King Of Wands As Feelings: Upright, Reversed & Combinations

The King of Wands is a powerful tarot card. It’s a card that represents true leadership and perseverance.

When it comes to how someone feels towards you, the King of Wands has an interesting interpretation.

In this article you’ll find out the meaning of this tarot card when pulled in either the upright or reversed position.

On top of that, we’ll also go over some insightful tarot card combinations and their meaning with regards to feelings. Without further ado, let’s dive straight in! 

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King Of Wands As Feelings

The King of Wands indicates intense passionate feelings. The person who represents the King of Wands is feeling extremely attracted to you, especially in the physical sense. They love being around you and feel very driven to let you in on their true feelings and intentions. 

A person who embodies the King of Wands is likely feeling a burst of energy when they are in close proximity to you.

Their face will immediately light up as soon as they get a glimpse of you.

The King of Wands in the upright position feels very confident when it comes to winning over the heart of their desired love interest.

They can be very charming and often have a great talent when it comes to making you laugh. 

the King of Wands card from the most widely used Rider-Waite Tarot Deck

The King of Wands is not someone with a general way of thinking.

They are often very free-spirited individuals who are open to trying out new things in the broadest sense of the word.

When a King of Wands is into you, they will be the one to take the first step and make it very clear what their intentions are towards you.

They are very honest when it comes to their true feelings and are not insecure to open themselves up.

They love to experience a challenge and won’t easily give up. 

Besides feeling attracted, they also feel the need to protect you at all times.

They want to be the one to make sure you feel safe and taken care for. They will take any action needed to achieve this. 

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King Of Wands As Feelings Reversed

When pulled in a reversed position, the King of Wands represents someone who is feeling entitled to get whatever it is they want. They feel like they are more important than others and can act in quite forceful manners when it comes to reaching their desired goals. 

These particular feelings and behaviour often stems from a deep and hidden insecurity inside the King of Wands which causes them to act quite egotistically. 

A person who represents the King of Wands likes to feel in control at any given time.

When they feel like someone else is taking the control out of their hands, they tend to become bitter and feel irritated.

This person will either pull back and stop communicating or say things they may regret later on.

King of Wands tarot card meaning being explained at 57:33, video by Moonlight Guidance

King Of Wands And Emperor As Feelings

The King of Wands combined with the Emperor indicates someone is feeling extremely responsible with regards to a specific situation. They feel like it is their job to carry the weight of the world on their shoulders for you and help you find some release. 

King Of Wands And Queen Of Wands As Feelings

The King of Wands and the Queen of Wands combined represent feelings of high compatibility, especially with regards to the physical aspect. These two cards indicate you fit together like yin and yang. You both feel very attracted to each other and have the same intentions towards the relationship. 

King Of Wands And The Lovers As Feelings

The King of Wands and the Lovers combined indicate feelings of attraction in every sense of the word. This person feels deeply in love with you and finds you both extremely beautiful and interesting at the same time. They feel like they’ve found the best of both worlds in you. 

King Of Wands And Temperance As Feelings

The King of Wands and Temperance combined indicate this person feels very safe and at home with you. Besides their intense attraction towards you, they feel almost confused in how much this connection means to them. They feel overwhelmed by their emotions in a good way. 

King Of Wands And The Devil As Feelings 

The King of Wands and the Devil card combined indicate this person feels an intense level of desire towards you but there’s a large chance they are not interested in anything serious. At this moment they feel like they just want to have fun and not have any further expectations. 

In Conclusion

The King of Wands tarot card indicates feelings of intense (physical) attraction.

A person who represents the King of Wands feels very energetic around you and will do anything to win you over.

In reversed position, the King of Wands represents someone who feels very egotistical and entitled.

As this person is likely feeling very insecure, they tend to behave in controlling ways which will inevitably push their loved one away. 

When it comes to the King of Wands in combination with the Emperor, this indicates someone is feeling very responsible.

The King of Wands combined with the Queen of Wands represents high (physical) compatibility.

The King of Wands and the Lovers indicate someone feels attracted to you on all levels.

The King of Wands and Temperance represent someone who is feeling overwhelmed and surprised by how much they like you.

Last but not least, the King of Wands combined with the Devil card indicates this person feels very attracted in a physical sense but is likely not looking for anything serious. 

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