Queen Of Wands As Feelings: Do They Like You?

The Queen of Wands is a very powerful card. When it comes to how someone feels about you, this card has quite an interesting meaning.

In this article we’ll take an in-depth look at how to interpret this card when you are questioning a person’s feelings towards you. Also, you will find out the meaning of the Queen of Wands card in reversed position with regards to someone’s feelings.

Now, let’s get some clarity!

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Queen Of Wands As Feeling For Someone

The Queen of Wands as feelings for someone indicates a sense of optimism, passion and empathy. It is a very positive card that represents being open towards welcoming a new lover into the person’s life. This person is likely to have warm feelings towards you. 

Queen of Wands as feelings

The Queen of Wands represents a person who is full of creativity and open to new kinds of activities and ideas.

This person feels very positive towards you, especially with regards to the amount of joy and inspiration you bring them.

They feel like they can truly be themselves around you and don’t have to put on a front.

A person who represents the Queen of Wands can often be described as very passionate.

This passion is likely to shine through in every aspect of their life. When they love, they love wholeheartedly.

The Queen of Wands has a highly empathic nature and will sense it when something is wrong with their loved ones immediately. 

Even though the Queen of Wands isn’t likely to wear their heart on their sleeve, when you pull this card as an answer to how this person feels about you, it unmistakably indicates they are feeling very fond of you.

They most definitely like you as a person. When you pay close attention, you will notice their little yet meaningful ways through which they are trying to show you their true feelings towards you without having to actually tell you. 

This behaviour can show itself in many different ways. You may be getting a lot of text messages from this person at the strangest hour or they will go out of their way to get you your favourite type of food.

They subconsciously know the way to your heart and will make great efforts to please you.

queen of wands as feelings
The Queen of Wands card from the most widely used Rider-Waite Tarot Deck

The Queen of Wands has a very clear vision of where they want to go in life.

When it comes to their feelings towards you, they are likely feeling positive about you fitting in their picture of the future. They see you as someone they could see themselves move through life with.

They like that you have your own hopes and dreams as well and also find it a very attractive trait when their partner is determined on reaching their highest goals. 

The Queen of Wands indicates this person is feeling serious. Whether it’s with regards to their love life, their career or just life in general, they feel very motivated to give their best effort at any given time.

They have a very ambitious nature which shows through in every aspect of their life. 

The Queen of Wands is likely to feel very confident most of the time. They know who they are as a person and what their likes and dislikes are.

They’ve been through a lot of challenging experiences to get to where they are now and they won’t allow anyone or anything to stand in the way of their greatest dreams and desires. 

The Queen of Wands truly believes they deserve to be loved and appreciated and feel very sure of the fact that someone with the right qualities will come into their life eventually.

They will see straight through any type of dishonesty and will immediately take action accordingly in order to protect their peaceful and determined mindset. 

Queen Of Wands As Feelings For An Ex

The Queen of Wands as feelings for an ex indicates a neutral point of view. This card represents a very independent person who is not likely to hold a grudge. When this person still feels appreciated by their former lover, they might still have loving feelings towards them. 

Their feelings mainly depend on why the relationship ended in the first place. If it was an amicable break up, it is very likely the person who represents the Queen of Wands still feels loving and even protective emotions.  

If the break up was less amicable, they are still not likely to feel angry or not wish their ex partner well.

Even though they may not be immediately interested in rekindling the flame, they are likely to hope for happiness for this person who they shared great amounts of love with in the past. 

Queen Of Wands In Reversed As Feelings

The Queen of Wands in reversed represents feelings of insecurity and jealousy. They feel very on edge and often question someone’s intentions, even when in reality there is nothing wrong. They feel hurt and find it difficult to talk about their emotions with who it concerns. 

When pulled in a reversed position, the Queen of Wands indicates difficulties with regards to working towards a more meaningful and in-depth relationship.

Due to their insecurity, the Queen of Wands isn’t likely to open up easily, especially in the beginning of a relationship. 

This card indicates it is very important to keep an open form of communication with each other and make sure the other is feeling appreciated and has a sense of trust. 

When communication is not actively being worked on, there is a chance the Queen of Wands will slowly back off from the relationship out of self protection. 

In Conclusion

The Queen of Wands as feelings indicates optimism, passion and empathy. It is a very positive tarot card that represents someone who feels very warm and loving towards their person. 

The Queen of Wands also represents someone who has a very clear vision of where they are heading in life. With regards to their feelings to someone else, they feel like this person could fit great in this future image they’ve created for themselves. 

With regards to feelings for an ex, the Queen of Wands mainly represents neutral feelings. The Queen of Wands is a quite loving and forgiving individual, who is not very likely to hold a grudge to someone.

When they are still in contact with their ex, there is a chance loving feelings are still present. 

When pulled in a reversed position, the Queen of Wands indicates feelings of insecurity and jealousy.

This person will have a lot of difficulty trusting their partner or love interest and it will take a lot of time and patience to overcome these feelings. Communication is key.

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