7 Of Cups: Yes Or No? (Upright, Reversed & Love Meaning)

When the 7 of Cups appears during a tarot reading, it often represents a strong sense of indecision and uncertainty.  

If you’re looking to receive a clear ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer from this tarot card, its interpretation may surprise you.

Throughout this article you’ll learn the ‘yes or no’ meaning of the 7 of Cups in both the upright and reversed position, as well as its meaning with regards to love and relationships!

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7 Of Cups: Yes Or No?

The 7 of Cups is truly a multifaceted card and therefore means ‘maybe’ as an answer to your question. As the 7 of Cups represents choices and a sense of indecision, this card urges you to learn to listen to your intuition and trust yourself to make the right decision. 

The Seven of Cups can be a really confusing card to encounter when looking for a clear ‘yes or no’ meaning.

On the other hand, it also provides the perfect opportunity to tune into your intuition.

When you encounter the Seven of Cups, it is often an indicator for having been out of touch with your feelings for a while. 

It is time to lessen the time spend daydreaming and creating illusions in your mind.

Now is the time to get real with yourself and get clear on what it is you want to achieve.

Anything you want is possible, as long as you can get into the right mindset and combine it with a strong sense of action and perseverance. 

7 of cups tarot card from the Light Seers tarot deck
The 7 of Cups tarot card from the captivating Light Seer’s Tarot Deck

It’s very easy to get lost in temptation and illusion when you don’t have a clear vision for where you’re going.

I personally love to journal whenever I feel a sense of confusion and distraction to get to the bottom of what is blocking me from moving forwards.

Journaling can be of great help when it comes to structuring your thoughts and deciding which path to ultimately take.

A person who represents the Seven of Cups is often a daydreamer with great plans for the future.

While this is a very important aspect to master on the road to success, it is important to know when to stop daydreaming and start taking action as well.

As real results won’t come without putting in the required work, buckle up and start chasing those goals!

Remember that it is better to start and adjust along the way than to keep postponing and never start at all. 

One important thing to remember, when asking your tarot cards ‘yes or no’ type of questions, is to keep a few key aspects in mind when it comes to formulating the question you want to ask. Besides always making sure your questions are phrased from a place of positive energy, there are some other aspects you really want to master before asking a question. Keeping these specific aspects in mind will surely help you to get the most accurate answers from your cards! You can check out this article on how to ask your tarot cards ‘yes or no’ questions for more information.

7 Of Cups Reversed: Yes Or No?

The 7 Of Cups in reversed position means ‘no’. It represents having a negative attitude towards putting in the work to reach your ultimate dreams and desires. It indicates a strong sense of distraction which leads to not being able to have clear focus and motivation. 

The Seven of Cups in reverse can show itself during a tarot reading when you have the tendency to escape from your current reality.

Even though it may feel difficult and uneasy to put yourself through challenging situations, sometimes it is necessary to experience these things in order to grow and ultimate reach your highest goals. 

The 7 of Cups in reverse shows that it is time to pull yourself together and gently tell yourself to stop making excuses.

You have a clear idea of where you want to go, so creating an achievable plan to get there is the next best step. It may be a good idea to ask for help or advice from someone who is already in the position you’d eventually like to be.

Learn from them so you won’t have to reinvent the wheel. Be open and eager and don’t allow yourself to get lost in distractions every time things get challenging, no matter how tempting these distraction may be.

7 Of Cups And Love: Yes Or No?

When it comes to love, the 7 of Cups means ‘maybe’. It indicates finding yourself in a situation where you’re going back and forth between two choices. Now is not the time to make a final decision. Take the time you need to come to a conclusion and avoid getting caught up in temptation or illusion. 

The Seven of Cups often appears during a love related tarot reading when you find yourself in doubt.

You likely find yourself changing your mind on a daily basis which can lead to feelings of insecurity. 

When the 7 up Cups shows up after asking a question with regards to your love life, it can best be taken as a form of encouragement to stop asking for other people’s opinions and turn inwards to find the answer you’re looking for.

Trusting your intuition in these cases is often much more reliable than depending on the opinions of those who haven’t walked a day in your shoes. 

If you’re interested in finding out what type of love & relationship questions are most effective to ask your tarot cards, I’ve created this other article with 61 example questions that will definitely provide you with some inspiration!

In order to make a well-considered decision, try to get as most facts on the table as possible. Clearly communicate what information you need to know in order to make a well-informed decision in the end.

Don’t make a decision that may be based on a illusion you created in your head overtime, but try to get things out in the open to gain some much needed clarity. 

In Conclusion

The 7 of Cups in upright position means ‘maybe’. As it represents a strong sense of indecision, this tarot card urges you to truly connect with your intuition and follow your heart. 

When pulled in reverse, the 7 of Cups means ‘no’ as an answer to your question.

It indicates experiencing a lot of distractions and having a negative mindset which is blocking you on your path towards your goals.

The 7 of Cups in reverse encourages to stop day dreaming and start making a clear and strategic plan that will help you move towards your goals in a much faster and efficient way. 

The 7 of Cups with regards to love and relationships means ‘maybe’ as well. It represents feeling stuck between two choices and not sure which road to take.

The 7 of Cups encourages you to take a step back and allow yourself the time you need to come to a well-considered decision. There is no need to feel rushed. 

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