King Of Pentacles As Feelings: What They Won’t Tell You

The King of Pentacles is known as a very powerful tarot card.

When you’re doing a tarot reading to find out how someone feels towards you, and you happen to pull the King of Pentacles, this can leave you wondering how to interpret this card correctly. 

In this article you’ll get a clear idea of what the King of Pentacles represents with regards to what a specific person feels for someone.

Also, we’ll take a look at some tarot card combinations and how to interpret the King of Pentacles in reversed position when it comes to feelings.  

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King Of Pentacles As Feelings

The King of Pentacles generally represents feelings of abundance, trust and a longing for commitment. It is a positive tarot card that indicates this person is feeling motivated to make their highest goals and dreams come true and has a clear vision of what their future should look like. 

When it comes to the feelings towards their lover or potential love interest, the King of Pentacles wants to be seen as their provider.

They feel like it is their job to take care of their partner and find it important to offer you a sense of security

Not only does this wish to take care of you shine through in the material sense, they want to make sure you are being heard on an emotional and spiritual level as well.

They feel like they want a deep connection with you, as they see you as someone who they would like to make a long-term commitment with. 

King of Pentacles As Feelings
the King of Pentacles card from the most widely used Rider-Waite Tarot Deck

The King of Pentacles tarot card is often seen as the most promising when it comes to a (potential) partner.

These kinds of people are very trustworthy and always have the best intentions towards others. Their overall feelings are very pure, honest and loving. 

Even though the person who represents the King of Pentacles is not always likely to speak whatever is on their mind, you can be sure their thoughts and intentions are always in the right place when it comes to their lover.

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King Of Pentacles In Reversed As Feelings

Pulling the King of Pentacles in a reversed position indicates feelings of distraction and obsession. This person has their mind mainly set on their finances and career. They are likely trying to close themselves off from romantic feelings as they feel like they can’t handle them at this moment.

The King of Pentacles reversed urges to look at things from a different perspective.

When there are too much overwhelming feelings, it can be very tempting to hide yourself in your work or other types of distractions

When taking a step back and looking at the situation from a broader point of view, this person will feel like things seem to get a lot more clear.

Doing this will allow them to focus on what is truly important again. Just don’t try to push this person, they need to come to the right conclusion themselves.

King Of Pentacles As Feelings After Break Up

The King of Pentacles as feelings after a break up indicates your ex is currently mainly focussing on getting their life together. They feel like they need to create stability for themselves. They may be thinking about a reconciliation and feel like they want to become a better person for you. 

The King of Pentacles is often a positive card with regards to relationships.

In case of a break up, this card may indicate they have no particular ill-feelings towards you, but are truly focussing on bettering themselves in the process.

They may be thinking about what they could have done better during your relationship and are trying to become a more stable person.

In order to know whether they are considering getting back together, it is best advised to look at the surrounding tarot cards and their meaning as well to get the best interpretation. 

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King of Pentacles and Judgement As Feelings

The King of Pentacles and Judgement as feelings indicate this person is comparing the pros and cons of a specific situation. They want to make sure they choose the right direction that will lead them to a life of abundance and feel like they need to take a clear look at what is happening. 

This person can feel a lot of doubts with regards to an issue that has been occuring in their life and are trying to find out which solution will suit them best. 

It could also mean this person feels very judging towards others and may even feel threatened by another person’s success. 

King of Pentacles and King Of Swords As Feelings

The King of Pentacles and King of Swords as feelings indicate this person is feeling hesitant and maybe even a bit nervous towards what is coming next. They feel like they could use some advice with regards to a situation or challenge they are currently dealing with. 

There’s a great chance this person feels like their financial stability is in danger. They may be having some trouble at their job and are worried whether they will be able to keep their position. 

This person feels like they need to come up with a strategic plan in order to handle the obstacles that could be coming their way in the near future. 

King of Pentacles and The Sun As Feelings

The King of Pentacles and the Sun as feelings represent positive feelings. As both tarot cards predict optimistic times, these two cards combined indicate feelings of joy, success and motivation. With regards to love, they feel like building something meaningful with you. 

These two tarot cards are a great combination when it comes to how someone is currently feeling.

This person feels like they can take on the world and are certain they will be successful.

They are feeling very self-confident which also reflects on their love life. They are not afraid to speak their mind and show you their true feelings and intentions.

This person very likely feels like they want to build a thriving future together. 

King of Pentacles and The Lovers As Feelings

The King of Pentacles and the Lovers indicate this person feels like you are someone who enriches their life tremendously. They feel very lucky to have you in their life and no amount of money or material could substitute what you have together. This person feels like you’re their soulmate. 

This person feels like you make them a better person and is mesmerized by your way of thinking and mindset.

They feel like they can learn a lot from you and think you make a great team together. 

king of pentacles and the lovers as feelings

King of Pentacles and 10 Of Cups As Feelings

The King of Pentacles and 10 of cups together indicate feelings of happiness and bliss. This person feels very grateful for the things they have in their life, both in the financial and personal sense. This person currently feels positive towards long-term commitments. 

This person feels like they are finally heading towards the type of life they envisioned for themselves.

They feel like all pieces of the puzzle are about the fall in place and they want to keep on working towards an even more fulfilling and blissful life. They feel a true sense of security and freedom in all areas of their life. 

In Conclusion

The King of Pentacles generally represents feelings of abundance, trust and a longing for commitment.

The person who embodies the King of Pentacles is very motivated to create a better life for themselves and their loved ones. 

This person feels very confident and self-secure in their ability to reach success. They feel like they want to set a great base for their (future) family and will do whatever it takes to get to that place.

When pulled in a reversed position, the King of Pentacles often indicates feelings of obsession and distraction.

This person feels like they need to fully focus on their finances and career right now, as they don’t want to deal with whatever issue is currently emerging in their love life.

When the King of Pentacles gets pulled in combination with another tarot card, such as ‘The Lovers’, this means that this person is feeling very lucky to have you and feels like you are the most enriching factor in their life. 

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