8 Of Cups: Yes Or No? (Upright, Reversed & Love Meaning)

The 8 of Cups is a tarot card that represents change and release of the old.

When it comes to receiving a clear ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer from the 8 of Cups during your tarot reading, there are several possible ways to interpret this card, depending on its position.

Throughout this article I’ll help you discover the clear ‘yes or no’ meaning of the Eight of Cups in both the upright and reversed position, as well as its meaning with regards to love.  

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8 Of Cups: Yes Or No? 

The 8 of Cups means ‘no’. As this tarot card mainly indicates a sense of abandonment and letting go of certain situations, it represents a sobering reality. When the 8 of Cups in upright position enters your tarot reading, it can be taken as a sign of encouragement to find your purpose. 

The Eight of Cups symbolizes a change that likely shakes up the current circumstances for a while. Even though this tarot card represents a ‘no’ answer to most questions, it also encourages to be courageous

Whether it refers to a relationship or a job, the 8 of Cups in upright position often indicates something coming to an end.

This doesn’t immediately have to be a drastic change, it can also mean a change in dynamics. Feelings of nonchalance and a sense of sadness may temporarily dominate. 

8 of cups tarot card from the Light Seers tarot deck
The 8 of Cups tarot card from the captivating Light Seer’s Tarot Deck

It requires courage to overcome this situation and come out stronger on the other side.

Whenever you’re ready, you may feel inspired to take a different path in the literal sense and take a trip by yourself to an unknown destination.

Even though it may seem scary and uncomfortable at first, you will definitely feel an increase in self-confidence along the way.

It is a truly liberating feeling to experience being able to feel content in your own company.

Acquiring this level of independence will go a long way when it comes to conquering other fears or challenges you may encounter down the line. 

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8 Of Cups Reversed: Yes Or No?  

The 8 of Cups in reversed position means ‘yes’. Even though it still represents a strong fear of change and confusion, at the same time it also shows that you intuitively know which path is meant for you. The 8 of Cups in reverse urges you to trust your own judgements and follow your heart. 

The 8 of Cups in reversed position often signifies insecurity which can ultimately lead to the inability to make choices that might change your life for the better.

You likely feel comfortable in your current situation, even though you likely intuitively feel something better is out there waiting to be discovered by you.

The Eight of Cups in reverse wants to encourage you to take a step towards the path your heart is leading you.

If you feel scared or intimidated to climb the whole stairs at once, try to start out by just taking the first step and work your way upwards while you slowly but surely build up your confidence.

Remind yourself that it is better to move slow than not move at all. Remember that suffering the fear often feels worse than actually conquering the fear head on.

Create a strategic plan and write down solutions to the worst-case scenario’s to give yourself some peace of mind. 

This way, fear won’t have the same grip on you as you’ve come up with a solution in case the worst case scenario actually happens.

Courage will take you further than staying in the same situation and living a comfortable but monotone life. 

8 Of Cups And Love: Yes Or No? 

When it comes to love, the 8 of Cups means ‘no’. When the 8 of Cups shows itself during a love related tarot reading it is often a clear sign that you feel doubtful about your relationship. When you’re single, the 8 of Cups wants to remind you to not quickly settle out of loneliness or fear.

When the Eight of Cups pops up after having asked a ‘yes or no’ question with regards to your love life, it is often connected to an underlying feeling of uneasiness and a lack of depth.

You likely find yourself missing something in your relationship and you may feel as if you’re not walking a similar path or share a similar vision.

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Even though it is true that opposites attract, a certain amount of shared interests and values is ultimately needed to keep things interesting and feel connected.

It’s time to take a step back and evaluate your relationship. Even though no drastic changes need to immediately be made, it is always a good idea to take a moment and see where you’d like to work on improvement together to strengthen your relationship. 

When you’re single, the 8 of Cups often shows itself when you may feel tempted to jump into a relationship out of loneliness or sheer boredom. It encourages you to stay single until you truly feel you’ve found a great match. 

In Conclusion

The 8 of Cups in upright position means ‘no’. As this tarot card represents a sense of abandonment and the need to let go of specific situations, it indicates it’s not the right time to make impactful decisions.

The 8 of Cups recommends finding a sense of purpose before heading in a new direction. 

When the 8 of Cups shows itself in reversed position, it means a ‘yes’ as an answer to your question. It indicates that even though you may still feel a strong sense of confusion at times, you intuitively know what drives and motivates you. Trust your own instincts and follow your heart.

In love and relationships, the Eight of Cups can best be taken as a ‘no’. As it often represents doubt and fear, it’s time to take an honest look at your situation and see whether taking a different direction would suit you better. 

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