King Of Cups As Feelings: What They Won’t Tell You

The King of Cups is a powerful card to encounter during your tarot reading. As it is generally known for being directly connected to deep emotions, passion and devotion, it is definitely a positive card to pull when it comes to how someone feels about you.

In this article we’ll take an indepth look at the exact meaning of the King of Cups with regards to feelings in general, as well as its meaning when pulled in the reversed position. On top of that, you’ll find out the meaning behind some important and common tarot card combinations.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in!

King Of Cups As Feelings

The King of Cups with regards to feelings generally represents someone who feels very strongly about you. It shows their feelings have surpassed the stages of a superficial crush. They might act hot and cold towards you; this is likely due to the fact that they feel overwhelmed with emotions. 

king of cups as feelings

The King of Cups indicates this person sees you for who you truly are and they feel extremely connected and attracted towards you. This person wants to know everything about you and will do their best to be in your presence at all times. 

However, as they feel there is so much at stake when it comes to you, they might come off as a bit shy or maybe even disinterested.

Don’t let this fool you though. As they become super self-aware around you, they might feel nervous when interacting with you which can make them appear stand-offish.

Try to talk to them about something fun that has nothing to do with the two of you as it can help them to stop focussing on their own appearance so much.

This will eventually enable them to act lighter around you and be their true self as well.

king of cups as feelings
the King of Cups card from the most widely used Rider-Waite Tarot Deck

If you feel strongly about them as well, try to make it clear to them that you reciprocate their feelings.

At this point, they’re likely having a hard time reading your feelings as they are looking at you with rose colored glasses, unable to evaluate the situation from a broader perspective.

Once they get the feeling you are interested in them as well, they are likely to take the lead and act confident with regards to their feelings towards you. 

King of Cups tarot card meaning explained, video by The Simple Tarot

King Of Cups Reversed As Feelings

When the King of Cups is pulled in reversed position, it often indicates feelings of overwhelm and a lack of emotional maturity. It represents the inability to deal with emotional issues which can eventually cause bitter and negative behaviour. This person feels emotionally dependent on others.

The King of Cups in reverse indicates someone is feeling out of control with regards to a situation. They feel as if they will not be able to handle the situation the right way which currently leaves them feeling frustrated.

They might be feeling like a victim of the situation and are not able to see how to take back their personal power and gain a sense of positive control and confidence.

The King of Cups in reversed position urges this person to take an honest look at their behaviour and find a way to become responsible instead of victimising themselves.

When you are dealing with this type of person, it is best advised to not feed into their needs and take a step back in order to avoid being the one they hold on to for reassurance and safety.

Of course you can always let them know they are loved and cared for, just don’t allow them to shove all their problems onto you.

Only after this person knows how to take care of themselves appropriately and take charge of their own well-being, will they be able to truly love and appreciate the relationships they have with others. 

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King Of Cups And Knight Of Cups As Feelings

The King of Cups and Knight of Cups as a tarot card combination represent strong romantic feelings. This person is crazy about you and feels you are meant to be together. The Knight of Cups shows they have the confidence to make their feelings known to you and fight for your love. 

Whereas the King of Cups is known for their sensitive and calm nature, the Knight of Cups will be more proactive when it comes to their feelings.

This tarot card combination indicates this person is ready to step forward and own their feelings towards you. They know they’ve stumbled across someone great and are not willing to let it slip away. 

King Of Cups And Lovers As Feelings

The King of Cups and the Lovers combination as feelings represents someone feels strong loving emotions towards you that urges them to make an important choice. This card combination could indicate there is a third party situation involved in this connection. 

This person likely was surprised by their strong feelings towards you and is now feelings confused as to what steps to take next. When they are currently in another relationship, they might be trying to figure out how to move forward.

At this point, it is best to give your person some time and space to allow them to make up their mind. Focus on yourself and don’t try to interfere with their situation. Respect the current state of events.

King Of Cups And Strength As Feelings

The King of Cups and the Strength tarot card as feelings represent deep passion and emotional love. This person feels extremely attracted towards you, but at the same time is trying their hardest to not let it show. This person feels vulnerable around you and is trying to keep their power. 

This tarot card combination indicates someone might be wearing a mask for their own emotional protection. They don’t like to let their guard down as they are afraid they will get hurt when feelings are not being reciprocated.

It will take some time before the truth will reveal itself. In the meantime, stay your authentic self and don’t get caught up in mirroring their behaviour. This will likely only slow down the process.

King Of Cups And Ace Of Cups As Feelings

The King of Cups and Ace of Cups combination represents deep unconditional love and confidence. This person feels strongly attracted to you on an emotional level and sees you as their muse. You bring out feelings of creativity and inspiration in them which makes them gravitate towards you. 

This tarot card combination radiates positive energy. The King of Cups and Ace of Cups together are a truly powerful couple that makes both persons feel their best possible self.

You inspire each other to become the best you can be and your creative abilities will develop immensely when working together. 

King Of Cups And Tower As Feelings

The King of Cups and the Tower tarot card as feelings represent someone is conflicted about their emotions towards you. They are strongly attracted towards you, however they feel as if the love cannot be for some reason. This may be due to their own personal beliefs or an outside influence. 

This tarot card combination indicates the overwhelm of emotions might be too much for this person at this time.

You may feel them pulling away from your connection as they just can’t take the powerful energy when around you.

They are unable to give in to the connection at this point and need time and space to come to their senses. 

King Of Cups And Temperance As Feelings

The King of Cups and Temperance as feelings represent positive emotions, however this person may still be sceptical towards their attraction. This person will take their time to find out their true feelings towards you as they want to protect their heart at all costs.  

This tarot card combination represents strong feelings, however at the same time indicates this person feels almost afraid to give in to this connection.

They likely have had a negative experience with regards to opening up about their deepest feelings and now feel they need to be guarded of their emotions at all times as a result. 

In order to get your person to feel relaxed and trusting around you, make sure you avoid appearing pushy and just be your authentic true self around them.

Don’t put any pressure on them as this will likely only make them run further away from you. 

In Conclusion

The King of Cups generally represents strong emotions and deep feelings of attraction. This tarot card indicates someone feels a deep sense of love for you and might even be feeling a little bit intimidated and overwhelmed by the amount of emotions.

However, the King of Cups will always make sure to treat you with love, respect and care. 

When pulled in reverse, the King of Cups indicates this persons emotions are getting the best of him/her.

They are likely feeling frustrated and bitter due to the fact that they feel like they are unable to handle the situation appropriately.

In order to protect themselves, they are most likely victimizing themselves and project their problems onto others around them. 

When it comes to specific tarot card combinations, the King of Cups is known to always add deep and powerful emotions to the mix.  

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