Knight Of Cups As Feelings: Upright, Reversed And Combinations

The Knight of Cups can be considered a truly fascinating tarot card. This card generally represents a charming individual who is very loyal and romantic. 

When it comes to the Knight of Cups as feelings, there are several ways to interpret this card.

In this article we’ll go over the meaning of the Knight of Cups with regards to someone’s feelings in both the upright and reversed position, along with some frequently pulled tarot card combinations.  

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Knight Of Cups As Feelings

The Knight of Cups tarot card mainly indicates romantic and deep loving feelings. This person feels head over heels with you and is very imaginative when it comes to picturing you two together in their mind. They feel like they want to shower you with gifts and compliments. 

A person who embodies the Knight of Cups card is a true romanticist and dreamer at heart. They often allow themselves to follow their intuition, especially when it comes to love. 

When the Knight of Cups card presents itself in upright position during your tarot card this indicates feelings of passion and sensitivity. This person can’t wait to take you on a date and give you one of the best days of your life.

knight of cups as feelings
the Knight of Cups card from the most widely used Rider-Waite Tarot Deck

They feel very upfront when it comes to their feelings towards you. They are not afraid to be vulnerable and open. This person feels very sincere towards you. 

When a Knight of Cups feels in love with you, you will easily notice by the amount of attention they give you.

They will initiate a lot of text messages and will surely invite you to join them on fun activities. They love being around you.

When a Knight of Cups is in love, their creativity blossoms. They will often surprise you in different ways.

You may receive a beautiful love letter or poem. They could even write you a personal song to perform for you on a romantic evening together. 

Knight of Cups tarot card meaning being explained at 44:39, video by Moonlight Guidance

Knight Of Cups Reversed As Feelings

The Knight of Cups in reversed position indicates this person feels jealous and stuck. They may fantasize about you, but are afraid to act on their feelings, especially when there is someone else involved. They have a lot of plans but feel like they won’t be successful so they won’t even try. 

This person feels very insecure when it comes to you. They have a low sense of self-esteem and feel like they aren’t worthy of your love.

In order to protect themselves, they often take a step back to avoid getting hurt. 

You may notice this person staring at you from time to time but looking away as soon as you lock eyes with them.

They will then act as if nothing happened. In reality there is a high chance they do actually like you, but likely won’t be taking the first step to acknowledge their true feelings towards you. 

Knight Of Cups And Devil As Feelings

The Knight of Cups and the Devil card combined can indicate greedy and manipulative feelings. This person may appear as a true knight in shining armour at first glance, but likely has opposite intentions. They don’t feel like taking the relationship seriously and are just in it for the fun times. 

These two tarot cards pulled together are not a great combination.

It’s a warning sign to let you know to be aware of what is happening and take action accordingly. 

Knight Of Cups And Emperor As Feelings

The Knight of Cups and the Emperor combined indicate both ambitious and highly emotional feelings. This person feels very driven to sweep their desired love interest off their feet and conquer their heart. They feel on top of the world and truly stable and strong.

A person who represents the Knight of Cups and the Emperor combined is likely feeling very empowered to fight for what they love.

They feel they are capable of separating unwanted negative emotions from interfering with their true feelings, which allows them to act on their deepest desires. 

The Emperor tarot card from the captivating Light Seer’s tarot deck

In Conclusion

The Knight of Cups in upright position represents romantic and passionate feelings. This person is clearly in love with you and won’t try to hide it in any way. 

When pulled in a reversed position, the Knight of Cups indicates insecurity and jealousy. This person may very well like you, but is afraid their feelings won’t be reciprocated. 

When it comes to tarot card combinations, the Knight of Cups and the Devil card pulled together indicate manipulative feelings.

This person is likely only in it for their own pleasure.

The Knight of Cups and the Emperor pulled together represents highly emotional and ambitious feelings. This person feels very empowered and will do anything to make you notice their love for you. 

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