Ace Of Pentacles As Feelings: Do They Like You?

The Ace of Pentacles can be quite a revealing card when it comes to wanting to find out how someone feels about you.  

In this article we’ll take a closer look at the meaning of the Ace of Pentacles in both the upright and reversed position with regards to feelings.

On top of that, you’ll find out what it means to pull this card when you’ve asked the Tarot about your ex’s feelings towards you. 

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Ace Of Pentacles As Feelings For Someone

The Ace of Pentacles represents your person having positive and strong feelings towards you. This person feels very secure in their connection with you and feels like you would make a great team together. They are very likely to see a future with you and feel at ease being themselves around you. 

As the Ace of Pentacles also represents manifestation, it is a positive sign good things with regards to love and relationships are on their way to you.

The person whom you are focusing your tarot reading on likely had their eye on you for quite a while now and has been focusing on ways to get you to notice them.

This person has a very clear goal in mind when it comes to you.

They are fascinated by your personality and appearance and truly feel like you’re a piece of pure magic.

This person is thinking of the best way to approach you to make it clear how much they actually like you.

Ace of Pentacles as feelings
the Ace of Pentacles card from the most widely used Rider-Waite Tarot Deck

When a person who represents the Ace of Pentacles in an upright position decides to open up about their feelings towards you, they very likely won’t hold back.

They’ll go all in and put themselves and their feelings on the line, even though they might be scared you could reject them.

They are so interested in you that they dare to take the risk regardless of the outcome.

This person strongly feels the urge to provide for you and take care of all your wants and needs.

They always have you in mind when it comes to their future and they also have big plans when it comes to building a stable income together.

They might even see themselves setting up a business with you that matches both your interests. 

At the same time, this person finds you very attractive as they see you are very driven and focused when it comes to your own goals and dreams.

They love your individuality and admire the fact that you have a clear vision when it comes to your life and they would be truly honored to be part of that. 

Ace of Pentacles card explained at 1:13:55, Video by Moonlight Guidance

Ace Of Pentacles In Reversed As Feelings 

When pulled in a reversed position, the Ace of Pentacles indicates your person feels insecure. They are likely feeling quite vulnerable and find it hard to open up towards you about their true feelings and worries. They could be feeling tempted to move away from the relationship.

The Ace of Pentacles in reversed can indicate your person has commitment issues.

They may have been badly emotionally hurt in the past and are very cautious when it comes to letting a new person into their life.

Whenever things get too serious, this person is likely to run for the hills or do their best to find problems within your relationship to justify their doubts.

Ace of Pentacles as feelings

When you feel like this might apply to your person, the best you can do is have an honest and open conversation about where you stand.

Make sure to keep it light yet clear.

This may clean up the air and make them feel a bit more at ease in the relationship.

This person needs to feel accepted in their emotions and not feel pushed towards something they’re not ready for at this moment in time. 

When your person has the tendency to hide themselves in their work or other activities, try to come up with fun things you could do together to strengthen the bond between the two of you and eventually become more open and transparant towards each other. 

Ace Of Pentacles As Feelings For An Ex

When it comes to feelings for an ex, the Ace of Pentacles indicates this person could very well be missing you. Even though they may have taken you for granted, they now realize they actually appreciated the stability they had with you. This person might return to test the waters with you. 

When they do, make sure to not take them back in an instant.

There’s a great chance this person falls back in their old ways once they feel comfortable with you again.

Give it time and make sure to take it slow. It is most important to put yourself and your own needs first. Respect needs to be earned.

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In Conclusion

When it comes to feelings for someone, the Ace of Pentacles represents strong positive feelings.

This person finds you very interesting and attractive.

They fantasize about your future together and have great ambitious plans in the broadest sense of the word. 

In reversed position, the Ace of Pentacles indicates feelings of insecurity.

This person may very likely be having commitment issues and finds it difficult to allow themselves to open towards you, even though they may very well like you a lot.

When it comes to how an ex feels towards you, the Ace of Pentacles represents this person may be missing you and reminisces the great times you had together.

This person may feel as if they made a mistake and might try to come back to ask for another chance. 

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