Is The Queen Of Wands A Yes Or No Card?

When you’re performing a ‘yes or no’ type tarot reading and the Queen of Wands appears, you may be left wondering whether this tarot card can either be interpreted as a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ card.

Well, I’m glad you stumbled upon this article, because I’m here to provide you with the accurate answer!

The Queen of Wands is known as a ‘yes’ card. It’s a positive tarot card that mainly indicates honesty, independence and passion. When this card crossed your path, it can be taken as a sure-fire sign that astonishing success in your career or business is within reach. 

Now that you’re aware that the Queen of Wands can be taken as a ‘yes’ answer to your question, let’s take a closer look at the deeper meaning behind this card and what it means to pull this card in reversed position or with regards to a love-related question.

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The Queen Of Wands As A ‘Yes’ Card

When the Queen of Wands appears in the upright position during your ‘yes or no’ tarot reading, it definitely means a positive answer to your question. 

The Queen of Wands (sometimes also called ‘Queen of Rods’) embodies someone who is known as a very caring, friendly and loving person towards their friends and family.

This card could either represent you or someone close to you. 

If the card represents someone close to you, you can recognize this person as somebody who has a lot of life experience and is generous enough to provide you with some helpful advice.

Pay close attention to what they are telling you as this information may serve you tremendously in the (near) future.

It’s very likely this advice will be regarding your business or career.

Maybe you have someone close to you who has proven to be successful in their own working life and want to pass on some knowledge to you.

Stay open minded and absorb every piece of information they provide you with.

This person is likely to be a female but doesn’t necessarily has to be.

It may as well be a man who mainly possesses the qualities of the Queen of Wands.

A job offer may be within reach as well. 

queen of wands yes or no card
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The Queen of Wands is a very encouraging card when you have been thinking about starting your own business for some time now.

This card shows up as a sign to tell you that you’ve got what it takes to be successful and wants you to be brave and take the leap.

You may be surprised to find out things wouldn’t turn out as difficult as you though they would.

You have the right mindset and personality to become an entrepreneur.

The Queen of Wands is a very creative person who possesses all needed qualities to become the leader of a company, whether it is their own business or if it means managing an existing one. 

The people who work for the Queen of Wands will feel very happy to have you as their leader and are willing to take the extra step for you due to your empathic and caring nature.

You truly care for your people and always want to make sure everybody is feeling alright. This quality in a leader is highly appreciated and valued

You don’t allow negative backtalk and will immediately stop such activities as soon as you get a hold of them.

You treat everybody equally and with respect and this same treatment is being returned to you as well. 

A very important thing to remember, when asking your tarot cards ‘yes or no’ type of questions, is to keep a few key aspects in mind when it comes to formulating the question you want to ask. Besides always making sure your questions are phrased from a place of positive energy, there are some other aspects you really want to check out before asking a question. Keeping these specific aspects in mind will surely help you to get the most accurate answers from your cards! You can check out this article on how to ask your tarot cards ‘yes or no’ questions for more information.

The Queen Of Wands Reversed: Yes Or No?

The Queen of Wands in reversed position is generally considered a ‘no’ card and means a negative answer to your question. When this card appears during your tarot reading, it urges you to take a closer look at your intentions and be brutally honest with yourself before proceeding any further. 

As the Queen of Wands is often associated with success in business and career, this card may show up upside down during your tarot reading as a sign that you should ask yourself whether to goals you’ve set are created for the right reasons

Make sure you’re doing things because you’re truly passionate about them, and not to impress the people around you.

This can be a hard thing to acknowledge at first, but you’ll definitely thank yourself later down the line. 

In a different perspective, the Queen of Wands in reverse could also present itself to you as a warning sign that someone in your inner circle is not having the best intentions with you and may even try to dominate you into doing things you don’t want to do.

Stay aware and make sure to speak up when you need to. 

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The Queen Of Wands Love Meaning: Yes Or No?

The Queens of Wands showing up during a love themed tarot reading generally is a positive sign and can be interpreted as a ‘yes’ card. Your (potential) lover thinks very highly of you and loves your personality, even though they might feel a little intimidated at times. 

If you pull the Queen of Wands after asking a love-related question, you may best take this as some valuable love advice to try and be a little softer towards your (potential) lover.

Even though this person is crazy about you and has deep feelings for you, they might sometimes hold themselves back a little as they can feel a bit dominated by your powerful personality.

queen of wands yes or no card

Try to communicate with this person on a deeper level and truly show interest in what they have to tell you.

This can strengthen your bond tremendously and will help them feel more comfortable around you.

As a result, there’s a great chance he or she will take the initiative and try to contact you more often.  

Queen Of Wands Yes or No Love Question Examples

“Will I be able to conquer the heart of my crush/love interest?” 

Queen of Wands Interpretation: Yes, your crush or love interest is in love with you as well, you will very likely be successful in winning their heart when you decide to take the first step. 

“Will my partner and I remain happy with each other?”

Queen of Wands Interpretation: When it comes to a relationship, the Queen of Wands doesn’t give a clear answer on this matter, but it isn’t necessarily negative either. In order to remain happy together, make sure to keep on communicating and plan to do more fun things together. 

To Conclude

The Queen of Wands can generally be interpreted as a ‘yes’ card.

It’s an optimistic tarot card that is mainly associated with passion, honesty and independence.

Especially with regards to business, the Queen of Wands predicts success in the (near) future.

You may either have the characteristic of the Queen of Wands yourself, or someone close to you with these qualities will soon help you to reach your goals. 

When pulled in reversed position, the Queen of Wands often means a ‘no’ answer to your question and urges you to take an honest look at your intentions.

Make sure you’re chasing after your goals for the right reasons. If this isn’t the case, be brave enough to adjust course.

In a love reading, the Queen of Wands appears to be a ‘yes’ answer to your question.

This card presenting itself to you is a great sign that your crush or potential lover is crazy about you as well and wants to take things to the next level with you.

You do need to be careful to not overwhelm them with what may be interpreted as intimidating behaviour, even though you undoubtedly surely mean well. 

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