up the meanings and interpretations every time. Also, the details make it easier to remember the meaning of a card by connecting it to a certain image in your mind. This is a big plus if you ask me. 

On top of that, the deck consists of great quality cards that are easy to shuffle and which you will be able to enjoy for a very long time. 

Spiritsong Tarot

The Spiritsong Tarot Deck is a mesmerizingly beautiful deck that is based on the classic Rider-Waite deck, so it is fantastic for beginners. 

It’s a dreamy pastel colored deck that uses the world of spirit animals to illustrate the cards. It’s a great deck to learn to basics of tarot while simultaneously helping you connect with your Higher Self

Each card features a different spirit animal with its own unique interpretations. Along with this deck you will receive a 108-page long guidebook, which offers in-depth information on the meanings and interpretations of the cards.

If you’re looking for a deck that’s practical for beginners, while at the same time extremely pleasing to the eyes, then this is the deck you should definitely consider. 

To Conclude

To round off, we’ve now learned that it is perfectly acceptable to buy your own tarot cards. Even though there are a lot of superstitious beliefs going around, there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that buying your own tarot deck is in any way bad for you. In fact, it is even recommended to buy your own deck as it increases your chances of being able to bond with your deck tremendously.

When you’re looking for tips on how to choose your first tarot deck, the most important things to keep in mind are to use your intuition, choose a deck that speaks and resonates with you, uses a traditional Rider-Waite style structure and consists of great quality cards.

Happy reading!

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