The Emperor As Feelings Explained (Upright, Reversed & Combinations)

The Emperor is one of those tarot cards that radiates a very strong energy.

As it mainly symbolizes strength, success and leadership, it is a very powerful Major Arcana card that will provide some mind-blowing insights. 

In this article, we’ll zoom in on the meaning of the Emperor when it comes to feelings, or how someone else may feel about you.

Not only will I explain how to interpret this card when it appears in the upright position, but also in the reversed position as the meaning can change quite a bit depending on the position in which it shows itself.

Additionally, as the Emperor can provide even more insights and clarity when the surrounding cards are taken into consideration as well, we’ll also explore the meaning of some of the most powerful tarot card combinations

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The Emperor As Feelings

When it comes to feelings, the Emperor tarot card implies that someone feels motivated to to take care of you and provide a strong sense of stability and security in your life. This person feels very self confident around you as you make them feel like they can be their true self.

Someone who represents the Emperor often has the desire to be in a committed, long-term relationship.

They are not the type to hop from one person to the next but instead prefer to build with someone who they know they can grow and expand with on both a practical and emotional level. 

They want someone they can protect and provide for as it is what gives them purpose and satisfaction in life.

the Emperor tarot card from the Light Seer's tarot deck
The Emperor tarot card from the amazing Light Seer’s Tarot Deck (find it here!)

An individual who represents the Emperor is motivated to take things to the next level at all times. 

They love to challenge themselves and get even more excited when challenges are being thrown in their way, as they can prove how much they want something even more.

The Emperor is someone who doesn’t waste their precious time on things that don’t truly matter.

This person knows what they want and are not afraid to go get it.

If you’re asking about an ex lover, the Emperor suggests that their feelings haven’t vanished yet.

They likely still care about you a great deal and will do whatever it takes to win you back if that is what they have set their mind to.

If you’re single, the Emperor is a great tarot card to pull as it shows that you feel very stable and happy in your own skin.

It implies that you are very aware of your worth and won’t be settling for anything less than you deserve.

Maintain this energy as it will help you naturally attract those who are truly right for you.

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The Emperor Reversed As Feelings

The Emperor in reverse can represent that someone feels the need to be over-protective with you. They may feel jealous of someone close to you which makes them act in an insecure way. They may feel the need to check up on you more as it gives them a (false) sense of control.

Someone who represents the Emperor in reversed position often has been through challenges in the past that trigger them once they feel threatened that something may be taken away from them.

They find it difficult to stay confident and maintain a sense of trust and faith in their relationship but instead make up all these negative stories in their head about what may possibly happen.

When the Emperor is reversed, it suggests that a person’s energy has turned inwards. 

They may feel out of control in a certain aspect of their life and therefore feel like it is better to pull back and shut themselves off from their feelings. 

A person who represents the Emperor in reversed position needs to be reassured at times that they have nothing to worry about.

Even though they are a strong and confident individual at their core, they’re just like any other person and can get insecure at times when they experience deep feelings.

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The Emperor Combinations As Feelings

Even though the Emperor brings a very strong message on its own, it can provide a more specific meaning when combined with another tarot card.

Here are some important tarot card combinations involving the Emperor and what they might mean in terms of feelings.

The Emperor And Ace Of Wands As Feelings

When the Emperor is combined with the Ace of Wands, it suggest feeling very passionate and excited about your relationship.

You may be starting a new chapter together or you may feel extremely creative and inspired by your partner (or vice versa)

If you’re single, the combination of these two cards together can indicate that you’re feeling ready for a new love.

You are open to new chances and possibilities which is a great energy state to be in in order to attract love and abundance.

The Emperor And 10 Of Pentacles As Feelings

The combination of the Emperor and the 10 of Pentacles suggest feelings of stability and security.

This represents a long-term relationship that is built on a solid foundation.

the 10 of Pentacles tarot card from the Light Seer's tarot deck

You and your partner are committed to each other and likely both feel a great sense of trust and loyalty. 

You may be considering taking the next step in your relationship.

The Emperor And King Of Pentacles As Feelings

Whenever the Emperor is combined with the King of Pentacles, it suggests very strong feelings of commitment

It indicates someone feels very comfortable to think about the future and isn’t afraid to make plans that are only possible when there is a huge sense of trust involved. 

This could have something to do with finances as well.

You may be thinking about investing in a business together or thinking about buying a house.

Whatever it is, this combination is a great sign that this person is likely planning to be in it for the long haul. 

the King of Pentacles tarot card from the Light Seer's tarot deck

The Emperor And 6 Of Cups As Feelings

The 6 of Cups is a card that mainly represents a sense of innocence and nostalgia.

When it is combined with the Emperor card, it suggest that someone feels nostalgic about your relationship.

They may find themselves looking back to the early stages of your relationship wishing they could go back and experience that initial excitement again. 

It is a positive tarot card combination that implies someone is happy to be with you and it can also serve as a form of encouragement to bring back some of those early day feelings by doing more new things together.

Plan a get away together or simply introduce a monthly or weekly date night to spark those feelings of passion once again.

In Conclusion

So, when it comes to how someone might be feeling about you, the Emperor can provide a lot of different insights.

When the Emperor is pulled in the upright position, it indicates someone feels very motivated to take care of you and offer a sense of stability and security.

They intend to be in a relationship for the long-term and not just until the initial excitement has faded.

The Emperor is truly someone to build a stable foundation with.

When the Emperor appears reversed during a reading, it could indicate that someone feels insecure in their position in your life. 

They may feel like someone else could be taking their place which leaves them feeling jealous and like they need to pull back in order to protect their heart.

They could be feeling like the situation is out of their control, even though it may not be the case at all. 

When the Emperor is combined with another tarot card, it brings another dimension to the way it can be interpreted. 

Always make sure to look into the meaning of both cards to get a clear view of what exact message the tarot is trying to get across to you.

If your combination of cards hasn’t been mentioned in this article, then definitely check out the tarot category of my site to look up the meaning of your specific card. 

You will surely discover some interesting insights!

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