3 Steps To Help You Determine How Many Tarot Cards To Pull

When it comes to tarot readings, many people are unsure about how many cards they need to pull.

Do you need to draw one for every question you have or is a smaller number sufficient?

It can be quite confusing as there are so many approaches to tarot readings.

Fortunately, there are some helpful guidelines you can follow to help you determine how many cards are appropriate for your reading.

In this blog post, I will provide you with 3 simple steps that will help you choose the right amount of tarot cards for your reading.

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3 Steps To Determine How Many Cards To Pull

1. Consider The Type Of Reading You Are Doing

The number of cards you need to draw will heavily depend on the type of reading you are doing.

If you’re planning on doing a simple one-card reading, then all you need is the one card.

However, if you are doing a more in-depth reading such as a Celtic Cross spread, then you will need to pull several cards.

For the Celtic Cross spread you will need to pull a standard amount of 10 cards. This spread covers a wide range of topics including the past, present and future.

For other multi-card readings, you can pull as many cards as you feel necessary.

I would advise to start out with a small number (3-5 cards) and if you need more clarification, pull additional cards.

Whether you end up drawing five cards or twenty, remember that the number of cards you pull is less important than making sure each card has a powerful meaning you can identify yourself with.

Don’t feel like you need to pull a certain number of cards just because it is the “standard” number.

2. Identify Your Intention

The next step is to identify your intention for the reading and consider the depth of insights that you want.

Are you looking for advice, insights and guidance on a specific situation?

Are you trying to gain insight into your love life or a particular relationship?

Or are you simply curious about the future in general?

Once you have identified your intention, this will help you determine how many cards to draw for your reading.

For example, if you’re trying to get an overview of what the future may have in store for you, then generally speaking a larger number of cards would be appropriate as it can provide a clearer and more complete picture.

If you’re looking for insights into a specific situation or relationship, then you would only need to pull a few cards at first.

In case you’re simply looking for a quick yes or no answer, then just one card may be enough to give you the answer you need.

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3. Draw The Cards And Listen To Your Intuition

The last step is to draw the cards and see how they interact with one another.

This is where intuition comes in as you will need to use your own judgement to determine if more cards are necessary for the reading.

For example, if you draw three cards and they seem to tell a complete story, then pulling more cards won’t be necessary to clarify the situation.

On the other hand, if the cards are scattered or unclear, then you can take this as an indicator that it may be beneficial to draw a few more cards.

If you feel like the cards don’t resonate with you at all, then it is perfectly fine to reshuffle the deck and draw again.

There are no strict rules when it comes to pulling the cards and ultimately you should always trust your own intuition and do what feels right.

Other Questions You May Have

How May Cards Do You Need To Pull For A Love Reading?

For a love reading, you can generally pull anywhere from three to five cards.

This should provide you with adequate guidance and insights into your relationship or (potential) partner.

I personally like to pull one card for each of the following categories and pull additional cards if I feel like I need more clarity:

  • Present situation
  • Advice / Guidance
  • Outcome / Future

How Many Cards Do You Need To Pull For A Career Reading?

For a career reading, it is best to draw at least three cards.

This will provide you with a good overview of the potential opportunities that could manifest in your career.

The first card for example can be an indication of your current situation.

The second card can represent what you need to do to move forward and the third card could provide insight into the potential outcome of any steps you decide to take.

Is There A Maximum To The Number Of Cards You Can Pull?

When it comes to tarot readings, there is no maximum number of cards you can pull.

Depending on the type of reading and the complexity of the question you can draw as many cards as you feel is necessary.

How Many Times Should You Shuffle Tarot Cards?

It is recommended to shuffle your tarot cards at least 7-10 times.

This helps to clear any lingering energy that could interfere with the accuracy of the reading.

Shuffling also helps to strengthen your connection with the cards and ensure that the right messages come through.

If you’d like to learn more about forming a deeper connection with your cards in order to get the most out of your reading, make sure to check out this other blog post I wrote on developing a personal relationship with your tarot deck.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there is no one size fits all when it comes to the number of cards you need to draw.

But by following the three simple steps I’ve shared in this blog post you can easily determine how many tarot cards to draw for your reading and your own unique situation.

Remember to always trust your intuition and be sure to use the number of cards that you feel will best serve your purpose.

If you’d like to learn more about tarot readings and the meanings of the cards then I would like to encourage you to check out the tarot section of my website.

And if you’re wondering what are some good questions to ask during a tarot reading, then you can find an extensive list of questions in this blog post right here!

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