11 Tarot And Oracle Decks For Empaths And Highly Sensitive People

When you’re an empath or highly sensitive person, you will probably familiarize with feeling overwhelmed quite a lot and not being able to handle too much stimulants at once.

I personally fall in to both categories, being an empath and highly sensitive person, and I have to confess there are days that even the sound of my own breath can feel like too much of a burden to bare (ok, maybe I’m being overdramatic here … or am I?).

Practicing tarot is a skill most empaths and highly sensitive people will turn out to be outstanding in, however as it can be a very emotionally draining activity, it is extremely important to protect yourself and your energy.

One way to make sure to keep it together throughout your readings is by using a tarot or oracle deck that suits your sensitive qualities.

As some decks can come across as a little negative or maybe even quite dark and gloomy, I’ve compiled a helpful list for you of both tarot and oracle decks that are perfectly suited for empaths and highly sensitive people.

Within my selection I have focused on decks that are easy on the eye, mostly illustrated with light and soft pastel colors.

Also I have made sure the meanings of the cards are being communicated in an uplifting and constructive way, so you won’t be caught off guard by any messages that might feel a little forceful or negatively charged.

The Starseed Oracle

The Starseed Oracle is a new age deck that is absolutely perfect to use when you’re an empath or highly sensitive person that’s into astrology and mystical worlds as well.

This modern deck is specifically created for empaths and lightworkers and has mostly pink, green and blue pastel colors which gives the deck a super dreamy vibe that will get you in to a meditative state immediately.

It’s a deck that’s extremely easy on the eyes and will be able to take you to worlds yet unknown.

The Starseed Oracle deck consists out of a total of 53 cards and comes with a helpful guidebook that will inform you on the meanings of each card and possible ways you can interpret them. There are also some Starseed spreads included which is a nice extra.

Spiritsong Tarot

The Spiritsong Tarot deck is perfect for charging your batteries when they’ve been drained by everyday life.

What I really like about this deck, is that the cards are extremely positive and gentle.

Where in most decks you’ll find the reversed cards to bring a rather negative explanation, this deck will explain the reversed cards in a more positive light and show you how you can use them in such a way to actually help you move forward in life.

In my opinion it’s what makes this deck very suitable for empaths and highly sensitive persons.

The illustrations of the deck are truly magical and mesmerizing. The animals are beautifully drawn and are well paired to each card’s individual meaning.

This deck is also very suitable for beginners as it is based on the original Rider-Waite tarot deck.

Moonology Oracle Cards

When you are highly sensitive, an empath (or both), you are probably already aware of the ways in which the cycles of the moon can influence you emotionally.

The Moonology Oracle Cards use the moon’s power to help you gain clarity in your life and bring you advice on where changes can be made in a positive way.

The artist of this deck, Yasmin Boland, is an astrologer and an expert when it comes to the moon and in what way it has an extremely powerful effect on our everyday lives.

The cards in this deck are absolutely stunning and are illustrated with breathtaking watercolor artwork. The cards brings a calm and serene feel which is perfect for having a positive and relaxed reading.

The back of the cards beautifully display the different phases of the moon.

Not only are the cards suitable for providing you with helpful advice, the cards also provide teachings on moon phases and positions and their relation to different areas of your life, which gives the cards a nice extra touch.

The Moonology Oracle Deck comes with a small guidebook with explanations on the meanings of the cards.

It’s a perfect deck for empaths and highly sensitives who are drawn to working with the moon’s magical energy and using it to it’s full potential.

Shadowscapes Tarot

The Shadowscapes Tarot is a beautifully illustrated deck with outstanding watercolor artwork inspired by fantasy themed creatures. It is a deck that you’ll feel is incredibly easy to understand and bond with as a sensitive person.

The deck includes a pocket-sized guidebook with expansive explanations and interpretations of each card.

It’s a truly enchanting deck that will surely inspire you to reach your highest potential.

Kawaii Tarot

As an empath, you really can’t go wrong with Kawaii Tarot. This sweet pastel colored deck just radiates positive energy.

The Kawaii Tarot has minimalistic illustrations that are simple yet very insightful.

