What Zodiac Sign Is The Queen Of Pentacles?

The Queen of Pentacles is a powerful tarot card that mainly represents a strong sense of practicality and overall success. 

As each tarot card can be connected to a specific zodiac sign that best describes them, the Queen of Pentacles also has an interesting zodiac sign that they’re most linked to. Let’s find out which one it is right away!

The Queen of Pentacles tarot card is mostly connected to the zodiac sign Virgo. As both Virgo and the Queen of Pentacles are mainly known for their down to earth character and organized nature, it only makes perfect sense that these two are strongly connected with each other. 

Now that it’s clear that Queen of Pentacles is mostly connected to the zodiac sign Virgo, let’s dive in a bit deeper and discover more of their interesting similarities!

Queen Of Pentacles And Zodiac Sign Virgo

Not only are both the Queen of Pentacles and Virgo queens of organization and maintaining a practical mindset, they are also widely known as smart individuals who have the ability to become very successful in life.

With their analytical and business minded way of thinking, they truly have an unlimited potential hidden inside of them.

Both the Queen of Pentacles and Virgo are very driven to reach success and are dedicated to make sure they never have to worry about their finances or money in general.

The Queen of Pentacles tarot card from the absolutely amazing Light Seer’s Tarot Deck

They both are very perseverant and motivated to reach success in their career and are able to come up with unique and smart ways to eventually make their ideas become a successful reality. 

As both Virgo and Queen of Pentacles are very detailed driven, they often make great business owners. 

As they won’t easily miss important aspects, have the ability to maintain a helicopter view and are not easily scared by numbers or administrative tasks, they kind of possess the whole package needed to become and stay successful in the business world.  

When it comes to love and relationships, both Queen of Pentacles and Virgo are not likely to make fast or thoughtless moves.

They both will only make their move when they feel a deep and meaningful connection with someone and are generally not interested in superficial flings.

They share the urge to make deep connections with their (potential) lovers and are very attracted to people who view the world in a unique way. They love to have meaningful philosophical conversations.

When it comes to their love language, Virgo and the Queen of Pentacles both highly value acts of service from their partner.

As they are quite devoted and attentive individuals themselves, they love it when their partner makes them feel equally special through their acts. 

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When it comes to the dark side of their personality, both Virgo and Queen of Pentacles (in the Reversed position) can be described as having the tendency to become disorganized, sceptic and narrow minded.

Whenever someone crosses their limits, they can turn into someone who shows quite the opposite of their usually kind and friendly behaviour.

Often times, this ‘negative’ side of both Virgo and Queen of Pentacles only shows up when someone has disrespected or deeply hurt them. 

When the everyday challenges get too much from time to time, this often results in them to draw back and discard other people’s advice.

Where both Virgo and Queen of Pentacles are normally very organized, stressful situation may sometimes get the best of them which can result in leaving tasks linger and postponing appointments. 

They need time for themselves to process things before they’re able to return to everyday life and come back stronger. 

In Conclusion

The Queen of Pentacles zodiac sign is Virgo. As they have a lot of similarities in their personality such as being very down to earth and caring deeply for organization and structure, it’s an obvious match to make. 

When it comes to business and career, both Queen of Pentacles and Virgo tend to be very successful. Whether they pursue a career in a corporation or decide to become an entrepreneur, they usually will do very well whatever direction they choose.

As both Virgo and Queen of Pentacles are very driven, motivated, analytical and structured individuals, they possess a lot of important qualities that are very appreciated around business in general.

When it comes to love and relationships, both Queen of Pentacles and Virgo are quite serious and dedicated when it comes to a (potential) partner.

They are not the type to enjoy short-lived relationships and are usually only attracted to those who can understand their deep and complicated minds.

They love a partner who they can spar with and who is on the same emotional level as them. They like someone who is ambitious as well and looks at things just a little bit different than the rest of the world.

When it comes to the negative or more darker side of their personalities, both Virgo and Queen of Pentacles (in reversed position) have the tendency to become sceptic, disorganized and narrow-minded

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