Queen Of Swords Yes Or No? (Upright, Reversed & Love)

Pulling the Queen of Swords during a ‘yes or no’ tarot reading may leave you wondering whether this card means a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer to your question.

Feel free to read further and find out!

The Queen of Swords is generally a ‘yes’ tarot card. The Queen of Swords represents a strong and mature woman who is self-secure and intelligent. Pulling this card during your reading indicates that you’ll soon receive the clarity you’ve been waiting for. 

Let’s now dive a bit deeper into how to interpret the Queen of Swords as a ‘yes’ answer to your question and what this card means when pulled in the reversed position and during a love reading. 

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Symbolic Meaning Of The Queen Of Swords

In tarot, the Queen of Swords is often seen as a symbol of clarity, objectivity, and independence.

She represents an intelligent and strong woman who is able to make decisions based on rationality and logic, rather than emotions, even when she is going through a hard time. 

The Queen of Swords is a court card that belongs to the suit of Swords and represents a strong and independent person with clear boundaries and sharp wit.

In the Rider Waite deck, the Queen is illustrated sitting on an ornate throne, holding a sword in her right hand and gesturing with her left hand.

She represents a powerful wind that can cut through illusions and reveal the truth.

queen of swords yes or no meaning
the Queen of Swords card from the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck (Check price on Amazon here)

Her ability to cut through confusion and see things clearly is represented by the sword she holds in her hand.

This sword is also a symbol of power and authority, indicating that the Queen of Swords is not afraid to take charge and make difficult decisions when necessary.

The Queen of Swords and is associated with the element of air, which represents communication, intellect, and mental clarity.

This element is often associated with the mind and the intellect, which suggests that the Queen of Swords is a highly intelligent and analytical person.

She has a sharp mind and is able to think critically and objectively, which allows her to make sound decisions even in difficult situations.

One of the key messages of the Queen of Swords is the importance of approaching situations with a clear and objective mind.

This means setting aside emotions and personal issues in order to make decisions based on logic and reason.

It also means being honest with yourself and others, even when the truth may be difficult to hear.

The Queen of Swords serves an important role as she encourages to trust in your own intelligence and intuition, and to use these gifts to navigate the challenges of life with grace and confidence.

The Upright Queen Of Swords As A ‘Yes’ Card

The Queen of Swords indicates a ‘yes’ answer to the question you’ve decided to ask.

When this card jumps out of your deck, it’s a representation of you as a powerful woman or a feminine strong person in your life that you look up to. 

This card serves as a confirmation that you’ve got what it takes to take on any issues or problems you might be facing and bring them to a good ending.

You possess the intelligence and creativity needed to come up with a great plan that will eventually serve you in the best way possible.

If you feel like you can’t face a certain issue yourself, this card might have shown up as a sign to look at the people around you and focus on strong female figures that you feel can truly help you.

This might be your mother, your sister or a close friend, but it could also be your teacher or counselor. 

queen of swords tarot card from the Modern Witch tarot deck
The Queen of Swords from the Modern Witch tarot deck (Check price on Amazon here)

Know that you are never alone and there are always helpful individuals and sources around you that can pull you through when the going gets tough.

You’re being guided and the Universe is keeping an eye on you to make sure you’re doing alright. Have faith that you are taken cared for. 

The Queen of Swords may also represent a sense of perfectionism.

While this is generally a very good habit, you have to be wary of not taking your perfectionism to the next level.

Sometimes good is really good enough.

Remember you can always adjust as you keep on working towards your goals.

You’re smarter than you may think sometimes and you will always be able to come out on top. 

You have the ability to quickly adapt to changing circumstances.

When you know someone close to you in your direct environment who you perceive as a strong individual woman, pay close attention to how she behaves and observe what characteristics makes her who she is.

The Queen of Swords can come into your life as a sign to tell you that you as well have got what it takes to become this kind of person.

Try to incorporate their ways in small manageable steps into your own life and soon you will find yourself being your own best role model and main source of (emotional) support. 

Keep an open mind and allow new things and visions to come into your life, even though you might not always agree with them right away.

Take the time to really think them through and decide what thoughts and visions feel intuitively right and which of them you want to take with you. 

When you do eventually become the person the Queen of Swords represents, you can be sure you’ll be setting a great example yourself for the people around you who might need it as much as you might have needed it back then.

You are made to be an exceptional individual. 

Now let’s take a look at some examples of ‘yes or no’ questions for the upright Queen of Swords card and how to interpret them:

“Will I be successful in achieving my financial goals?”

Answer: Yes, the Queen of Swords in the upright position represents a person who values financial success and has a rational thought process. Your focus on financial success and strong communication skills can help you achieve your financial goals.

“Should I be careful in considering the opinions of others?”

Answer: Yes, while it’s important to consider the opinions of others, you should first and foremost trust your own judgment and make decisions that align with your own values.

“Will I find the right partner for me?”

Answer: Yes, the upright Queen of Swords represents a person who is all about intelligence and respect. Focusing on the importance of clear communication and maintaining strong values that will make you refuse to settle for less than you deserve can help you attract and find the right partner for you.

“Do I have what it takes to reach financial success?”

Answer: Yes, the Queen of Swords represents a person with a rational thought process and a focus on financial success. Taking an objective look at your financial status can help you make important financial decisions and achieve your goals.