Also, the guidebook this deck comes with is very helpful, especially to anyone just starting out with tarot.

The guidebook explains the meaning of each card and has some example inspirational questions included to ask your cards.

Overall it’s a very cute deck that you will probably become your go-to deck in no time!

Work Your Light Oracle Cards

The Work Your Light Oracle is an absolutely breathtaking deck that you’ll probably feel an instant pull to being an empath and/or highly sensitive person.

The 44-card oracle deck has been especially created for the sensitive souls who have a spiritual gift to share with the world. By working with this deck, you will find yourself getting more in touch with your true self as the cards will help you get in alignment.

The cards are illustrated with magical artwork and dreamy pastel pink, blue and purple colors which makes them perfect for matching with some of your favourite healing crystals.

This deck will provide you with guidance, positivity and courage to take on any goal you want to reach.

The guidebook that comes with this deck will explain you perfectly how to interpret the cards and let them work for you in the most helpful way. In the guidebook you will also find explanations of all of the card’s meanings.

Ethereal Visions Illuminated Tarot Deck

The Ethereal Visions Illuminated Tarot Deck will truly blow you away when it comes its beautiful artwork and illustrations.

This deck has exceptional aesthetic features as each card is illuminated with gold foil stamping which gives them that true elegant feel.

This is a deck so beautiful you will probably find yourself tempted to only wanting to use it for special questions and occasions.

It is perfect for any sensitive person out there as the colors are very soothing and the art nouveau style makes it an emotionally easy accessible deck.

The deck includes a 48-page guidebook that provides excellent explanations of the meanings and possible interpretations of each card.

Energy Oracle Cards

Oracle cards are great for getting your thoughts in to place. These Energy Oracle Cards lend themselves perfectly to have a truly relaxed type of reading.  

Because the cards in this deck are simple and easy to read, it makes for a great tool to get in touch with your higher self and elevate your consciousness without feeling overwhelmed.

The cards are high quality with a nice glossy finish. The illustrations on the cards can be described as very vivid and vibrant which makes them perfect for awakening your spiritual senses.

The deck comes with a 176-page guidebook which explains the meanings of the cards thoroughly and also includes some sample spreads.

The insights this deck can bring you will truly empower and motivate you to live your life’s true purpose.

Zillich Tarot

The Zillich Tarot is a soft watercolor deck with chakra based colors. This makes the deck very suitable for ‘light’ readings which most empaths and highly sensitive feel naturally drawn to.

The illustrations of the cards have astrological and mythological influences and can each be considered a true work of art.

The Zillich tarot deck comes in a tin box which makes it great to take with you and includes a 60-page guidebook which explains the meaning and symbolisms of each card.

The Oracle Of The Fairies

The Oracle Of The Fairies is a magical deck that is a wonderful tool for manifestation.

This deck gives an overwhelming feeling of positivity and joyfulness which will help you connect to the cards with great ease.

The 44 beautiful glossy cards each come with inspirational messages of wisdom and have vibrant and colorful illustrations of cute fairies.

The energy of the cards is absolutely positively charged which makes them perfect for any sensitive emphatic soul out there.

The guidebook that is included with this deck comes with thorough information on the meanings of the cards.

Oceanic Tarot

Empaths and highly sensitives persons are well known to be attracted to water and the ocean a lot.

I know I certainly am. I live close to the beach and I absolutely love to recharge myself when I feel overwhelmed with life in general. The calming waves always have their way of being able to help me truly ground again.

The beautiful azure blue and turquoise colors of the Oceanic Tarot Deck bring instant happiness and set the right mood for any type of reading.

The sea creatures illustrated on the cards are absolutely adorable and will make you feel inspired to read the cards with great pleasure and motivation.

The accompanying guidebook gives great insights into the cards which makes the meanings of the cards very easy to understand and therefore great for beginners.

The card’s interpretations leave no room for negativity and truly encourage you to follow your true life’s path.

On top of that this deck comes in a nice sturdy box that protect the cards very well and will look pretty next to any other deck you might own already.

For any ocean lover out there, this is a deck with pure serene energy that seriously can’t be missing in your tarot collection.

Happy reading!

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