Queen Of Wands As A Person: Upright And Reversed

The Queen of Wands is an interesting card to appear during your tarot reading. It is mainly associated with a sense of optimism and passion. When it comes to the Queen of Wands as a person, it’s quite easy to recognize someone who represents this card by a few specific characteristics. Let’s find out what these are right away!

Queen Of Wands As A Person

The Queen of Wands as a person is someone who is known to be an ambitious and positive individual. The Queen of Wands has a strong drive for achievement and a persevering nature. They are also known as very loving and caring people who are quick to help others in times of need. 

Many people who represent the Queen of Wands are business owners or working their way towards becoming their own boss. They like to have control over their own life and are aware of the fact that they’re responsible for their own success. They are willing to do whatever it takes in order to achieve their highest goals and dreams. 

the Queen of Wands card from the most widely used Rider-Waite Tarot Deck

The Queen of Wands (pulled in the upright position) is quite a busy bee who will always find a new interesting task to complete. This person loves to help solve difficult problems and find unique solutions others would have never even thinked of. They think in possibilities and will not let themselves be defeated easily.

A person who represents the Queen of Wands can best be described as an extrovert and loves to be around a lot of people. They feel energized when in the presence of other like-minded people. On top of that, the Queen of Wands has a high level of self-esteem and knows their true worth. 

The Queen of Wands is a very independent and passionate person who at the same time highly values spending time with their family and friends. 

Queen of Wands being explained at 58:19 – Video by Moonlight Guidance

Queen Of Wands As A Person Reversed

The Queen of Wands as a person in reversed position represents someone who can get quite easily frustrated and angry. This person often has too much pressure to deal with which they are unable to release. This person may have self-esteem issues and will turn to others to lift their spirits. 

Queen of Wands as a person

A person who embodies the Queen of Wands in reverse can be quite suspicious and may have jealousy issues. They often feel quite insecure about themselves which can lead to controlling behaviour towards others. They want to make absolutely sure they are not being played with, even when there are no signs on the wall to assume such a thing. 

As the person who represents the Queen of Wands in reverse can be quite harsh and negative, not many people like to be associated with them. In order for this person to be able to welcome more people into their life, they need to take an honest look at their own behavior and adjust their attitude. 

In Conclusion

The Queen of Wands as a person can be described as someone who is known for their ambitious nature and endless drive to reach success. They have a friendly and loving personality who are very concerned about the well being of their loved ones. 

When pulled in a reversed position, the Queen of Wands represents a person who can be recognized by their fiery attitude. They can get frustrated quite easily and might even come across as aggressive at times. This person often carries way too much weight on their shoulders and needs to find a positive outlet in order to release their frustration. 

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