Knight Of Wands As Feelings: Do They Like You?

Tarot cards can provide great insight when it comes to finding out how someone feels about you

The Knight of Wands generally represents confidence, adventure and energy.

Curious to find out what this specific tarot card means with regards to feelings? Let’s dive straight in to find out!  

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Knight Of Wands As Feelings

When it comes to the Knight of Wands, this card indicates feelings of intense attraction. This person feels very strong and confident around you and finds you extremely beautiful and magnetic. They feel very driven to show off their best qualities towards you. 

The Knight of Wands displays a fun and playful energy.

Even though a person who embodies the Knight of Wands may not be experiencing a deep sense of love (yet), they do see you as a very interesting and attractive person who they just can’t get enough of.

This person feels like there is never a dull moment when they are in your presence. They truly enjoy the time you spend together. 

Knight of Wands as feelings
the Knight of Wands card from the most widely used Rider-Waite Tarot Deck

There’s a great chance you’ve met this person somewhere adventurous and out of the box.

This could either be while traveling or during a wild night out.

This person felt magnetically attracted to you from the moment you locked eyes and can’t get you out of their head ever since. 

You make them feel like their best self when they are around you.

They like who they become when the two of you are together.

They feel powerful and confident and experience a strong sense of freedom. 

This person feels like they want to experience the fun things in life with you.

They may be thinking about travelling the world together and living life to the fullest without thinking about anything serious just yet.

Of course, these types of deeper feelings may very well develop in the future, however for now this card indicates this person wants to truly live in the moment and make the best out of the here and now with you. 

Knight of Wands card interpretation explained at 59:55, Video by Moonlight Guidance

Knight Of Wands As Feelings For An Ex

The Knight of Wands as feelings for an ex indicates this person still finds you really physically attractive. Even though the romantic bond between the two of you might be over, they are still interested in being close to you on a more than platonic level. 

If you pulled this card after asking the question whether your ex is still interested in you, then you can take it as a ‘yes’, but it comes with a message of caution.

As the Knight of Wands mostly references towards physical attraction, be aware of not letting your feelings get hurt by your ex. 

If you are looking to get serious with your ex again, you may want to take a look at the meaning of the surrounding tarot cards as well to get a better idea of their intentions as a whole. 

Knight Of Wands And Ace Of Cups As Feelings

The Knight of Wands and the Ace of Cups together indicate this person is developing deeper feelings for you. Even though they likely said they weren’t interested in a romantic relationship initially, they are now starting to see you in a different light. 

Even though the Knight of Wands mainly represents mere physical attraction, when this card is combined with the Ace of Cups, this is a great indication there are deeper feelings in development. 

As the Ace of Cups is known to represent the start of a new relationship and feelings of love, this card combination is very promising when it comes to moving towards a meaningful and at the same time fun connection with someone. 

Knight Of Wands As Feelings Reversed

When pulled in a reversed position, the Knight of Wands indicates feelings of jealousy and a lack of energy. It represents someone who is starting to feel bored with the current situation and may start looking elsewhere. This person may have different intentions when it comes to your relationship. 

When the Knight of Wands is reversed enters your tarot reading, take it as a sign of caution and be aware of not letting people play with your feelings or string you along.

This person is likely feeling uninspired when it comes to your relationship and may only come to you when it is most convenient to them.

Don’t allow this type of behaviour and take necessary steps when you notice it happening around you. 

The Knight of Wands in reversed position can indicate someone is taking you and the love you have to offer for granted.

It is time to take a step back and let this person feel what they’re missing when you are not always there to entertain them.

Focus on yourself and put your own needs first. Take a moment to decide what it is you need in a relationship and take action accordingly. 

In Conclusion 

The Knight of Wands in upright position generally represents someone who feels very attracted to you.

This person feels confident around you and isn’t shy to make it clear to you that they want you.

When it comes to feelings for an ex, the Knight of Wands indicates your ex is still attracted to you on a physical level. 

Pulling the Knight of Wands and Ace of Cups combined means someone is starting to develop more serious feelings for you. The purely physical attraction has shifted towards feelings of love. 

When pulled in a reversed position, the Knight of Wands indicates feelings of jealousy and that this person is lacking a sense of energy.

They have become bored in the relationship and are doubting how to move forward.

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