Four Of Swords Reversed Meaning (Love, Career, Advice & More)

The Swords suit of tarot is associated with intelligence, justice and conflicts.

This suit mainly focuses on the mental realm and when it comes to the Four of Swords in specific it speaks of unresolved issues and tensions in the mind.

It often indicates a need to take a break from your troubles and to find a calm place to retreat.

I know that whenever I see this card appear reversed in a reading, it clearly conveys that there is much to think about and reflect upon.

In this blog post, we will together explore the meaning of the Four of Swords reversed in different areas of life including love & career and we’ll also dive deeper into some specific pieces of advice!

Four Of Swords Reversed Meaning

The Four of Swords reversed tends to indicate a time when you are feeling overwhelmed and pulled in many different directions.

You could feel like you’re being forced to make a decision before you’re ready or that you simply have too many options to choose from.

I personally know how difficult this situation can feel to be in as it can lead to confusion and sometimes even a significant amount of anxiety.

In a situation like this, it is important to take the time to carefully consider all of your options and not rush into anything right away.

The 4 of Swords in reverse is a reminder that taking time to rest and reflect is essential for our wellbeing.

It can be taken as an invitation to let go of trying to figure out all the answers into detail and instead allowing ourselves to be in the moment and go with the flow of life.

When we can allow ourselves to relax, we create space for clarity and valuable insights.

This is when we allow ourselves to tap into our inner wisdom which can ultimately bring is closer to the answers we seek.

The Four of Swords reversed is a sign that taking a break is often the best way forward.

By taking a step back and allowing yourself to be open to new possibilities, you may just find the insights and answers you’ve been seeking all along.

Four Of Swords Reversed Love & Relationships

When it comes to love, the Four of Swords reversed can be a sign that it is time to take a step back and reflect.

You may be feeling overwhelmed by everything that is happening in different areas of your life, so allowing yourself some time to breathe and reflect is a great thing to do for yourself.

This doesn’t mean that you should walk away from the relationship, but rather that it is important to think things through and get clear on where you’d like to things to go.

It is essential to take the time to appreciate everything that you have and to think about what it is you truly want.

Your partner may not immediately understand it when you communicate that you’d like some alone time, but it is important to speak up when it comes to your needs.

The 4 of Swords in reverse can also indicate that you may need to find a bit more balance between your social commitments and your relationship.

Make sure to invest in both and create some healthy boundaries when you feel the balance is off.

The Four of Swords reversed serves as a reminder that you possess the inner wisdom to make decisions in your life that are best for you.

It’s okay to take a break and pause, for it gives you space to explore the depths of your own truth.

When we become present with ourselves and take time to relax, we open ourselves up to a deeper understanding of our own personal experience.

Take time to make decisions that come from a place of clarity and insight, this is where true power lies, as we can then make decisions that are truly aligned with our highest good.

Four Of Swords Reversed Career & Finances

When it comes to career and finances, the Four of Swords reversed tends to represent a feeling of overwhelm.

You may feel like you have too much on your plate and like you’re being pulled in many different direction.

This can often happen when there’s a lack of clarity and insight when it comes to making decisions about your career and finances.

You may not have a clear vision of where you want to go and what you want to do.

This can be quite a challenging position to be in, as it can lead to feelings of uncertainty and confusion.

If you feel stuck in your career and unsure what your next step should be, taking some time to pause, relax and reflect is the best you can do right now.

This time of stillness can provide an opportunity for clarity as your mind clears and you open yourself up to new possibilities to come in.

Whenever I’m going through a situation like this, spending time in nature away from any distraction is a great way to clear my head. 

It helps to fill me with peace and create a deep sense of connection to the present moment.

The answers you seek are already within you, sometimes you just need a bit of rest and stillness to get to the core if it.

When you make the conscious choice to trust your inner wisdom and let go of trying to figure out all the answers, you open yourself up to a greater understanding.

Four Of Swords Reversed As Advice 

If you’re looking for specific advice and the Four of Swords reversed shows up, this card can be taken as the ultimate reminder to take time for yourself to rest and reflect.

Whenever you’re in a difficult situation or have to make a decision, it’s easy to become overwhelmed.

The 4 of Swords in reversed position encourages you to take the time to tap into your inner wisdom and trust that it will guide you in the right direction. 

When we allow ourselves to simply be and let go of trying to uncover all the answers right away, we open ourself up to receive infinite possibilities.

This way, we can become a beacon of insight and clarity, attracting everything that is in direct alignment with our highest good.

Final Thoughts

So, if you happen to encounter the Four of Swords reversed during your tarot reading, know that it is an invitation to take a break, relax and create space to explore the depths of your inner truth.

When we can truly become present with ourselves and our deepest desires and inner wisdom, we are sending out the message that we are ready to receive valuable insights.

If you would like to learn more about the Four of Swords reversed, definitely make sure to check out these other blog posts I wrote that explain the meaning of this card when it comes to feelings, and the specific ‘yes’ or ‘no’ meaning of this fascinating tarot card!

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