61 Most Effective Love And Relationship Questions To Ask Your Tarot Cards

Love and relationship themed readings are known to be among the most popular type of readings when it comes to tarot. Love is what makes the world go round, and tarot can be a helpful tool for you to gain useful advice, clarity and insights on this subject.

Finding good questions to ask during your reading can be quite a difficult task sometimes. When I just started out doing tarot myself, I often became quite frustrated when I couldn’t come up with good questions on the spot, which would most of the time result in a low energy reading.

That’s why I decided to put together a list of specific questions for love and relationship themed readings to hopefully help you dive in to your reading with great confidence and high energy as well!

I’ve created a helpful list of 61 questions for you to help you get the most value out of your reading in a constructive manner.

I hope my questions inspire you to get hold of your favourite tarot deck for a lovey dovey reading straight away!

Further down this article I’ll also provide you with some useful information on how to come up with good love and relationship questions yourself.

Also I will give you a few recommendations on some favourite decks of mine which I personally like to use for a love themed reading.

61 Most Effective Love And Relationship Questions To Ask Your Tarot Cards

  1. What can I do to attract my ultimate life partner?
  2. Which main characteristics should I look for in a partner?
  3. What parts of myself do I need to work on in order to have a balanced relationship?
  4. Where am I most likely to meet my soulmate?
  5. What is the most important lesson I need to learn from my (most recent) break-up?
  6. What would be a good way for me to deepen the connection with my partner?
  7. How can I know whether my crush is attracted to me as well?
  8. Are my feelings for my partner (or crush) ultimately good for me?
  9. What is the biggest thing that is currently holding me back within my relationship?
  10. What can I do to make sure my crush notices me in a positive way?
  11. What is something am I currently overlooking within my relationship?
  12. What part of myself should I pay more attention to, now that I am in a relationship?
  13. What is causing the emotional blockage within my relationship?
  14. What issues from the past should I be aware of within my current relationship?
  15. Can I trust my intuition when it comes to certain suspicions within my relationship?
  16.  What type of personality type should I avoid at all cost when it comes to love and relationships?
  17. How can I get the excitement back in to my relationship?
  18. What is the reason that I am blocking myself from new love entering my life?
  19. What can I do to finally move on?
  20. What parts of myself do I need to work in order for my next relationship to serve me in the best possible way?
  21. Why do I keep holding on to this relationship (or crush)
  22. How can I keep myself from getting annoyed about little things my partner does?
  23. How can I find out whether my partner is the one I should marry?
  24. Does my crush match my personality and characteristics and in what way?
  25. How do I find a partner that has the same interests as me?
  26. What is an underlaying issue I want my partner to be more supportive about?
  27. How sexually compatible are me and my partner (or crush)?
  28. What should I focus in the upcoming month regarding my relationship?
  29. How can I be more true to myself within my relationship?
  30. In what way can I connect more spiritually with my partner?
  31. What habits do I need to change within my relationship?
  32. How can I best let go of my ex?
  33. Why do I keep thinking about my former lover (or crush)?
  34. What false assumptions do I have about my partner?
  35. In what way have my relationships made me stronger?
  36. How can I communicate a certain issue towards my partner in the best possible way?
  37. How can I make my feelings known to my crush?
  38. What should I do when my crush doesn’t return my feelings?
  39. What is the best way for me to gain clarity within my relationship?
  40. How can I know whether my love interest is my true twin flame?
  41. In what way will my (future) life partner influence me in a positive way?
  42. How do I know whether I am ready to jump in to a new relationship?
  43. What would be a good type of first date to go on with my crush?
  44. In what way am I self sabotaging my relationships, and how can I prevent this in the future?
  45. What is the most important quality that I have in common with my partner (or love interest / crush)
  46. What is something I should pay more attention to when it comes to my partner in order to be more supportive?
  47. What could be possible threats within my relationship that I need to pay attention to?
  48. What are my strengths when it comes to my relationship?
  49. What are my weaknesses when it comes to my relationship?
  50. What can I do to bring the happiness back in to my relationship?
  51. How can I feel more confident when it comes to finding new love?
  52. What type of people have the best influence on me?
  53. How will I know whether I can stay friends with my ex in the long run?
  54. What new activities or hobbies are most likely to lead me to a new love interest?
  55. What type of holiday should I go on next with my partner?
  56. What would be something my partner would appreciate when I integrate it in our relationship?
  57. What are qualities within my partner that I take for granted but are actually quite rare?
  58. What does the universe wants me to know when it comes to my love life?
  59. What can I do to help my partner when it comes to a specific problem?
  60. What is the next step I need to take in order to attract true love in the long run?
  61. What is next to come in my love life?

How Do You Ask A Tarot Relationship Question?

When you’re looking to come up with great questions for your love and relationship themed reading, it is important to always remember to formulate questions in an open ended way.

A great way to do this is by starting off your question with a ‘Why, Where, Which, What or How’.

You will find that by starting off with these type of words, you will almost automatically come up with a question that is open ended and the tarot cards will therefore be able to provide you with much more meaningful and useful insights.

When you ask a ‘closed’ type of question, you’ll often find you’ll get a one-way or insufficient answer.

By asking open ended questions you will notice the interpretation of the cards will be much broader and satisfying for you to move forward with whatever quest you might have.

If you are interested in some more examples of great and helpful questions to ask your tarot cards, I have written another article where you can find 101 questions for even more inspiration!

The questions you will find there can provide you with great input for any type of tarot readings.

What Is The Best Tarot Card For Love?

The best card to pull during a love themed reading is obviously ‘the Lovers’ tarot card. When you pull this card, you can be sure that your person of interest is of great positive influence for you, now and in the future.

The Lovers card stands for true love, deep connection and companionship between both parties, which makes a perfect base for the ultimate relationship.

When you are single, the Lovers card can be taken as a sign that true love is waiting around the corner for you.

Keep following your heart and intuition, and you will feel yourself magnetically pulled towards your life partner in no time.

Can You Ask Yes Or No Questions Within A Tarot Love Reading?

As with all type of tarot questions, whether it is a love reading or a ‘general’ reading, it is best advised to avoid asking ‘Yes or No’ kind of questions as much as possible.

As much as I can understand how tempting it can be to ask the cards whether X or Y will become your future partner (trust me, I’ve been there), you must understand this is not the goal of tarot.

The goal of tarot is to provide you with useful insights and information to get you further along on your spiritual journey.

It doesn’t want you dwelling and waiting for the perfect partner to eventually come along, it wants to function as a useful tool for you to take action and be in charge of your own life.

By asking open ended questions instead of ‘Yes or No’ type of questions, you are in charge and you will be much more likely to get a constructive answer that you can actually work with and get you closed to your true life purpose.

Recommended Tarot Decks For Love And Relationship Readings

When it comes to love and relationship themed reading, any type of tarot deck will do just fine as long as you feel truly connected to it.

However, I personally have a few tarot decks I like to use most when it comes to specific love themed readings as I find they can provide me with just a little more needed details.

In one of my other articles which you can find here, I go in to further details on some of my favourite tarot decks for love and relationship readings.

Maybe you will find some interesting and inspiring decks for your own readings here as well!

Happy reading!

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