Queen Of Swords As Feelings: Upright, Reversed, Love, For an Ex

The Queen of Swords is a fascinating card to pull during your tarot reading.

When it comes to how someone feels towards you, there’s a clear way to interpret this card. Let’s dive right in!

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Queen Of Swords As Feelings

The Queen of Swords indicates feelings of caution. This person keeps their guard up and protects their heart at all costs. The Queen of Swords finds it difficult to expose their true self. They feel the need to trust someone completely before they will allow themselves to be vulnerable. 

The Queen of Swords has good intentions, but due to their cautiousness has the tendency to come across as uninterested.

They often feel as if people are able to see straight through them which makes them hide their true self when they’re feeling unsure in a situation.

The Queen of Swords often represents a person who has gone through some difficult times which has toughened their heart.

They won’t allow themselves to be vulnerable as they feel it is going to be interpreted as weakness. 

Queen of Swords as feelings
the Queen of Swords card from the most widely used Rider-Waite Tarot Deck

Someone who embodies the Queen of Swords may feel as if they are better off alone at times and might have the tendency of sabotaging their connections, even when there is no clear reason to do so. 

However when they look deep in their hearts, all they want is to be loved, respect and appreciated.

In order to get a Queen of Swords to open up and trust you enough to show you their true self, it is essential to not push them and show them through meaningful actions that they don’t have to fear being vulnerable around you. 

(Queen of Swords card explained at 30:26, Video by Moonlight Guidance)

Queen Of Swords Reversed As Feelings

The Queen of Swords in reversed represents feelings of defensiveness and cold-heartedness. This person can feel quite paranoid and has the tendency to quickly assume they are being attacked by others. They tend to shut themselves off from their emotions in order to avoid feeling pain. 

Someone who represents the Queen of Swords in reverse can easily come accross as closed off. This person feels as if they need to put up a front in order to prevent others from hurting them. 

This card in reversed indicates the Queen of Swords still feels hurt as a result of a certain event and will do anything to prevent having to experience it again.

Not only will they close off their true feelings, they can also have the tendency to hurt people first as a way to avoid getting hurt themselves.  

Queen Of Swords As Feelings In A Love Reading

The Queen of Swords in a love reading can indicate feelings of insecurity. This person feels scared to open up to their love interest, as they don’t want to risk getting hurt. They tend to hold themselves back in the beginning, but they will drop their guard as soon as they feel safe. 

The Queen of Swords doesn’t indicate a lack of feelings, in fact, it is very likely (positive) feelings are present.

However, you won’t easily be able to tell by observing this person at first glance.

The person who represents the Queen of Swords will likely take their time before they allow themselves to open up towards their love interest. 

Queen Of Swords As Feelings For An Ex

The Queen of Swords with regards to an ex often represents defensive feelings. They aren’t very likely to give the relationship a second chance. They might feel the need to spread negativity about their ex partner as they likely feel hurt and personally attacked. They find it difficult to let things go. 

The Queen of Swords indicates this person can’t let go of what happened during the relationship and is still feelings resentful about the things that happened.

They need enough time and space to reflect before they can possibly see things from a different perspective. 

In Conclusion 

The Queen of Swords tarot card generally indicates feelings of caution.

The person who represents the Queen of Swords is likely to put their guard up and doesn’t allow people in easily.

They are very protective of their deepest feelings and desires and won’t share them until they are completely comfortable around someone.

When pulled in reversed position, the Queen of Swords represents defensiveness and intense emotions.

This person has likely gone through a troubling experience that has made them paranoid with their surroundings.

They can feel like everybody is out to get them. 

When it comes to a tarot love reading, the Queen of Swords represents insecurity.

This person may repriociate your feelings, but it won’t show by the way they treat you. They are likely playing hot and cold. 

With regards to feelings for an ex, the Queen of Swords indicates someone feels hurt and puts up a front to protect themselves. 

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