Temperance As Feelings Explained (Upright, Reversed & Combinations)

The Temperance tarot card is all about balance, moderation and harmony.

It’s the card that represents peace and calm and reminds us that we need to take a step back and find a middle ground in order to create a sense of stability in our lives. 

This doesn’t mean that we should never experience any sort of conflict or that we should stay passive, instead, it’s about learning to control our emotions, reactions and impulses so that we can act in a way that is best for everyone involved.

When it comes to feelings, or how someone feels about you, this tarot card can provide some much needed clarity.

In this blog post we’ll explore what the Temperance card means in terms of feelings, and how you can use this knowledge to better understand yourself and others.

Read on to learn more about the Temperance tarot card and its meaning for feelings! 

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Temperance As Feelings

When Temperance appears in the upright position, it is generally a sign that you are able to find balance in your emotions. This is a time for peace and calm and you may find yourself to be feeling more level-headed than usual. You may also be able to see both sides of a situation more clearly.

This is a positive development, as it will help you to make better decisions.

If you are wondering how someone feels about you, the Temperance tarot card can be a good indicator that they are interested in creating a balanced and harmonious relationship with you.

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This person likely sees you as a stabilizing force in their life and they feel attracted to your level-headedness and the ability to see opportunity in every situation.

The Temperance card can also indicate that someone feels ambivalent about you.

On the one hand, they may feel attracted to you and interested in a relationship, but on the other hand, they may also be hesitant or afraid of getting too close.

If you are wondering how someone feels about you, it is important to pay attention to their actions and words to get a better understanding of their true feelings.

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Temperance Reversed As Feelings

When Temperance appears in reverse, it is a sign that a sense of balance and harmony is lacking. You may be experiencing some sort of uneasiness and you may find yourself snapping at people more easily. This is a time when it may be a good idea to take a step back and find way to relax. 

If you are wondering how someone feels about you and Temperance in reverse shows up, it can indicate that this persons feels frustrated or annoyed. 

They may see you as being too edgy which can lead them to want to create a bit of distance at this moment in time. 

The Temperance tarot card in reversed position can also indicate that someone is feeling indecisive.

This person may feel afraid to let others into their energy and has the tendency to assume it may be better to back off when things get a little challenging.

Even though it may be tempting to step in and convince them of how awesome things could be, this is something this person has to work through for themselves.

Some things just can’t and won’t be forced!

Temperance Combinations As Feelings

Depending on the type of tarot spread you are using, the Temperance tarot card can appear in different positions and with different combinations.

Let’s go over a few examples of how the Temperance card can combine with other cards to give you a better sense of its meaning when it comes to feelings.

Temperance And King Of Cups As Feelings

When Temperance appears together with the King of Cups, it is a sign of strong emotional balance

You are likely finding yourself in a good place in your life and find yourself attracted to someone who is emotionally stable as well. 

This combination often represents a relationship that is built on mutual trust and respect.

If you are wondering how someone feels about you, this combination can be a good indication that they are interested in building a long-term relationship. 

Temperance And The Tower As Feelings

When Temperance and the Tower show up together, it is often a sign that someone feels a bit unstable.

You may be going through some challenging times at this moment in time which is throwing you off balance.

If you are wondering how someone else feels about you, this combination tends to indicate that confusion and frustration are creating a sense of tension. 

Now may be a better time to focus on clearing up things in your individual lives in order for the fog to clear and be able to see more clearly where your mutual future is heading. 

Temperance And The Magician As Feelings

When the Temperance tarot card appears together with the Magician, it is a sign that you are feeling creative and inspired.

This is a time when you may be working on a new project or undertaking and you could very well be (or about to be) attracted to someone with the same creative mind. 

This combination of cards represents a relationship that is built on a shared passion for creativity and overall respect. 

You likely both see each other as your muse and are strongly attracted to your shared passion for new unique ideas and visions.

This is a true power couple that has the ability to create a positive change in the world.  

Temperance And The World As Feelings 

The Temperance card together with the World is a sign that you’re likely feeling emotionally fulfilled and content

This combination indicates a relationship that is stable and long-lasting.

If you’re wondering how someone else may be feeling about you, this combination is a sign that this person is attracted to your stability and maturity

They love someone they’re able to build with and feel like they are on the same level with. 

This person has a strong vision for their future and this combination of cards shows they’d love to share it with someone who is as invested in it as they are. 

Final Thoughts

The Temperance tarot card generally indicates that someone feels emotionally balanced and stable.

However, depending on the context of the situation and the other cards in the spread, it can also indicate a time when you’re feeling a sense of frustration.

If you are wondering how someone feels about you, make sure to also pay attention to the position of the Temperance tarot card in your spread as well as the surrounding tarot card.

This will give you a better sense of the overall meaning.

Remember, the tarot is a tool for guidance and self-reflection, so always trust your intuition when interpreting the cards. 

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