7 Of Swords As Feelings (Upright, Reversed & Combinations)

Feelings can be a difficult thing to pin down. They change and ebb and flow, never staying in one place for very long. 

When it comes to making sense of how someone is feeling, the tarot can be a helpful tool.

Every card in the tarot deck has a unique meaning, and when those meanings are combined they can give you a pretty clear picture of what someone is likely going through. 

In this article we will take a look at the 7 of Swords in specific and discover what it means with regards to feelings when this card comes up in a tarot reading.

We will also explore the reversed position and some common card combination that can occur with the 7 of Swords.

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7 Of Swords As Feelings

The 7 of Swords is a tarot card that is often associated with feelings of confusion, insecurity and doubt. It represents someone who is struggling to make sense of their emotions and may be feeling lost. This person may be going through a tough time and feel misunderstood by those around them. 

The 7 of Swords can also indicate that someone feels trapped by their current circumstances.

They may feel like they are stuck in a rut and can’t find out which path to take in order to move towards a brighter future.

If this seems to be the case, it’s time to turn inwards and connect with your intuition

The 7 of Swords tarot card from the Light Seer’s Tarot Deck
The 7 of Swords tarot card from the beautiful Light Seer’s Tarot Deck

Ask yourself what you need to let go of and what you need to move forward.

Take a step back and reassess your situation with patience and kindness for yourself. 

This is not the right time to force things through, but rather to take action from a place of self-love and compassion. 

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7 Of Swords Reversed As Feelings

The 7 of Swords reversed can indicate that someone is starting to get a handle on their emotions. This person may be coming out of a period of confusion and doubt and starts to see things much more clearly. This is a good time to take stock of the situation and make some positive changes. 

The 7 of Swords in reversed position can also suggest that someone is starting to break free from a difficult situation.

This person has found the strength to stand up for themselves and make some important changes in their life without letting outside influences distract them.

This is a time of personal empowerment and self-discovery!

The reversed Seven of Swords is a sign of encouragement that someone is ready to face their challenges head-on.

There is an increased sense of confidence and trust in their own capabilities which makes it easier to move ahead and make things happen.

7 Of Swords Combinations As Feelings

Whenever you’re performing a tarot reading, multiple cards may pop out. This is not a coincidence! 

The cards that come out will always interact and relate to each other. That’s why it is so important to look at tarot card combinations as a whole.

Let’s explore the meaning of some common tarot card combinations with the 7 of Swords

If your combination doesn’t happen to be here, definitely use the search bar! You can find almost any tarot card meaning on my site.

7 Of Swords And Queen Of Pentacles As Feelings

When the 7 of Swords and the Queen of Pentacles are combined in a reading, it usually indicates that someone is feeling overwhelmed by their current situation.

They may be feeling like they have too much on their plate and are struggling to keep everything together. 

They may be feeling stuck in a job or a certain relationship that they are no longer happy with which can lead to restlessness. 

When these two cards show up, it is a sign that someone is in need of time to themselves. 

This a good time to focus on personal wants and needs to figure out which steps to take next. 

7 Of Swords And Knight Of Pentacles As Feelings

When the 7 of Swords and Knight of Pentacles show up alongside each other, it usually indicates that someone feels like they are not moving forward. 

They may be going through the motions of their daily life but miss a sense of excitement. 

In order to avoid boredom and apathy, try to do things out of your comfort zone.

They don’t have to immediately be huge life changes. Just mix things up a bit to add some spice to your life!

When it comes to love and relationships, the combination of the Seven of Swords and the Knight of Pentacles can also mean that someone is missing a sense of passion. 

Besides making sure to communicate with your partner, add some adventure and unpredictability into the relationship to spark the flame again.

7 Of Swords And 6 Of Cups As Feelings

When the 7 of Swords appears together with the 6 of Cups during a tarot reading, it usually indicate that someone feels a sense of nostalgia for a time when they were feeling happier and more careless. 

They may be looking back on their childhood or a specific relationship that causes them to long for simpler times. 

6 of cups reversed meaning
The 6 of Cups tarot card from the Light Seer’s Tarot Deck

In order to move forward, letting go of the past (while still being able to appreciate it) and focussing on the present is important. 

Where you focus your energy is where you will see results. 

7 Of Swords And Ace Of Pentacles As Feelings

When the Ace of Pentacles is combined with the 7 of Swords, the most common meaning with regards to feelings is that someone feels bogged down by their current situation.

They may be struggling to make ends meet or feel like they are stuck in a job. 

While their is no magical solution, the way out of this situation is by taking small but consistent steps forward. 

Where does your interest lie? What are your talents? How can you use them to better your current situation?

When you’re wondering how someone feels about you, the combination of the Ace of Pentacles and 7 of Swords can suggest that this person feels appreciative of who you are and what you have to offer. 

They see you as someone who is dependable, however they may also feel unsure of whether there is enough excitement and a sense of adventure between the two of you.

If you’d like to deepen the relationship, adding some variety and more fun into your interactions could take things to another level. 

In Conclusion

The 7 of Swords is a tarot card that generally suggest that someone feels stuck in a difficult or boring situation.

A person who represents the Seven of Swords may feel like they are not living up to their highest potential and that they are in need of some positive and exciting change.

This can either apply to not feeling satisfied career wise or with regards to a relationship. 

Whatever may be the case, it is time to take faith in your own hands and start taking some small steps towards your ultimate goals and dreams. 

The first step is always the hardest, but once you start taking action things will slowly but surely begin to fall into place. 

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