“Will my communication skills help me in my career?”

Answer: Yes, this card represents a person with strong communication skills and a direct communication style. Your sharp wit and clear communication can definitely help you succeed in your career and stand out from the rest.

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The Queen Of Swords Reversed: Yes Or No?

The Queen of Swords in reversed can still be interpreted as a ‘yes’ answer to your question, however this answer comes with a warning. This card in reverse serves as a sign of caution to pay attention towards your own and others’ intentions. They might not be as honest as they should be.

Whereas the Queen of Swords normally represents you or someone around you as a positive female role model, this card in reversed position is highly probable to indicate intentions that are not in place. 

If it’s you who represents the Queen of Swords yourself, this card in reverse might be a sign to take a close and honest look at yourself and see what your reasons are for portraying this specific image.

As your main intention should always be to sincerely help others get further in life, focusing too much on your own ego for example could be why you’ve pulled this card in reversed. 

When it’s another person around you who represent the Queen of Swords, pay close attention to how sincere they are when it comes to them helping you with sensitive topics.

Ask some subtle questions that will truly clarify things to you and decide wisely whether you want to keep this person in your life and trust them with your future questions and personal issues.

For example, if you ask a yes or no question such as “Should I trust my new friend?” and the Queen of Swords appears in reverse, it indicates that this person is likely not as sincere as they seem.

If you ask a yes or no question such as “Should I confront my partner about their behavior?” and the Queen of Swords appears in reverse, it often means that the timing is not right for a confrontation.

This card encourages to approach the situation with caution and to wait for the right moment to have a constructive conversation.

If you ask a yes or no question such as “Should I take on this new project at work?” and the reversed Queen of Swords appears, it is a strong indication that the project is not aligned with your values or goals.

This card wants you to stay true to yourself and to only take on projects that will bring you fulfillment and satisfaction.

One important thing to remember, when asking your tarot cards ‘yes or no’ type of questions, is to keep a few key aspects in mind when it comes to formulating the question you want to ask. Besides always making sure your questions are phrased from a place of positive energy, there are some other aspects you really want to check out before asking a question. Keeping these specific aspects in mind will surely help you to get the most accurate answers from your cards! You can check out this article on how to ask your tarot cards ‘yes or no’ questions for more information.

The Queen Of Swords Love Meaning: Yes Or No?

Pulling the Queen of Swords during a love related tarot reading definitely means a ‘yes’ answer to your question. This card is a sign that somebody with immense respect for you will enter your life. If you’re in a relationship, it’s confirmation you’re with someone strong and independent. 

When you’re single, the Queen of Swords represents someone making an entrance in your life that’s respectful and is self-secure.

It’s likely someone who has their life in order and knows where they want to go. 

queen of swords yes or no meaning

When you’re in a relationship, this card shows that you’re with someone who has strong feminine energy (this person can be either male or female) or that you represent this feminine energy yourself.

You’re in a relationship where you have strong shared values and intelligent conversations are very important to you both.

You don’t like shallow small talk and truly bond over finding out about each others deepest thoughts and desires

The Queen of Swords in an upright position indicates that you and/or your partner are a strong and independent person with high standards and clear communication skills.

In a love tarot reading reading, this card often represents a committed relationship based on mutual respect and intelligence.

Queen Of Swords Yes or No Love Question Examples

“Will I be able to conquer the heart of my crush/love interest?” 

Queen of Swords Interpretation: Yes, you’ll be able to win the heart of your love interest. You’re a strong and powerful person who keeps their eyes on the prize. Your perseverance will help you conquer your lovers’ heart. They admire your confidence.

“Will my partner and I remain happy with each other?”

Queen of Swords Interpretation: Yes, you and your partner have great respect for each other, which is an essential part of a successful relationship. As long as you keep on communicating, your relationship will keep on flourishing. 

“Will I find someone who shares my life goals and values?”

Queen of Swords Interpretation: Yes, you will likely find someone who shares your values and goals. The Queen of Swords represents a strong and independent person who values intelligence and respect. They will have their life in order and know what they want, and will value intelligent conversation and respect in a relationship.

To Conclude

To summarize, the Queen of Swords is generally known as a ‘yes’ card. This card means a ‘yes’ answer to your question.

The Queen of Swords mainly represents a strong and self-secure feminine figure who has the intelligence to develop great plans and bring them to a successful end.

In reversed position, the Queen of Swords tarot card can still be taken as a ‘yes’ answer to your question, however this answer comes with a sign of caution.

This card in reverse wants you to be attentive towards the intentions of the person who represents the Queen of Swords in your life (this can be either someone else or yourself)

With regards to love, the Queen of Swords is a definitive ‘yes’ answer to your question.

It’s a sign that someone with a great sense of respect for you will soon enter your life.

If you’re already in a relationship, this card is a confirmation that you’re with someone who’s heading in the same direction as you, which is a great sign for maintaining a successful relationship in the future. 

On a final note, I want you to keep in mind that while the Queen of Swords can serve as a confirmation of a ‘yes’ answer to a yes or no question, it is ultimately up to you to make the final decision.

Tarot can certainly provide valuable guidance and insight on your spiritual path and love life, but it is ultimately your own intuition and judgement that will guide you towards the right path.

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